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2s good afternoon everybody and welcome
4s back to the last Epoch Dev stream
8s as usual I am your host Mike hello
13s and uh just gonna start with a little
15s warning slash apology I am still quite
18s sick
20s done a bunch of stuff to make it so it
21s doesn't look that way if possible but uh
24s I will probably be muting myself a few
27s times
28s and I may have to vanish for a couple
30s minutes here or there but I'll do my
32s best to have fun hang out and uh
36s play a little last epoch
39s we're hanging out in the old patch still
41s because we're it's not the ninth yet so
42s we're playing the old patch
44s I'm uh revisiting some old builds over
47s the last few streams and and we're going
50s back to zombies we're just we're just
52s gonna do some zombies woo
53s it's a little loud it's slow down a bit
56s thank you very much
58s four one six one eight
62s what's up glad to have you here
64s hope you're having fun just started off
68s have we
71s must have unlocked in power yeah
75s foreign
80s no zombie makeup no
83s sorry just a second
89s my hair's getting a little out of
91s control here
99s let's go
101s if this is your first time here glad to
103s have you with us if you have a question
104s for me please put at last Epoch game in
107s front of the question so I see it pop
109s out at me a real big like I'll be happy
111s to answer it and as always we stream for
113s charity this week's shirt this month's
115s charity sorry is uh World neighbors glad
118s to glad to be doing something for them
119s which is cool
122s let's actually make a little bit of an
123s army here and
129s go nuts it's been a while since I played
132s this character uh I totally remember how
135s it works
138s completely
140s definitely uh
142s have my loot filter on sweet all right
145s we're good to go
148s that's neat
150s today's oh yeah
152s um
155s today's Mo uh today's build that I'm
157s playing right now is the same build that
160s everyone else can play right now this is
163s plain steam there is nothing different
166s about this from what everyone else is
167s playing
169s um
171s you can go play this right now
183s good afternoon quiet how you doing
186s we're doing pretty good here it's it's
188s been it's been a busy week getting lots
190s done
191s wow 22 month resub that's epic thank you
196s very much thank you very much
205s haven't been in the Stream for a few
207s months it's been on and off for like we
208s haven't done a lot of streams actually
209s the last month or so but yeah it's been
211s good
213s I've been trying to hold up to release
215s are we close we are very close we are
217s six days away I believe
221s next Thursday
224s can we expect to get the patch notes at
226s least a few days before 0.9 drops a few
228s days yeah they're they're not done yet
233s um the changes going into the patch
234s aren't done yet
236s um so like we we can't give you patch
238s notes yet because they don't exist
240s um patching out some of those things
242s that we we get to a point where we're
243s like okay we're not changing anything
245s else and we're just gonna make sure we
247s we're just testing and like we gotta
249s build and we're like let's just test the
252s everything out of it and make sure it's
254s solid oh we found some tiny little bug
256s okay we'll change that one thing to fix
257s that bug but that's it
259s keep testing keep testing keep testing
261s keep testing and while that's happening
263s we we
264s um polish the patch notes
267s um and we uh this is a lot of
271s departments that that uh get involved
272s with what's going into the game so
275s there's a lot of different departments
276s to get involved with patch notes and
277s making sure they're accurate and
278s complete
279s um
280s so we do try and get them out as soon as
282s we can
284s um but in order to get as much in the
285s patch as possible the patch notes end up
287s happening very late in the cycle
290s um so patch notes will be similar timing
291s as they usually are
293s which is pretty close to the actual
296s release and you've seen like huge
299s portions of the changes already in the
301s um in the preview events we've had and
303s there's lots of that info up on like uh
304s last Epoch tools and stuff like that too
308s and you'll see me drinking tea and I've
310s got
311s tons of water
320s oh get to the sub to action RPG Aaron
324s Aaron actually that's what uh I said it
326s right first time
328s thank you very much for that I'm sure he
331s will be appreciative
335s I know he's been pretty pumped about
336s this uh this patch coming up
338s anticipating it for a while as many of
341s you have
343s oh there he is hi Aaron how's it going
348s did I just missed that from the very
349s start I just missed that a very certain
359s sorry I'm back hello
362s playing nekker without Golem and now
365s we're not fighting it's the old girl
366s you're some of the old Golem here in
368s front of them
376s uh would it be amazing to have a finish
379s the multiplayer launch oh this launch
381s has been a long time coming and I am so
385s excited for it to be released like
388s it's it's just a it's another level of
390s anticipation for us
399s this is why I picked a medium build
400s today because I'm like I'm a I'm gonna
402s be sitting around taking drinks in the
404s middle of this
408s ah finished some Plumbing fixes I'm
410s feeling good that's good job quiet
412s Plumbing's Plumbing's an important skill
413s to have
414s now time for my propaganda question of
417s the week spring and moving skill leaks
418s yet no no sorry
422s you gotta get it right
426s Shadow dweller how's your health Mike I
429s feel fine
431s my nose is uh trying to set some records
433s for production though
443s we'll leave it at that
449s so judge in there yeah huh
454s next question
456s uh do you guys Supply last Epoch tools
459s of this data or does he dated money he
460s data mines it
464s we do really want to get to a point
465s where we can work with
467s uh people making sites like that because
468s we do know it's a very valuable thing to
470s have for the game
471s um
473s but we just we have to focus on making
475s the game right now and
479s yeah
480s he's got a pretty automated system for
482s it now too I do I talk to him every once
483s in a while not frequently
492s very good guy though
509s nervous or excited for next week yes
512s no I'm I'm uh I'm very excited I'm more
515s excited than nervous
517s um
519s actually I'm pretty confident what am I
520s talking about
522s I'm excited
532s the um
534s the the preview events went great
539s there were bugs and issues and other
541s stuff we had to fix and all that stuff
543s that's to be expected
547s I'm pumped I know it doesn't look like
548s I'm pumped like I'm pumped let's go
562s sorry
563s I'm here haha
566s and get well soon you got this thank you
567s very much I I feel like I will
570s like
572s yeah I feel fine it's just
575s nobody's not done being sick yet
577s apparently
584s I just saw this game it's not bad game
587s awesome
589s thank you very much
591s I hope you're having fun with it whether
592s it's a bad game or not
594s that's the most important part because
596s you have fun with bad games I think
603s and you cannot have fun with good games
605s I think too
611s it's pretty rare
612s for both of those
620s who came up with a faction idea I think
622s it's smart our lead designer trisoki was
625s the uh
628s was the initial pitch spearhead of that
630s operation the person who who the post
633s was under
635s um
636s it's funny both both of them and I had
639s come up with ideas that we've been sort
641s of like rummaging around with for a a
643s system to include trade in the game
647s um that were both very different mine
648s was terrible by comparison so let's not
650s talk about what that idea was but
652s um he showed up and he was like just out
654s of the blue he's like guys I've got an
655s idea
657s um and I'm like oh I've been working on
659s one too now like I wasn't quite ready to
661s post it yet I wasn't finished at a few
663s Kinks and all sort of stuff I'm like I'm
664s just gonna post it now too just just to
666s see
667s um and we were reading through them both
669s and we came back to each other and we're
671s both like yours is better like to him
673s his was better
681s and we ran with it
684s quite fast
693s all right last time I visited the stream
696s you said there would be Seasons leagues
698s how long after at least can we expect
699s the first season to start I mean I the
701s way it works I kind of argue that 0.98
703s is the start of the first season because
705s eventually those characters that are in
708s that initial multiplayer launch will get
710s sent to whatever standard is
714s um as the next cycle starts and we're
716s calling them Cycles
717s um so it's
719s in a way
721s in six days in a way when's the next one
725s after that gonna start I don't know
728s um kind of depends how long how many
729s patches are in between uh
732s uh this in 1.0
735s so there might be another one that
736s starts the biggest thing that happens
737s with the cycle is
739s um the ladder resets the like the
742s economy resets all the characters have
743s to be brand new you know like everyone
744s everyone has to start fresh to be
746s involved in the new cycle but all the
747s old stuff goes to the standard
749s environment so nothing gets deleted
755s so it's kind of just like when's the
756s next ladder reset gonna happen I don't
758s know
