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As someone who primarily plays this game portably on my steam deck, we really need some accessibility options like UI scaling.

This game hurts my eyes to play with its small text and I require glasses while I play it.

Other games like diablo 4 and path of exile have suitable UI scaling features which make them a joy to play handheld.

Can the devs please comment on this ?

Adding UI scaling and making this game deck verified would skyrocket sales for steam deck users.

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13 days ago - /u/ekimarcher - Direct link

We never planned to make a mobile version but with the popularity we saw on steam deck earlier this year, we have recently decided to work on getting that verified properly.

As for accessibility options, among others, the biggest one we've been working on lately is localization. We will be exploring more as we go forward. UI scaling is a much bigger challenge than you might think but we do have an early version of it working.