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why is this still a thing? why cant we have a character made by ourselves? I want to play a Sorceress or a Necromant.

I startet 2 Weeks ago playing an Acolyte and i think she is ugly. also she runs around as if she has a posture damage.

All i would want is a male/female version on each class and a small amout of options for the looks. lets say 4 different faces, 4-8 haircuts and a few hair colors. I know you wont see much of that in the game but when selecting a char you would. also in Multiplayer you could create a portrait out of the options which makes everything a bit more different. not everyone looking the same. i was thinking like the portraits in eve maybe.

i know some may say its irrelevant, but how a char looks is very important to me. and all looking the same is very boring.

it cant be much of work to get this done. please? :)

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Originally posted by PurrfectlyPurrverted

Why would you do class specific character design at all then? Make one male model, one female model, then let people do whichever class they want. Instantly cuts your animations, modeling and voice acting for player characters to less than half since they all share the same resources. It isn't like you can't streamline quest dialog so only npcs reference a character class either, and that very rarely. Every Diablo game managed it.

Wow that's an old thread. Still relevant though.

We want to have each class be a specific character. A lot of that character comes from a lot of different little things like idle animations. Having multiple genders for each class multiplies all the class specific things.

I know that having specific genders to play is important to some players and we do want to expand the options when we can. It's just not feasible to have them included at the initial launch.

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Originally posted by DarkElfMagic

sorry for necroposting, I appreciate that last comment. I'm glad you understand why people want it. I personally just have gender dysphoria and I feel like the only two classes I can play is Rogue and Acolyte, which luckily I happen to really like necromancers/liches/warlocks

also I don't even need light customization, i'd honestly be happy with like, just a superficial pronoun selection would help my brain a lot. (you'd even get bonus free press/exposure from that one bald angry guy getting angry about it like he did with starfield)

Really appreciate all you and the team do, hope you have a successful launch !

I'm sorry you're struggling with being comfortable playing as the Primalist, Sentinel and Mage. We haven't made a ton of headway on character customization yet. We do plan to add a proper character customization system where you can choose things like body shape. Because we only have one script, we usually try to only use the term "Traveler" when talking about the player character. Part of this is to just avoid gendered pronouns all together so we don't need to know what class you're playing as.

This is a very much ongoing issue and there are dozens of topics I've replied to on various platforms since this post so I appreciate your perspective and don't worry about the necropost.

One of the things I realized relatively recently was that I think that a contributor to these gender issues in Last Epoch specifically is being able to name your character. I'm really interested in getting more people's opinions on the topic but if any of this makes you uncomfortable or you just don't feel like answering, no worries at all. So, hypothetically, if each of these class options had a specific name that went with them already, do you think that would that change anything for you? Like, instead of playing as a Sentinel that you name, you were controlling the character Zack who is a Sentinel. A kinda similar example would be in the main line Borderlands games, you don't play as a hunter, you play as Mordecai, The Hunter.

Also, do you find it better or worse if you turn off the player voice lines? Things like the mage saying "I'm not a man of many pockets." when your bags are full and you try to pick something up for example.

I'd like to be able to say that we will have a proper solution for you soon but it's just not going to be ready for a while yet. We know we want to have it and we know it's a big deal for a lot of our players.

On the plus side, Warlock and Falconer are the new upcoming classes are both on the female base classes so launch can be exciting still if you're interested in those.

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Originally posted by DarkElfMagic

As much as I hate to admit it, I do think that if you were to of executed these characters as "Heroes" or "Legends" that are named as if they were closer to something like borderlands, Instead of making them "Player Classes" and such, it would actually make it more digestible. At least in my experience with gaming. I can't explain exactly why my brain decides to work like that, but for sure it at least helps me dissociate myself from the character I'm playing. I don't think this would be preferable, but if you were unable for whatever reason to unlock gender, it wouldn't be the worst path to take either.

I think the best example for me personally is Overwatch OR fighting games. I think there's something about making them proper named characters that would help re-contextualize it for my brain. It feels more like i'm working with this character rather than becoming this character, which it might just be a me thing but I often naturally fall into trying to become my character, even when it's not an RPG.

The voice thing wouldn't help. It might help a little bit, but not by much, bc I know it's still there. I'll try it though sometime lol, maybe i'm wrong. I just know when I try to pretend something isn't or is there, it doesn't help a lot.

One other thing I want to mention, is that there was a recent game called "Lunacid" a kings field inspired dungeon crawler. It has a wide range of selectable pronouns that are never actually mentioned in game or referred to the player as those pronouns. It's just another section on your character sheet, it's just fluff. I wouldn't mind this being in more games, because it really does mean a lot to me to have that control over my character.

Maybe it IS just placebo, but just having some tangible proof, such as the pronoun example, goes a very long way. I know you'd rather fully implement a character customization system before just adding pronouns and calling it a day, but it would help me a lot personally. it really does feel like a nice minute detail/control/fluff over your character, and it wouldn't hurt to add since you're already avoiding gendered terms in your script anyways for the most part. Just a suggestion ofc for consideration after you feel happy with character customization down the road.

Totally understand that it's just not in the cards for the near future due to budget restraints, I appreciate it even being considered.

I don't think we are even considering going down the "just give them names" route. The plan is still to do a proper character customization system. I'm just trying to understand the issues better. It doesn't directly affect me in the slightest so I have to work to understand it a bit more so we can deliver a better experience for people who want these features.

I will check out Lunacid and I really appreciate your insight, thanks.

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