775s by the time we're into like 1.0 launch
778s it'll be much more uh regular and
780s predictable I will say that
783s let's just until we're until we're at
784s launch it's a little more flexible
793s I I don't know what I love about zombies
795s but I love zombies
796s just to like
798s all right here you go I summon you do my
800s oh you're dead
804s but you took one of them with you good
805s job
815s oh
820s I upgraded my internet speed and
821s hardware for March 9th Thompson ready
823s nice
826s I feel like you said you were uh you
828s moved or something and it was like a
830s problem with the internet there or
831s something I don't know
835s I could be mistaken there but good glad
838s I know it's very beneficial for you the
840s greater amount of players stream the
842s game the question is should I do it if I
845s have literally zero experience with
846s streaming I mean
848s the only experience I have with
851s streaming at all personally is done
853s while working on this game
855s I think I once streamed one day as just
860s to see if I could make it happen like 15
861s years ago or something
863s maybe not that long ago maybe 10 years
865s ago
867s and uh
869s yeah it's I think it's fun I don't think
872s there's
873s um really uh a downside to it if you if
876s you think it's something you might enjoy
879s kind of worst case scenario is people
881s just don't watch
885s or you just turn the stream off
888s I think it's fun I'd recommend giving it
890s a shot
898s it is a warm and yeah
907s I don't know why it gets so much hotter
909s when I'm streaming than normal
912s but like every time I stream I turn the
913s heat down in my room
924s all right oh you ready to handle the
926s server load for point nine the amount of
927s interest I'm seeing compared to the beta
929s events leading up to and expect to see
930s major spiking player numbers I hope so
932s uh you confident your servers will be
934s able to keep up or do you expect them to
935s get overloaded
936s um
937s we've definitely
939s taken steps in the assumption that it
941s will be more
943s uh populated than uh the beta events
949s so we are we are expecting more and we
950s are preparing for more people than the
952s beta events
954s um having said that it's it's always
956s possible like there's enough people on
959s the internet that we could be
960s overwhelmed
961s um
962s I mean we've put elastic systems in
965s place that should uh if they work the
967s way they're designed to should be able
969s to handle it
974s that's a cool item
977s I do not remember that item what is
979s going on
986s sick brain talking
991s I'm just always there's always the
993s upside though like we we've we've we've
995s built systems for it to be able to
997s expand if if there's a lot of people
999s that show up
1000s um and if there are enough people to
1001s show up that crash it I mean that's a
1003s lot of interest which would be pretty
1005s sweet you know but no I I I think we'll
1008s be fine
1012s that's part of the reason we're doing it
1014s um
1015s like on Thursday instead of Friday so we
1018s have a little bit of time with there's
1021s like a second day for the weekend where
1023s people are like scheduled to work and
1024s you know people are on site ready to go
1036s silky to real MVP yeah definitely
1040s there's a lot of us that like worked on
1042s it and helped shape it and come up with
1045s the fine details with them and
1046s everything but yeah they they definitely
1048s was that was their idea
1052s spearheaded that one big time
1054s and very little change from their
1056s initial idea there were some details
1058s that they were just like when they came
1059s up like okay well I don't have this
1060s detail yet and we'll figure that out but
1062s like of the details they initially
1064s pitched very little change
1067s which is wild that almost never happens
1069s with a big system like that
1081s they've had a very significant hand in
1083s most of the things you do and see in
1085s last debug
1101s what are your thoughts uh what are your
1103s thoughts on the state of manner slash
1105s rage uh do you feel the recovering usage
1107s are in a good spot
1109s um I think in point nine they're better
1110s than they've ever been
1112s um
1113s I think this is possibly related to the
1116s several uh
1118s to a recent Forum post
1120s um I think overall it's in a very good
1122s spot I think there's a few key spots
1124s where it's still not quite right and
1127s it's more related to specific skills
1128s rather than Mana regen in general
1138s I think I think it mostly does a really
1141s good job of
1143s um
1146s keeping keeping
1148s uh very large visually impactful and
1153s functionally impactful skills and check
1155s from being spammed
1156s over the top while not requiring them to
1160s be on crazy long cooldans
1162s um
1163s I think that can be a dangerous thing
1165s where you get this like ability that's
1166s like your ultimate ability and it's on a
1168s two minute cooldown and
1170s um I think you can get into situations
1172s where your entire Bill focuses around
1174s getting that to a point where it's cheap
1176s enough or the cooldown small enough that
1178s you can use it frequently enough or you
1180s actually end up in situations where
1181s you're like well
1183s I'm gonna wait the 30 seconds before I
1185s go to the next pack because my ability
1186s is not off cooldown yet
1188s and I think those are not awesome
1191s situations to be in frequently
1196s do we know yet if 1.0 a second one no we
1198s don't know that
1199s uh can we expect big Nerfs 40 50 less
1203s damage to skills from 0.91.0
1205s I don't think so
1209s uh what
1211s uh
1213s did that come up somewhere and I missed
1215s it I haven't heard anything about that
1220s I know internet all clogged up with
1221s potatoes
1229s apparently I'm not supposed to laugh
1230s today
1231s uh can we expect some improvements for
1233s loot filter like show only affix is
1235s relevant to selected
1238s item type uh no not yet
1241s um we will be taking uh a shot at the
1245s loot filter eventually
1247s um and improving the functionality of it
1249s um possibly adding more options
1251s um
1252s but it is
1254s uh for for one point for point nine
1257s sorry
1258s um largely unchanged I think there might
1261s be some little changes but not much
1264s we focused elsewhere
1271s this little trick on the Arenas if you
1273s just like don't move in the middle you
1274s it doesn't start until you actually move
1278s if anyone's interested on what I was
1280s doing
1283s oh can you share some more details on
1285s new supporter practical point nine I
1287s can't
1290s sorry
1292s uh what time is the point in launch I
1294s don't know
1295s um I
1297s if I were if I were a betting man
1301s um I would probably guess that they will
1303s that the patch will launch at a
1305s relatively similar time to the last like
1306s dozen patches we put out
1309s um which is morning North America time
1311s so we have the most people around to
1313s help with problems
1316s and jump on uh Solutions so there's yeah
1324s oh
1333s this is bad this is very bad
1340s okay now here's where I would love to
1342s have the ability to move all of my
1343s minions with transplant I wonder if we
1346s can add that
1359s spoiler alert we did for the next patch
1361s just in case anyone missed that
1363s joke
1365s I think I'm funny in my head but yeah
1371s oh all right full patch notes available
1373s yet no not yet I plan on having 16
1376s golden teen develop servers
1378s I mean 16 Golems is way easier for us to
1382s deal with than
1383s whatever
1385s 60 skeletons can show up
1388s so yeah go for it
1396s it's part of why I like your items so
1397s much Aaron
1399s cuts down to the number of minions
1401s played right into our hands
1406s oh no no no
1424s uh oh man the last q a no no no no no no
1427s why why would it be last q a
1430s no
1433s we we don't have a set time or we'll
1435s stop doing this there's a possibility
1437s that we might slow down the rate of
1439s these posts 1.0
1441s um
1442s but I I personally have no intention of
1445s stopping this I love doing this it's
1446s great
1448s two hours a week it's not that much time
1455s yeah
1457s I don't know why I'm even looking here I
1459s have no idea what my gear is on this
1461s character it's been so long since I
1463s touched I haven't even turned this
1464s character on since the last time I
1466s streamed this which was months ago
1473s uh I agree to take on the Mana stuff by
1476s the way I also feel like it's fine I
1478s have no
1479s idea about four months oh there was a
1481s four months recently about it that uh
1482s there's a couple of them recently that's
1484s all
1485s it's cool
1488s what happened to the fifth strawberry
1489s building it's not in yet
1492s Shaman Scott okay what's what's going on
1493s Shaman's got one new abilities missing
1497s um Tempest strike's getting a pretty
1498s significant this is not 0.9 this is post
1500s point nine by the way
1502s um so post point nine Shaman will get
1504s its fifth ability
1506s um Tempest strikes getting an extremely
1508s significant rework
1509s uh as to the the role it fills
1514s um the functionality it has
1517s um what it does how it does it
1519s everything like the the general theming
1522s will be similar
1524s um
1525s that's about it
1528s and the name
1530s and then a new ability
1532s is going to come in to take the role of
1534s Tempest strike
1549s how's your sleep schedule uh looking for
