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I don't know if someone already talk about this or if the devs are aware, but you can exploit the vault at the end of The Lightless Arbor.

The exploit works by overflowing the integer limit for the amount of gold required for the reward. When if overflows, normally it goes into negative (due to binary proprieties of integer), but in the game, you can't have negative gold cost so the minimal gold cost overwrite the negative value.

When this happen, even if you decline the reward, the cost stays at 100 gold cost because if are still in the negative. This way you can craft insane vault with 6 chests, which are all duplicated twice and full of unique, exalt and 18 other dungeon keys for like 1000 gold.

The last time I did this was like 5 months ago when the new dungeon were added. I haven't saw any patch note mentioning this so I assume it still in the game. I will also post this on their forum.

Note : It takes a insane amount of decline to get to the int limit, which is 2,147,483,647. Even with an autoclicker, it takes about 10min for 1 overflow and as soon as you accept a reward, the counter increases and you need to go up 2 billion gold all over again.

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Good catch, was hoping nobody would notice before the fix got released. It is already solved.