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I get the resetting of the zones on zoning between zones but portalling to town and back to store things shouldnt respawn the whole zone you are in. i got a less than pleasant surprise porting out after a boss fight.

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Just to be clear for anyone who might be new to LE, this is not a design decision. The intent is to have it not reset but we have so far been unsuccessful in this endeavor. It is on our list to fix.

Edit: I appreciate the enthusiasm in attempting to help solve the problem. This is one of those harder than it sounds situations. Without a deep understanding of our implementation of related systems, I don't believe it is possible for someone to solve.

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Originally posted by ruttinator

Have you tried asking the monsters nicely?

Yea but they won't come to the bargaining table. It's just kill kill kill with them.

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Originally posted by omguserius

Eh, I suppose always resets is better than never resets until you get it working right

Oh I wish we had never resets as an option. I could fix that no problem.

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Originally posted by TooMuchAdderall

The PoE approach may be your best bet. You can have players continue to automatically reset zones if you’re unable to fix that and institute a way to store previous instances that can be accessed later.

Yea, that's the problem, storing the previous instances.

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Originally posted by TooMuchAdderall

Maybe expanding upon the town portal function then? Whatever method you guys used to get that to work properly could maybe be duplicated. Possibly each instance that the player enters could be essentially stored in an invisible town portal that is attached to the player character. Interacting with a waypoint with a certain hot key combination could allow them to access those portals.

The in-game rationale could have something to do with visit previous timelines or something.

If I sound like an ape that’s because I essentially am. I know literally nothing about programming but I did watch Silicon Valley.

Hope you are able to solve your problem with relative ease some day soon. I really like what you guys are doing. Keep up the good work.

You're on the right path of where we started. The town portals don't work though, that's the problem OP was talking about. We have been trying to do exactly what you suggested, there are some problems that I don't understand either.

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Originally posted by Alzeric

maybe something sorta like this (little generic but hopefully helpful)

Save following on TP
- Map generation seed

- current "living" monsters and their positions

- dropped loot + positions
- TP location = Player's return location

- ... etc

Save this map state data to player (last_dungeon_data)

Then when you TP from town back into the zone then load the map state setting everything remaining back to it's position before you TP'd

Yea, that's what we've been unsuccessful in making so far.

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Originally posted by deljaroo

I've not played multiplayer much, but if one of you leaves and comes back, the state of the map should persist for the person who stayed, right? So surely this isn't an issue if a player is staying there right? A fix could be to make a virtual player (perhaps make a parent class to the player that includes the functionality that keeps a zone active but without the other unneded player stuff, and then make this virtual player an instance of that or something that inherits it) that stays behind in the zone when you tp?

Given the server cost associated with each instance, they have no close fairly quickly upon exit. We wouldn't have to leave a dummy character there to keep it open. The state information needs to be able to be stored and restored to implement this.

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Originally posted by deljaroo

wouldn't that state information also have to be on a server with costs? I'm sure you know what you're doing, but it is very cool that y'all talk with us players about this stuff. a lot of game companies want to be opaque about their internal functions which probably makes sense for optics, but this way is joyful.

I'd assume in an ideal situation, the information the server keeps for an active player in a zone would be as small as possible and would closely match the amount of information in the "state information". while you may want to make it so the zone the player left is inactive, players probably expect it to keep living: monsters move and regen etc during this time. on the other hand, this is such an unimportant issue: this game is quite fun the way it is and I don't mind going through enemies again if I tp. if I didn't like going through enemies, I wouldn't play this game!

While it does matter what the server is doing for associated costs, just having one dedicated to that empty zone at all is the majority of the cost. Storing the static data of what that server looked like with the intent of being able to recreate it is WAY cheaper to do than allocating a server to sit there and remember the game state. Like orders of magnitude cheaper.

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Originally posted by Modna

Sorry to dredge this back up but didn't want to make a new post - I assume this still isn't fixed? I started LE a few days ago and I have died from TPing back into a massive hoard of enemies I wasn't expecting more than once

You should have a significant invulnerability period upon entering a new zone. If you're not getting that then you should report it as a bug please.

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Originally posted by Trandel_Elent

Lmao 🤣😂🤣. Harder than it sounds??? That's hilarious considering Path of Exile, Diablo, Grim Dawn, hell, even Torchlight could figure it out. Players have been able to teleport back to town to vendor or do whatever without this issue for decades pretty much in ARPGs. It's an issue that I've only ever experienced in Last Epoch so don't try to BS around it.

Even if we had all of the source code for each of those games to see exactly how they did it, we still probably wouldn't be too much closer to having a solution. Each system works in concert with the others and what works in one game might not work in another due to the adjacent systems.

Each of the games you listed have specific issues that only exist in those games. But because each of those other games does those things right, all of those things must be easy to solve right? See how that logic falls apart in the general case? Please do not presume to know the inner workings of our game and development process.

You don't need to believe me but I will fight faulty logic.

Yes, it's really unfortunate that it happens and we are working to fix it but this isn't some simple task that we're just too lazy to bother with or something.

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Originally posted by Trandel_Elent

Talk about faulty logic. Yes, each of those games have their own issues. But, they all just magically somehow got the same thing right? Please spare me, teleporting to towns has been a thing for almost as long as the ARPG genre itself. You're trying to turn a simple game mechanism into this super complicated issue, one that every single other game has been able to get working just fine reminder, instead of owning up to the fact the LE just screwed it up. And because of their bs coding players can't do something as simple as teleporting to a town without paying for it with bad gameplay.

Are you interested in a real conversation about this?

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Originally posted by Professional_Way8023

Six months ago, I think this is still an issue, lost a unique yesterday from porting out.

It is still an issue. We have no solution to it at this time.

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Originally posted by Few_Ad_2940

Hi, is there any news for this issue when this will be fixed?

best regards.