1551s this week I have been sleeping more this
1554s week than I have slept in months
1557s mostly because I'm sick and I'm just
1558s like well
1561s body shutting down at 9 00 p.m Let's uh
1564s let's go to sleep
1581s no I've been very lucky to uh
1584s actually strike a decent uh
1587s work balance
1588s lately which has been very nice very
1592s happy
1595s it's been a lot of long hours but you
1597s know
1598s nowhere near as bad as it has been in
1600s the past
1607s the filter sold but I just keep seeing
1609s items that are like a different color
1610s like oh maybe this is something that I
1611s said I would really want before and
1613s they're always been terrible
1617s can you share what is the design concept
1619s around warlock all I can really say and
1621s this is the same thing I've always said
1622s is the the like Touchstone theming
1625s um is like Jafar more of a more of a
1629s dark sorcerer uh feeling
1651s did you get an extra Golem no no sorry I
1653s thought it works too bad
1657s it's already gonna be really strong
1662s foreign
1671s what about improving targeting when
1673s trying to buff allies minions for
1675s example it's close to impossible to cast
1677s dread [ __ ] on Golem if there's another
1678s Minion around allowing to buff by
1681s clicking on the icon for example can
1683s solve a problem
1684s um we don't have any plans for that at
1685s the moment
1686s um there's some issues with that that we
1688s came into uh we were we tried to do it a
1691s little while ago and do some problems
1691s with it
1693s um
1694s the
1697s uh it's it's
1703s we know there's some issues there we
1705s don't have a solution yet
1708s what happens with the like cursor system
1715s um is it's actually constantly changing
1717s what you can hover over every frame
1721s which I know sounds weird
1725s well what are your plans for an
1726s achievement system probably after 1.0 um
1728s there are some loose plans for an
1730s achievement system we don't know what
1731s that's going to be specifically yet but
1732s there will be something
1738s foreign
1750s ERS for 0.9 plan that we didn't see any
1753s events already yet lots
1755s uh can we expect any armor model uplifts
1758s certainly Rogue body armors make the
1760s girl look like she's pregnant
1764s I don't know if you've seen many
1765s pregnant people
1766s uh
1770s but uh
1772s I I uh
1774s maybe I'm not maybe I'm just not seeing
1776s the armors that it looks like that
1777s didn't I
1784s um there's there are new
1786s uh item sets in our models coming into
1788s the game that hadn't been seen yet
1790s 4.9
1794s I know at least one of them's on Rogue
1796s too
1797s and it looks sweet
1799s we may have teased it on stream I don't
1801s know
1808s uh I've also been gone for a while the
1810s new gear look release is their new gear
1813s look released on the 9th so six days
1816s oh
1819s it's okay
1824s uh you're saying stop working on Sean
1827s and builds gotcha
1831s I mean I would I would avoid Tempest
1834s strike focused builds but I mean they're
1835s kind of crap anyways right now right
1840s they'll come back they'll come back
1842s don't worry they'll come back
1844s no we had someone some one of the the uh
1847s uh
1848s um VFX leavex guy offer skill and like
1851s skill design enemy design guy he um
1855s he showed up he was like I've been
1857s working on a concept for
1860s um
1861s Tempest strike lately
1863s uh uh and it was pretty it was really
1865s different and tossed it up and played
1868s around a bit and we're like well that's
1870s awesome so now we have to make up a new
1871s skill to take semesteric spot
1876s and it means we can give it speed
1878s scaling
1880s because the current version of Tempest
1881s right can't have speed scaling
1891s which is the big problem with it because
1892s everyone wants it to go faster
1905s foreign
1916s so it's pretty low but still it's
1921s only 36 by base oh boy
1924s we might have to do a little crafting
1928s to get our poison res up if we're gonna
1932s keep doing this
1936s what is this build this is a volatile
1940s zombie
1941s oh my God our dread shade's completely
1943s unspecialized
1946s oh what I've been using it much but
1949s still
1955s we're not doing too bad for a power
1957s bottle as on a 93 with a de-specialized
1960s skill
1966s good build is good huh
1968s what am I talking about here
1970s um
1973s I'll go over it when I'm out of a
1975s monolith that can just kill me because
1976s it feels like it
1982s in case someone's asked how about a
1983s spoiler sure I have no one's asked yet
1985s I'll give a spoiler as soon as I've done
1986s this Echo
1988s I'll toss up a spoiler and fix my build
1993s which will likely just be me be me
1995s putting random points and stuff until
1997s it's used
2000s XP all right
2005s why is released not 1.0 uh well we
2008s figure
2010s um a lot of people okay part of the
2012s reason is we're not done a lot of the
2013s features that we would consider core to
2015s complete the game for example three
2016s masteries are still missing
2019s some some of masteries are missing
2021s skills
2022s um our in-game's not finished
2025s um like there's there's a few key
2027s elements that were like the game's not
2029s what we consider something that we'd be
2031s like
2032s say you were gonna release the game and
2034s like we're not gonna do this but say you
2035s were gonna release the game as like a
2037s box title and put it on shelves and I
2038s knew it was coming
2041s sorry say you were gonna put this game
2044s as like a a proper old school box
2047s release put it on the shelves at Best
2049s Buy all sort of stuff which would be
2050s pretty cool but you know
2052s um
2053s uh
2054s we what like you'd have to get the game
2056s to a point where
2059s um you were happy putting it on that
2061s shelf and someone taking it home in that
2063s state and playing with it and not
2065s updating it not patching it and it's
2067s it's a it's a game that you're like
2069s great have it play with it have fun
2071s we're not there yet
2074s um and 1.0 is the first point that will
2076s feel like hey this is the like it's a
2078s product that is complete but we're not
2081s finished with it so
2083s um they'll still be room to grow room to
2086s to add new things keep developing keep
2088s designing it keep expanding it what
2089s we've built
2090s um but that will be the first point that
2091s we feel like this is a complete product
2094s that we can confidently say hey if you
2097s want something and you can you can ex
2098s and that's also the point where you can
2099s say like hey you can expect certain
2100s standards from this so we say like at
2103s the 1.0 launch we're like hey there's a
2105s certain expectation of
2107s um bug concentration uh uh when you're
2111s in Early Access that's that's a little
2112s bit more acceptable we think
2115s not that we want any bugs we try and get
2116s rid of all of them but we're a little
2119s less concerned
2121s like a little less uh
2124s concerns the wrong words they're still
2125s concerned about them but like
2128s tripping over my words a bit here it's a
2131s little less
2135s something I'm sorry
2137s let's get a spoiler up so I can regain
2140s my composure
2144s yeah look at this guy I know we've we've
2146s teased little bits of this but here's I
2148s believe this one's not actually going to
2150s be coming
2151s I don't think this has actually even
2152s included in point nine but it will be
2154s soon
2164s foreign
2192s foreign
2195s just do a little uh
2198s tread shade generic Buffs trying to
2201s crank the Mana cost too high actually
2202s reducing the amount of costs increase in
2205s the area
2216s yeah that's a good node
2226s here we go
2228s show you what I did
2231s just slap some some stuff together not
2233s optimal
2235s and some of it quickly go through the
2236s other things if you want to take
2238s screenshots to see the build I'm doing
2241s very old builds
2246s check our passes real quick
2249s points and Lich versus The Necromancer
2252s boom boom
2255s all right
2257s well we failed two in a row
2261s foreign
2263s get back on track ah yeah
2270s death equals League yeah got there
2272s 50k CCU at launch oh boy that'll be fun
2276s multiple this weekend now I know
2278s multiple this weekend
2280s uh six days from now one point was just
2282s the beginning yeah that's what we say
2283s internally one point it was just the
2284s beginning
2289s I'll have your energy about this game
2291s the passion really translates
2292s uh to the Kane state and gameplay IDK
2295s the last time I saw just talking about
2296s their game penis because I don't thank
2297s you I appreciate that
2300s I'm a little subdued compared to
2303s normally if you're not uh used to the
2304s stream because I am
2306s really sick still
2310s but uh
2313s the Buckley's is kicking in
2328s let's actually use our dread shade now
2330s Mike that you've just uh buffed it like
2332s crazy
2343s feeling like
2348s feel my wrath is right
2352s yeah if you do have any questions if I
2353s missed a question I apologize I'm like
2355s basically caught up now I've got a
2356s couple here I'm gonna read but if you do
2357s have a question for me please put that
2359s last default game in the question and
2360s I'll be happy to answer it there's also
2362s possibility I might cut this off a
2364s little early or I might take a break in
2365s the middle I'll probably take a break in
2367s the middle
2368s just because
2371s I can already feel myself struggling a
