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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Item Linking not working. Press ctrl + right click to link up to 3 items in a chat message. Open the chat window and hover over a linked item to view it.
  • Fixed a bug where Weaver’s Will items upgrading caused a performance stutter.
  • Fixed a bug where parties would sometimes incorrectly use US East for their server region rather than the desired region.
  • Fixed a bug where the Burning Daggers created by Cinder Strike’s Firebreathing were not affected by the Pillager’s Gold unique.
  • Fixed a bug where the Increased Chance to Find Potions affix had no effect. This stat only worked when provided by the unique affixes of The Scavenger and Melvern’s Writ or by passive tree nodes. This bug also impacted the Pillager’s Gold unique.
  • Fixed a bug where Spirit Plague’s Rotten to the Core node could not be allocated.
  • Fixed a bug where Cinder Strike’s area of effect was not increased by its Blast Wave node.
  • Fixed a bug where Volatile Zombie’s Necromantic Fervor also gained the benefit of the Vital Ward node without allocating it, and Vital Ward still gave the health gain from Necromantic Fervor when allocated.
  • Fixed ground visuals projecting on top of Storm Crows.
  • Fixed a bug where The Shrouded Plateau was missing terrain in some areas.
  • Fixed the prices for Epoch Points in the store always displaying in $USD, rather than your local currency in Steam.
  • Fixed the polearm visual variant of Multistrike and Vengeance being rotated incorrectly.
  • Fixed a visual issue with Voidtouched Archivist’s Ice Mortar and Voidfused Armor’s sword attack.
  • Fixed Wraith and Volatile Zombie minions from party members having minimap icons.


  • Improved AFK detection: interacting with the UI, pressing buttons, etc. will prevent you being flagged as AFK. The time before being kicked has also been increased to 20 minutes.
  • Because the Increase Chance to Find Potions affix was having no effect before, we’re being cautious with the total amount that it can give. The maximum value at T5 has been reduced to 60% (from 70%) and the maximum amount at T7 has been reduced to 120% (from 140%). Additionally it can no longer roll on rings and any existing potion drop rate affixes on rings have been changed to armour affixes (the armour affix can still not roll on rings naturally).
  • Reduced Bolroth Stomp hitbox size especially at the sides of the Bolroth.
  • Bolroths now stop turning (finalize target) 0.35 seconds into their Stomp attack. Previously they could turn right until the end.
  • Regular enemies in Monolith Ambushes gain 15% more health (from 10% more damage and 5% less health).
  • Bosses in Monolith Ambushes gain 5% more damage and 5% less health (from 10% more damage and 5% less health)
  • Minibosses in Monolith Ambushes gain 20% more damage and 150% more health (from 40% more damage and 150% more health)
  • The Osprix Monolith Ambush contains 1 fewer lightmage.
  • Added final 2d art for Pillager’s Gold, Ambitions of an Erased Acolyte, and Gambit of an Erased Rogue.
  • Improved the quality of the preview images for the Soul Eater cosmetic armor set.
  • Updated the tooltip for Corruption to mention the Sanctuary of Eterra.
  • Baby Scorpions no longer have minimap icons.


Thank you for continuing to report bugs; we keep an eye on everything that comes through the Forums. Here’s much of what we’re currently working on fixing or improving:

  • Chat sometimes re-enables itself - we’ve found that this is caused by joining or leaving a party or town server (because this joins/leaves a chat channel).
  • Rarely, a failed attempt to transition to another zone can become completed after loading a different character.
  • Further Ambush encounter scaling changes.
  • Adjusting new Chapter 1 enemies that are problematic when scaled to Endgame.
  • The window for reducing corruption in the Sanctuary of Eterra does not disappear after being used.
  • Maul with the Skull Crusher node is not affected by some “when landing” effects in Fury Leap.
  • Shield Bash fails to cast sometimes when you have increased attack speed.
  • Summoned Spriggans don’t gain the Cold Minion tag when cold converted.
  • There isn’t a quest marker prompting you to walk to Balthas after defeating Orian and Emberwing in the Summit in Chapter 1.
  • Cosmetics and armor visuals are sometimes invisible (usually fixed by re-equipping or going to the next zone).
  • Echo Completed portals don’t use equipped Portal cosmetics.
4 months ago - Hackaloken - Direct link

Starting about 2.5 hours ago, a number of our servers in US-West are experiencing connection problems to our online infrastructure, causing very long load times or entirely failed transitions. Changing to another server region will bypass this issue while we work on a fix.

Edit: We have made a change that seems to resolve the problem. Monitoring is still in place and we will re-assess tomorrow if necessary.

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