2373s bit
2378s it's gonna be a character wave for 1.0
2381s on how you view character wipes so I I
2384s explain this sometimes people go well
2385s that's a character sometimes that
2387s explains people that's not a character
2388s right so
2389s maybe
2391s um
2392s we don't plan on deleting any characters
2394s all of the characters that are created
2396s offline and playing offline uh since
2399s before 0.9 patch will stay offline
2401s they're saved on your computer they'll
2403s still say be saving your computer uh
2405s after 0.9 you'll still be able to make
2406s offline characters and they'll still
2407s stay on your computer and we're not
2409s going to delete files off your computer
2411s so
2412s there you go that's offline
2415s um as far as online characters created
2417s before the 0.9
2419s launch date six days from now
2421s on March 9th in the beta events those
2423s will not be playable
2425s uh when the when the multiplayer
2427s uh Launches on March 9th
2430s um so so March 9th is fresh characters I
2433s know I know I'm kind of doing more than
2435s your question asks and I just want to
2436s cover all the bases
2438s um
2438s any character created between 0.9 and
2441s 1.0 uh will get rolled into a standard
2445s league so um we're calling them Cycles
2447s not league so standard Cycles so there's
2450s um a new cycle will start at 1.0 and
2453s anyone who wants to participate in the
2454s latter at the start of 1.0 will have to
2457s make a new character so there won't be
2459s any advantage other than experience and
2461s knowledge to playing before 1.0 but if
2464s you are playing before 1.0 and want to
2466s keep playing that character you can
2468s we're talking multiple so all this is
2470s online
2471s Indians you're playing solo online same
2473s thing so if you want to make an online
2475s character or play your 0.9 online
2477s character after 1.0 launches you can it
2481s just will not be eligible to participate
2483s in the latter so you'll have to make new
2485s characters if you want to be on the
2486s ladder
2487s post 1.0
2492s so it's it's like um
2495s if we're talking like Diablo two terms
2496s 0.9 characters become non-latter
2498s characters and 1.0 characters are latter
2501s characters like that's and as the new
2503s cycle starts although ladder characters
2504s go to an on ladder and you start new
2505s ladder characters like this is a pretty
2508s standard system that you see across most
2510s arpgs these days uh that are online
2515s so we're not trying to break any major
2517s conventions there we think it's a pretty
2518s good system and works decently well for
2520s most players
2522s um oh we're chugging we're chugging away
2524s oh I have a let's run
2530s good job Mike
2542s you know what we're gonna do
2553s sweet
2555s let's clean up some of the ground items
2564s I hope that explains the history gonna
2567s be character right from 1.0 question
2569s if you have more follow-up questions
2570s please feel free to ask
2573s can you comment on why you guys decide
2575s to make items non-resellable after
2577s training and why not just put a favorite
2578s cost to resell them love the fact that
2580s they do by the way uh part of this is to
2582s avoid
2583s um
2584s Market
2586s manipulation part of it's to avoid
2590s um encouraging Market play exclusively
2592s as a game mode
2595s um we really want to emphasize that even
2596s if you're even if you're playing
2597s Merchants Guild you're still spending
2601s um a very significant chunk of time
2603s playing the game you're still like
2605s you're still when I say playing the game
2606s like obviously using the bizarre still
2608s playing the game but like
2610s you're still going out into the world
2612s you're still killing monsters you're
2613s still finding new loot
2615s um the the bazaars is more of a method
2618s to
2619s um give value to items that you don't
2621s want that you find that are good
2624s um and uh method by which you can obtain
2628s really specific items that you need that
2630s you just can't find
2631s and less of a way to
2633s um
2634s like have a have an economy and there's
2638s still going to be an economist it's a
2639s bad way to phrase it but less of a way
2641s to
2642s um
2647s sorry we really don't want to encourage
2649s people to just like just to sit in the
2650s bazaar and and play the economy and we
2652s know that this is a game mode that
2653s people like a playstyle that some people
2655s do like
2657s um and we knew that when we were making
2658s a uh a trade system and we're making
2661s like the item faction system and we're
2663s we're doing this we knew that there
2664s would be some restrictions that certain
2666s people uh wouldn't like and and would be
2669s too much too restrictive for some people
2671s so
2672s and we're trying to uh to make things as
2676s as accessible and fun and engaging and
2678s enjoyable to as many people as we can
2680s um and we know that we can't hit
2682s everyone's uh desires with this and uh
2685s if if that was a play style you were
2687s really looking forward to I'm sorry
2690s um
2692s we're not like not not nothing set in
2695s stone it's not dealt yet or anything
2697s um but it would be very surprised if
2699s that changed
2700s very surprised
2702s foreign
2711s regarding the
2713s feeling glued to the floor
2715s unresponsiveness and inability to kite
2718s mobs
2720s uh while attacking uh there
2722s I don't I I can't give you a specific
2725s uh details of what was done to help this
2731s um
2732s but basically the way we were handling
2734s movement
2736s uh
2737s uh was not ideal
2739s and we knew that going in and we're
2741s still working on making it even
2743s closer to Ideal
2745s um
2748s but yeah there's
2751s there's improvements that have come to
2753s that and more improvements that I'm sure
2754s will happen later
2756s um it's very tricky
2759s to uh
2763s to do what we want to do with movements
2765s and have it feel good because it's the
2767s easiest way to put that
2769s there's some under the hood stuff that I
2771s don't understand fully
2775s that's causing problems
2784s which is why they're smarter people than
2785s me working to fix it
2793s oh any plans for healing handsome patent
2796s and thank you for all you duties she
2798s didn't keep up the good work thanks bud
2799s appreciate that um
2802s they're uh yes we do have plans for it
2805s um it will get a skill tree
2809s um
2812s uh it'll be one point at the latest
2815s um at 1.0 all classes will have the same
2817s number of total skills all Masters all
2820s the same total number skills
2822s um they'll all have skill trees
2825s um
2829s the only skill that's in the game now
2831s that's not planned to be a skill at 1.0
2834s is ice thorns
2840s I think that's true I'm like 99 sure
2843s that's true
2852s this is me going through all the skills
2853s in my head yeah yeah that's right
2860s Vision welcome back we sub for eight
2863s months in a row thank you very much glad
2865s to have you with us
2871s this uh there's a race
2874s Vision something I was just reading this
2876s morning about that wasn't it what was
2877s the race
2879s um announcement went out this morning
2882s um
2883s I think Vision info were the ones that
2886s were running races before I think you're
2888s uh either heavily involved or just
2891s running at this time too I don't know
2892s sorry I haven't been involved with that
2894s part of it
2897s I saw the answer this morning I'm like
2899s that's sweet
2904s it's a solo
2906s softcore race to kill all three
2910s T4 dungeon bosses
2913s the fastest
2917s like
2920s 85 95 sure on that one
2924s please correct if I'm wrong in the chat
2935s could chuck some NyQuil ah
2940s not if I want to be alert enough to
2941s stream
2945s or fix bugs
2948s I have one critical bug left left to fix
2950s and two minor bugs left to fix
2955s hopefully by the end of the day today
2956s after the stream's over
2960s got a good lead on the critical one
2961s which is good
2963s feel like
2970s I don't know why it's still transplant
2971s okay use dread shade activate it's got
2975s awesome abilities now
2991s uh next question that's what I'm doing
2992s right I'm reading questions
2996s uh can you change your mind and launch
2998s Point night tomorrow instead of three
2999s nines inside my invasion
3004s people changing my mind though
3007s I'm pretty sure I'm not capable of
3008s changing my mind but if I was I would
3011s change my mind about that
3013s but I'm not so I can't I also don't have
3016s control over it
3019s sorry
3025s oh
3033s still here uh will there ever be any
3037s Mana potions available ooh very unlikely
3040s um
3043s will there ever be this oh maybe I don't
3046s know man I hope I'm still doing this in
3048s 10 years
3049s um it's a long time for stuff to change
3052s will there be met approaches by 1.0 no I
3055s can say that with very high degree of
3056s confidence
3057s will there be Mana potions at 1.5
3060s almost zero chance
3064s some pretty dramatic stuff would have to
3065s change
3066s press that amount of potions
3070s but I'm not a big fan of uh
3074s like being absolute on questions like
3076s that because there's things there's
3078s things that have changed that I like
3080s three years ago if you asked me if it
3082s was gonna happen I'd be like nah no
3083s chance and it did
3087s please don't ask for an example I don't
3088s have any upset on my head
3093s uh yes thank you you're welcome I don't
3096s remember what the question was
3101s uh will you ever add a glyph or some
3103s item to use an unspec a point or a skill
3107s not to have to be level Scott
3109s uh a glyph
3112s to do that uh no because glyphs are
3115s always items
3117s um
3118s like that's always used on items uh an
3121s item to do that I
3123s I'd be pretty shocked
3125s um it undermines the entire reason we
3127s have the re-leveling system
3130s um
3131s like completely undermines the entire
3133s reason we have the leveling system so
3134s like if at the instant we add that item
3136s we might as well just take the whole
3137s re-leveling system out type thing
3140s so like chances of that happening are
3142s pretty darn low
3144s um
3146s yeah
3148s so same disclaimer as last question
3153s on the whole absolutes thing and never
3155s in time and yada yada
3158s but
3168s uh so while I was playing the campaign
3170s I'd TP to town and lose my minions
3176s I think that's I think that was a bug
3178s I've wanted to use a shrine back to town
3180s I wouldn't know that's that sounds like
3182s a bug to me
3191s it explored the idea of the player being
3193s able to augment a certain ability with
3195s the epoch's power in some way I I mean
3198s we we've we've talked about things like
3201s that
3202s um it's such an integral story Point
3206s um
3207s and like
3208s technically
3210s please don't try this because it'll take
3212s you forever technically
3215s you can keep gaining experience up to
3218s super high levels in super low level
3219s areas it just takes forever because
3221s there's a there's a level cap
3222s differential so if you're
3225s um
3226s like
3228s uh I guess being oppa does it's just
3230s super low because it's low like like
3233s you kill a level one enemy as a level 90
3235s something and you get like basically no
3236s experience it's an insignificant amount
3238s of experience that I don't know what the
3239s actual
3240s I don't think we actually show
3241s experience oh we do yeah like
3243s like you you're you're in the millions
3246s of experience here and and getting 10
3248s experiences completely insignificant so
3250s you could level
3251s to
3254s like
3257s I guess doesn't matter if you're talking
3258s about an item that would do this
3264s probably not
3269s because as soon as you do it until one
3270s skill you can't do it to all skills you
3272s know what I mean
3277s I don't want frenzy and Haze on them
3280s it's gross
3284s foreign
3291s uh you know what
3294s okay guys I'm gonna take a brief break
3296s here
3298s 's what I'm gonna do
3303s give me a sec
3320s okay
3324s I've just slapped a new spoiler over the
3328s we'll be right back screen
3330s so I'm gonna take a brief break
3333s I'm sorry I just need like
3336s five minutes I'll be right back I
3339s promise I'm sorry uh
3341s and in the meantime
3344s I'm Gonna Leave You with this new slash
3346s art which will be available eventually
3348s uh on our website hopefully I'll be
3351s right back sorry
3361s foreign
3444s foreign
3520s thank you
3616s and we're back
3620s but boom sorry about that everybody
3622s hello
3628s oh let's get right back in and answer
3629s some more questions
3633s are there any changes coming to Warpath
3636s uh I don't know I'm sorry
3642s uh they're going to be paid expansions
3644s like box expansions there's going to be
3646s more like Pue where you uh are bigger
3649s patches
3650s then for smaller expansions per year
3652s yeah I I would um it's gonna be more
3655s like uh Poe style where there's
3659s um where there's like large patches that
3661s have
3662s um content that come with them and reset
3664s the cycle
3665s um
3666s more regularly that won't have
3669s um
3670s we really want to avoid one of the big
3672s things we want to do is we want to avoid
3674s um having a situation where you're
3675s you're playing with a buddy
3678s um or maybe it's like a friend both of
3679s you played last Epoch before but you
3681s haven't played in like one of them like
3682s your friend hasn't played in six months
3684s um but you kept playing and they want to
3686s hop back in and you're like okay let's
3688s play together and and then you're like
3690s well you gotta go buy these three
3692s expansions in order to play with me
3693s again what am I doing
3695s laughs
3697s we don't want to split the community
3698s based on who's bought what expansion
3705s unique belt which gives a chance to drop
3706s Mana potions but prevents ailment
3708s cleansing
3710s nope
3713s you know you just didn't know where to
3715s put them in the UI it's impossible to
3717s add it
3720s how hard did you high five after seeing
3721s the reactions to translucent I mean if
3724s we were in the same physical space as
3725s each other it would have been a real big
3726s high five
3728s but we're all remote so no high fives
3731s were had
3733s but virtual high fives were very very
3736s exuberant
3743s you know
3752s we haven't had a post that the reactions
3754s were that positive too like the ratio of
3757s positive comments was that high
3759s in so long like
3762s it was Unreal
3764s and like I know it's not 100 and there's
3766s it's not a perfect system and everything
3767s but like
3771s it felt really good
3775s so if you came and left a positive
3776s comment on that on that uh post
3779s you made my day that day
3791s okay let's keep going
3798s this thing
3805s hurts
3808s a lot
3816s lightning Elemental of loathing
3819s I'm getting the loading part
3821s all right
3823s oh take the energy back here we go I'm
3825s an avid gamer and software Dev awesome
3827s that's great uh but I don't know
3829s anything about Game Dev specifically
3830s that's fine
3832s uh uh can you share some stories
3834s methodologies about bug tracking in last
3836s Epoch I mean bug tracking is really
3839s similar uh in games and regular software
3842s Dev like it's there's very little
3843s difference I think
3846s um
3849s it's really important to have
3851s a so I I'm not in charge of the bug
3853s tracking systems
3855s um
3856s so it's it people other people uh like
3859s like manage and handle that a lot more
3861s than I do
3862s um so I do not have in-depth knowledge
3864s on the
3866s um the way that's handled specifically
3868s but I can give you sort of General ideas
3870s on on how I interact with that
3873s um
3874s it's really important to have people
3876s that are
3877s um organizing that and I mean it depends
3879s on the scale of this of the operation as
3880s well so if you if it's large enough that
3882s you have people that are dedicated to
3883s that
3884s um
3885s having someone organize those and
3888s um
3889s being able to
3891s how about this being able to track
3893s specifically which bugs uh are the same
3895s bug is really important so you don't
3897s have
3898s um multi-tracked like the same bug track
3900s multiple times it's really important
3902s being able to
3904s um
3906s have a system that's really well
3908s organized and have a system that's able
3909s to link those bugs to the solutions when
3913s they get created so we use we use GitHub
3916s and a lot of the tools that come with
3918s that to track a lot of bugs
3921s we get a lot of bugs uh reported from
3923s our community and we try and we try to
3925s make sure those come in through our
3926s through Forum posts because we can track
3929s those form posts and we can we can close
3930s Forum posts and we can link form posts
3932s together and we can link Forum posts in
3935s our GitHub tracking like an issue
3937s tracking system in GitHub things like
3939s that
3941s um and that's that's really important
3942s having those things automated and linked
3943s together is really useful
3946s so you can say like like you make a pull
3948s request and that pull request has
3951s um it is automatically linked to a
3953s specific issue in
3956s get on GitHub sorry a GitHub issue that
3959s will uh that will automatically close
3961s that issue when the PR's merged and
3963s things like that it's like like having
3965s these things intrinsically linked and
3966s automated as much as you can is really
3968s really useful
3970s um
3970s and having them having the input from
3973s your users be trackable is really useful
3975s as well which is why we get a lot of bug
3977s reports on Discord and every time we're
3979s just like go to the forums go to the
3981s forums we can't handle it here go to the
3983s forums and it's just because we can't we
3985s can't keep track of them on Discord
3993s yeah we have a fantastic UA team that uh
3996s that handles a lot of that stuff
3999s they do a great job of it so Avalanche
4004s oh you see physical and cold tell it to
4007s Avalanche
4010s okay you know what we're gonna do we're
4011s gonna take a second see if we can
4013s upgrade any of our gear see if we can
4015s craft a little bit on it because we're
4016s getting our butts kicked
4018s we've got some uh
4021s we've got some
4024s was my Army just dead and I just didn't
4026s notice
4033s okay is anything a forging potential
4034s zero zero zero zero eleven just
4042s Rio Elli res
4050s wait a second
4053s why do I not have any
4057s crafting materials is this a Solo
4059s character
4076s I totally deleted my stash
4080s oh I know exactly what I did that too
4086s I know exactly when I did that
4089s that's hilarious
4093s oh yep
4103s sometimes
4106s I do things that are not so smart
4111s oh one forging potential that's
4113s something
4115s poison res
4117s or oh free physical res crit success
4120s boom go ht5 that's what I'm talking
4122s about
4130s all right better than nothing
4146s I was I was testing some stuff with uh
4150s with with stash saves and
4152s I uh
4157s I I know exactly like I've got it backed
4158s up and everything so I'll be fine but
4161s can't do it right now
4169s that's funny
4173s can we expect Wings in the cosmetic
4175s store at some point
4176s um there are I guess I don't know all
4177s the plans for all the things that are
4178s coming to the Cosmetics store there is
4180s one item that I know is coming uh to one
4183s of the bundle packs in the future that
4187s looks suspiciously similar to Wings and
4190s I don't know if I'd quite classify it as
4192s wings or not
4194s so maybe
4198s some people will look at that and Go
4200s Wings obviously some people look at that
4202s and go not wings no so we'll see
4207s uh that time Rift Wormhole effect could
4209s be sort of uh baked into the loading
4211s screen itself in such effect so um the
4214s we we used to have it baked into the
4217s loading screen itself
4218s um and it uh gets to a point it it when
4223s we had it baked into the loading screen
4224s so there's no true asynchronous loading
4228s um
4229s and so there is a point where it freezes
4231s no matter what
4233s um and when you hit that point on that
4236s screen it looks at the game has crashed
4238s um even though it hasn't it's loading
4241s and when we had it baked into the
4243s loading screen it was it was only baked
4244s in the loading screen for like two days
4246s but in those two days we got more
4248s reports of people crashing the game
4250s during loading screens then I think we
4252s have since combined
4255s um and like it was just a flood of them
4257s all the time it was like it didn't crash
4260s and the long streams were a little bit
4261s longer than two
4262s um so like and especially that longing
4265s stream is really long but it was we're
4267s like just wait the extra 30 seconds I
4269s promise you it's fine and they're like
4270s no I crashed I had to let it go we're
4272s like it didn't crash
4275s um and and there was also a problem at
4277s that point we're all tabbing in the
4279s middle of a loading screen at like a
4280s certain point could cause it to crash so
4282s it's like it's it's going through that
4284s effect it stops
4287s um someone all tabs to see if it crashes
4289s and the effect of alt tabbing was it
4291s crashed so it's like I all tabbed it had
4294s crashed and it was just it was just a
4296s mess
4297s um so we had to we had to decouple them
4299s oh we'll get out of there
4303s um
4304s one day we hope to have that be a
4306s loading screen I think we may have taken
4308s the effect out for now I don't know I
4311s don't know exactly what I'm with it
4313s um
4316s but
4318s um we need proper asynchronous loading
4320s to make it into the loading screen
4322s basically and like asynchronous learning
4324s what that means is
4326s um
4327s loading the elements of the next scene
4330s while you're still doing something else
4332s and the something else is playing that
4334s video clip so there is a um there is
4337s motion on the loading screen now in the
4339s form of there's a little um
4342s probably seen it in the beta events uh
4344s this little like diamonds like loading
4346s like
4348s thing that happens and so that's now in
4351s the bottom corner of the loading screen
4352s so you do see stuff happening and that
4353s does freeze at part of the time
4356s um but it kind of like stutters instead
4358s of freezing completely
4367s it's the other way isn't it
4369s yeah I guess we're going back
4381s uh can we get a last Epoch con and have
4385s it in Las Vegas please thank you
4387s um I'd love to do something like that I
4388s think that'd be so cool I think we need
4390s to be a little bit bigger game
4392s uh for a little bit longer before we
4394s actually did something like that
4397s um
4399s but uh I I I love going to conventions
4403s um we did we did quite a few conventions
4405s pre-pandemic
4406s um
4407s once that's over I'm sure we'll uh we'll
4409s be going back out to them again
4411s but um
4414s there's
4417s also I guess if anyone's wondering this
4419s is not coveted I've tested myself so
4421s many times
4424s pro at testing taking so many different
4425s types of tests definitely not
4429s Dodge that bullet so far
4432s still being careful though anyways um
4435s the same conventions yeah we did we did
4437s like uh
4438s uh we just we did LTX we did
4442s um
4443s pretty bigger ones
4446s mind blank on which conventions we did
4449s uh
4451s uh Pax that's the one we did a few packs
4454s those are great
4456s um
4458s we did packs in Texas right before a
4461s pandemic happened that was so much fun
4472s we did Seattle too Seattle packs Pax
4474s West
4477s I loved I'd love to go back out to
4478s Supreme engines that was so much fun
4479s it's it's so tiring it's so much work oh
4483s it's so much fun it's so worth it
4486s like just getting to see getting to see
4489s people play the game because like
4490s because we we are a video game to see
4492s each other is really great uh getting to
4494s see people playing the game is so cool
4496s and just talk to players about it that
4498s are just they walk up and they're like
4499s I've never seen this before this looks
4501s cool and you just talk about it it's
4502s just fun
4503s see I love that
4506s huh
4507s man I want to do conventions again
4509s apparently all right uh
4513s if I'm playing Merchant scale and my
4515s friend is playing circle of Fortune I'm
4517s so so surprised I haven't been more uh
4519s item faction questions which I'm fully
4521s prepped to answer all of those by the
4522s way
4528s so okay if I'm playing Merchant skill
4530s and my friend is playing circle of
4531s Fortune will I be able to buy an item on
4534s the bazaar and donate it to him using
4535s residence yes however big asterisks
4539s there with the yes the item will have a
4541s Merchants Guild faction requirement rank
4544s so the item will say like
4547s like how other sentences requires level
4548s seven
4550s um it below that requires level seven
4551s it'll say requires Merchant Guild rank
4553s four let's say just as an example it
4555s might not be four but let's just say
4556s it's more
4557s um and so you give it to your circle of
4559s Fortune friend with residence and it
4561s still has that requirement because you
4562s can't remove requirements from items
4564s um and so they are not Merchant skill
4566s rank four so they can't use it if they
4568s then switch to Merchants Guild rank up
4570s to Rank 4 they could then use it
4573s um but the active applying a resonance
4576s to it does not remove the rank
4578s requirement so that rank requirement is
4580s just like a level requirement think of
4581s it just like that
4585s yeah
4585s I hope that helps
4601s also don't forget if you have questions
4603s that you want me to answer please put at
4604s last debug game in the question so I see
4606s it pop out I think I just saw one that
4607s was meant to go to me that I didn't have
4609s that Soul answer anyways will there be
4610s visual updates to skill trees to more
4612s closely show
4614s what particular node will do
4616s um
4618s there's certain mistakes in certain
4619s nodes that we've so we've what we've
4621s done in this patch is we've
4623s um since lastpatch we've literally
4625s checked every single node in the game
4629s um and we may have missed some still but
4630s we have gone through and checked every
4632s single node and cross referenced the
4634s effect in game not just what we think it
4637s should do based on the code the actual
4638s effect in game from what the description
4640s says and we've either updated the
4642s functionality or the description to
4644s match so that they are the same
4647s um so there should be far fewer
4650s discrepancies there
4652s um there will likely still be some but
4653s it should be a lot better now
4656s oh man origin's sweet in the spell yeah
4661s cause I'm a thirsty bit
4663s necromancer
4669s uh yeah so there's there's there's
4673s um different there will be more accurate
4677s descriptions
4679s um as far as how it's displayed
4681s um there's it's still just like the same
4683s like those tools of stylings hasn't
4685s changed
4687s um if you're looking for more
4690s um like adaptive tool tips to say like
4693s um so that they like it recognizes the
4695s changes in other nodes and the trees
4697s that the tooltip changes we're we're not
4699s uh planning on doing that that would be
4701s pretty sweet but uh that's a little
4704s that that would be a little insane if we
4708s were ever gonna try and uh which we are
4710s trying to do localize the game
4711s um and have translations for things like
4713s notes skill nodes
4715s which is already a Herculean task
4722s uh we'll account reset make it into well
4724s the account reset make it in time for
4726s 0.9
4729s sorry I don't know what that is please
4731s explain
4738s quite I feel like that's something I
4739s just missed
4743s as soon as I do things that are not so
4745s smart like uh facing challenge yeah
4749s in-game check could use some curating uh
4751s there's drama going on right now
4753s um sorry I am uh
4758s I don't think what I'm playing on right
4761s now actually has
4762s moderation powers in chat
4769s and I'd rather not turn it on on stream
4770s in case it is pretty bad
4773s um but someone who is capable of that
4776s might be listening
4778s and if you can check that that'll be
4780s great thanks please
4790s let's actually look at the screen
4791s instead of just chat well the formulas
4794s for item Rarity calculation be made
4795s public at some point
4797s uh uh
4807s like the I I'm not quite sure what you
4811s mean by that probably not
4813s um
4818s but if we're talking about yeah okay if
4820s you
4820s hit me up with more details on what you
4822s mean by that like
4825s chance of an item being a specific
4828s Rarity
4830s when it drops
4834s oh
4836s trolls has donated a thousand bits it's
4839s a cheer counting down the magical day
4841s I'm on six now thank you very much
4844s that sound happened and I'm like what is
4846s that sound
4849s but thank you that's cool appreciate
4851s that
4870s but
4877s okay
4878s any plans for PVP eventually yes not 0.9
4881s though
4882s will be other factions down the line
4884s uh not just for trading so yeah it's um
4887s we try and use the term item factions
4889s rather than trading factions because
4890s it's um it's it's the item factions will
4893s just be These two factions
4895s um and they'll be focused around
4896s modifying how you obtain items in the
4898s game
4900s so we're not planning on adding a third
4901s item faction
4903s um but we are planning on adding more
4907s uh factions that will and we still don't
4911s have details on how exactly this will
4913s work out but the current plan which
4916s could very much change is that the
4918s future factions will be
4921s similar to the item factions in the
4922s sense they are mutually exclusive with
4923s each other so we might add like a new
4925s pair of factions that are each mutually
4927s exclusive with each other but are not
4929s mutually exclusive with the item faction
4930s so you'd be like pick one of the item
4932s factions and pick one of the something
4935s else factions and so you'll be part of
4936s two factions simultaneously but not part
4939s of two item factions and not part of two
4941s of the something else factions I hope
4944s that makes sense
4951s all right
4960s maybe they'll be uh and just literally
4962s just making this up on maybe it'll be a
4963s leveling faction and it'll be it'll
4965s change the way you gain experience in
4966s the game or change the way you level or
4967s something I don't know
4978s are you guys ready for zizra and his
4980s horde to come in on the ninth oh I love
4981s it let's go
4988s uh account reset tool cane oh yeah yeah
4992s I came with segmentally can't reset tool
4994s right right thank you quite sorry I
4995s completely forgot about that
4997s um yes because the ssf change uh that's
5001s happening so if anyone doesn't know the
5003s um currently in Solo when you have a
5005s Solo character all of uh your items and
5008s everything is linked to that specific
5009s character so it's a character found solo
5011s experience
5012s um we're changing online when online
5014s launches to be an account found solo
5016s experience so you're saying I'm playing
5017s solo means that me as a person on my
5020s account I'm playing alone
5023s um and part part of the change for this
5024s was mostly focused around how
5027s um
5028s there's no advantage to playing multiple
5030s characters on a solo account if that
5034s makes any sense like you don't gain a
5035s power boost by sharing those items from
5037s character to character really it's the
5039s most powerful way to do it if you're
5040s gonna
5041s if you're into the powers to play one
5042s character because you can
5044s um you don't you don't split your
5046s progress split your time that you're
5047s progressing on to multiple characters
5051s um
5052s but it does take a hit for race events
5056s because
5058s um you can't it's it's not a completely
5060s Fresh Start for everyone
5062s um
5066s so I think we're building a temporary
5067s tool to help with that because we do
5070s want to have uh race style events uh be
5073s possible and there are still we haven't
5075s we haven't completely removed the
5077s back-end functionality to have
5078s characters found locked solo experiences
5084s um but if we release 0.9 with a
5086s character fan locked solo experience and
5089s uh want to add an account found solo
5092s experience which we think is the more
5094s widespread use for it
5096s um it will cause either uh very large
5101s headaches in data migration or massive
5103s amounts of data loss of players
5106s items and such
5108s um
5110s so we're kind of heading off that
5111s problem at the past and
5114s um switching it now so we don't have to
5117s have to deal with that problem in the
5118s future
5123s it's cool item I like it
5129s and quiet I'm sorry you'll have to ask
5131s Kane on that one I don't know
5139s 1.9 count is the first cycle we'll ever
5141s have to start a fresh character stash is
5143s kind of yes
5145s um so no one has access to any
5148s characters that they've created in the
5151s 0.85 F or before patch because those are
5154s all offline characters offline
5155s characters will not be transitioned into
5157s the online environment anyone that
5159s played in the multiplayer beta events
5160s that were previews 4.9 uh those
5163s characters are existing in a different
5165s environment and will not be available in
5167s 0.9 drops
5168s um so any so there's there's no one has
5171s a fresh start so no one has a jump start
5172s everyone has a fresh start
5177s um so it's that's why I really uh so
5180s earlier I mentioned
5181s um it's kind of like having uh this is
5185s like 0.9 is kind of the start of the
5186s first cycle because everyone's starting
5187s from scratch
5192s audience African jump starts guys
5202s pretty much the machine return smart I'm
5204s sorry I don't know that question was
5205s referring to
5212s hi we had a chance to try multiple last
5214s weekend wonderful I hope that went well
5216s don't know if you covered this topic
5218s very much yet uh but do you have a
5221s status for multiplayer game experience
5222s stability I.E disconnect can't continue
5224s story through zones together well
5226s without dropping out yeah there's been
5227s big big improvements for that especially
5229s when we first at the start of the open
5232s Beta weekend
5234s test the open beta test where anyone had
5236s access to there was there was all there
5238s was several brand new bugs that we were
5240s like we were shocked that showed up
5243s um and we've got fixes for those
5245s um I think a lot of people hit them and
5246s kind of bounced off it which is really
5248s unfortunate
5249s um but those have been fixed
5254s uh and it's not it's not perfect 100
5257s stability with zero disconnects that
5258s would be amazing
5260s um but it is much better than the first
5261s few uh moments of that event went
5271s uh if I decided I wanted to swap from
5273s Fortune's Guild to from circle of
5275s Fortune to Merchants Guild and respect
5277s into Merchant's Guild
5279s uh does that mean all the gear will
5281s become unusable uh due to no longer
5284s being Fortune rank four yes
5286s um the gear you obtain so any gear you
5289s obtain by way of a item factions bonus
5293s so what that means is if your circle of
5294s fortunate item drops that item was
5296s influenced by your circular Fortune
5298s bonus so you that item receives a circle
5300s of Fortune rank or if you're playing
5301s into the merchants Guild and you get an
5304s item through the bazaar that item was
5306s obtained through your item factions
5309s bonus so it receives an item faction
5311s rank requirement
5313s um any items obtained through either
5315s those message methods receive the
5317s appropriate item faction rank
5319s requirement
5320s item faction rank requirements cannot be
5323s changed or removed if you switch
5325s factions
5327s you no longer are that other old-faction
5329s uh and can't use that item anymore
5331s because you're not that rank it's kind
5332s of like if you de-leveled your character
5334s you would no longer be that level and
5336s you couldn't use that item anymore
5337s um you can go back and faction ranks are
5340s account bound
5342s um so you don't lose those ranks they
5344s you do those ranks
5346s stay hidden and you can you can get you
5349s can get go get them back again you just
5350s can only be currently representing one
5353s faction or the other
5356s so in order to use an item that is
5358s circle of Fortune Rank 4 you must have
5360s attained circle of Fortune rank for or
5362s more on your account and your character
5364s must be currently representing circle of
5366s Fortune
5371s I think I said that all right I don't
5373s think I actually messed up any words
5374s there that was
5376s it might have I hope not
5378s uh will there be anything in 0.9 that
5380s has not been announced or was testable
5383s yeah oh yeah
5384s there's skill and item changes that went
5386s in today that are there's a big margin
5390s that happened today actually that I was
5391s uh pretty hyped on so yeah some stuff
5394s still
5396s um no major systems though
5399s just like uh
5401s New Gear visuals
5405s um stat changes on items uh
5409s some rebalancing stuff like that
5413s uh will be will we be able to
5415s romanticize the NPCs in 1.0 no I don't
5418s think so
5422s not that type of game hey you want to
5423s write some fanfic you go right ahead
5429s imagination is a wonderful thing
5441s are there more uniques coming 0.9 yep
5444s what about the question of the item
5447s Rarity about the question the item
5449s Rarity formula with the diminishing
5450s Return part be made public
5456s ah
5457s ah like diminishing return on item
5460s Rarity percentage
5465s honestly I don't know what that formula
5466s is on top of my head so
5469s um
5470s I don't think we'll ever actually post
5472s what that formula is we might but
5475s not today
5483s what's the party size four
5487s love the game but it's been hard
5488s freezing on Startup last couple days uh
5490s oh probably on my end but have you heard
5492s anything like this on this not
5494s specifically and I I'm sorry I can't
5496s help you with sports stuff right now
5498s um
5500s I I will tell you one thing
5502s um
5503s delete your
5506s graphics dot ini file there's a
5509s graphicsetting.ini file
5512s um for the game specifically the last
5514s default one
5515s um you can find out where that file is
5518s located on our support site
5520s and it will auto regenerate a new one
5524s that's quite often the cause when it
5526s crashes ground boot
5531s streamer Hub lipod it's saying charity
5532s Salvation Army oh no
5535s oh no
5545s I I mean I could change that we've only
5547s got 27 minutes left
5549s I'll tell you different extreme I'm
5550s sorry
5554s our charity is the one above my head not
5555s the one nightbot says nightbot's crazy
5557s it's drunk you're drunk night Park go
5559s home
5567s I like your beard thank you I like my
5569s beard too
5571s it's soft
5577s does that mean all gear dropped while
5580s circular Forge will have a circle of
5581s Fortune rank requirement since circle of
5583s Fortune FX all drops yes wouldn't that
5585s make it very impractical to build
5587s account rep for both factions on one
5589s character yes it is not designed the
5592s system is not designed for you to
5595s um play both factions uh the system is
5597s designed for you to pick which playstyle
5599s you prefer and go for it
5602s um it's also designed with some uh the
5605s reason we have switching in the game is
5607s more in case you've start playing one
5609s and you decide that that's not for you
5611s and you want to switch
5613s um or maybe you're you're playing one a
5614s bunch and a friend starts playing and
5616s they're playing the other one they're
5617s like maybe you're you're not sure which
5618s one unit plays you pick one and a friend
5620s starts playing and they they really want
5621s to play the other one and you're like
5623s okay fine I'll come play another one
5624s with you then you can switch and it's
5625s not like yeah I'll start your character
5627s over again
5629s we're trying to just make the
5632s um
5632s make it not be a permanent choice but it
5635s is still
5637s the system is not designed to encourage
5640s switching there's no uh there's no way
5643s to get
5645s um an efficiency boost by switching it's
5647s actually less efficient to switch
5649s um
5650s so it's it's it's really
5652s the system is designed such that you are
5655s like hey I want trade
5657s I can play Merchant skill hey I don't
5659s watch right I'm gonna play circle of
5660s Fortune and like ideally that's the end
5663s of the decision making process like like
5666s that that should be it
5669s if we've done our jobs right that's the
5671s whole decision making process
5675s and I know it's not that simple and I
5676s know that there's going to be a big uh
5679s debate on which one's technically more
5681s powerful and if decision is going to be
5683s which one's better that's what I'm going
5685s with to find better okay to find better
5687s it's the one that you can acquire items
5689s faster in
5691s okay
5693s now there's gonna be a bunch of analysis
5694s on which one's requiring items faster
5696s and fair enough and one of them will end
5697s up being more powerful than the other
5698s and we've worked in a ton of dials to
5701s adjust them and bring them closer to
5703s each other where we can
5705s um and we know that they'll never be
5706s perfectly equal and we're not going to
5707s try and make them perfectly equal but we
5709s are going to try and keep them in the
5711s same ballpark as each other where people
5712s who are
5714s um less concerned about playing
5715s absolutely optimally the decision for
5717s them will be
5719s um
5720s do I want trade or not that's that'll be
5722s the end of it and people who are
5723s interested in playing absolutely
5725s optimally will probably take a much
5727s closer look at it and that's that's fine
5728s we understand that
5732s but we hope to get as many people in the
5735s do I want to trade or not as the
5736s decision making linchpin as possible
5757s I mean at 300 corruption versus 800
5759s corruption is there any diminishing
5761s returns in how much effect the Rarity
5763s you have on drops I don't know I'm sorry
5771s I got a ping hello tiger's eye 120. how
5774s you doing
5777s glad to have you with us hope you're
5780s having fun
5782s hanging out relaxing she's got a pool
5785s you be outside a pool
5789s hope there's no kids making trouble in
5790s your neighborhood
5791s don't get any fights
5794s your mom might get scared
5796s but then you get to move in with your
5797s Auntie and Uncle sweet house in Bel Air
5802s so you know it's not all bad
5808s all right I found a post on Discord
5811s about multiplayer drops being the same
5813s quantity as single player uh on a per
5817s kill basis is this correct if so do you
5819s think the remaining benefits are enough
5821s to keep
5823s uh multiplayer act yes
5828s um
5830s yeah like so there's
5833s um all drops are instanced
5836s so uh what I when an enemy dies
5839s um
5841s in single player or multiplayer uh the
5844s same formula gets run to see if that
5846s item that character that that uh kill
5849s would drop an item for you or not
5851s um
5852s so on average the items you'll get on
5855s single player multiplayer should be the
5856s same
5857s um
5859s yeah
5868s uh what about people who want to
5869s occasionally trade uh when they find
5871s something really good but not base their
5873s character around it have you considered
5875s adding an ultra rare item that removes
5877s the faction requirement from item uh we
5880s have considered that we are not doing
5882s that
5883s um however we did add in uh resonance if
5888s you if you um if you want detailed
5889s information about this there's a sweet
5890s post on our forums
5892s that uh I will link in chat but I will
5895s explain it all right now
5898s actually if someone else can do it
5899s they'll be great but if not it's one of
5901s the biggest posts on our forums right
5902s now anyways
5904s um so right now we do have 0.9 so 0.9
5907s will launch with the item gifting system
5909s 22 months in a row
5912s awesome oh I also missed I guess oh this
5915s happened while I was away this is uh
5917s um Captain corn dog 54. thank you for
5919s the reset for the sub and Captain corner
5922s 54. thank you for gifting a sub to lb
5924s hacksor awesome
5926s I feel like I recognize those names
5928s it's not recepts weird anyways uh let's
5930s start with loving 22 months that's epic
5932s thank you very much glad to have you
5934s with us quiet 12 months oh my God forgot
5936s I had Prime oh oh here we go
5943s let's go anyways
5946s um
5946s uh what am I talking about I'm talking
5948s about trade I'm talking about a rare
5950s item Ultra item gifting stuff so we 0.9
5954s it's gonna come with the item gifting
5957s system we initially announced uh a
5960s little while back
5961s um and that's not changed so that that
5963s item gifting post all that's still true
5966s um the what this means is it's
5968s essentially Diablo 3
5971s um trading so so if you are and you and
5975s your friend are playing together in item
5976s drops
5977s um for either one of you that person can
5979s just give it to the other person and it
5981s doesn't have to be why you're physically
5982s playing with each other still it can be
5984s it can be later after the fact you can
5986s still get them
5989s um
5990s a lot of the feedback we got on this was
5993s people saying okay great but
5997s um I don't always play with my friends
5998s most of the time I play with my friends
6000s but every once in a while I'm playing on
6001s my own or maybe one friend is not
6004s hanging out that day and not not playing
6006s with us and we'll be
6008s oh oh
6011s bro elper oh El Faro Barbaro oh my God I
6016s just butchered that so bad thank you
6018s very much for the second month I
6019s probably butched it last time too
6022s thank you appreciate it
6024s um
6027s what's that saying oh yeah so like I'm
6029s playing with my friends but I don't
6030s always play with my friends and
6032s say uh I'm playing with Johnny uh we're
6036s we're like like playing leveling
6039s together great Johnny has to go to sleep
6040s he's got work in the morning I'm like
6041s I'm up stay up and keep playing
6043s uh item drops that's like the thing
6046s Johnny's been looking for the entire
6048s time we were playing but because it
6049s dropped while he was offline I can't
6051s gift it to him and that sucks
6054s um and so what we're doing this is not
6056s in point nine this will come after point
6057s nine
6059s um we're adding an item called resonance
6061s um and so what this does is if you are
6063s playing with a the same person for a
6065s significant period of time
6067s um
6068s eventually an item called a resonance
6071s will drop
6073s you get this resonance item you're
6075s playing together you're playing together
6076s you're playing together residence drops
6078s Johnny Goes offline
6080s play together playing together or I'm
6081s playing without Johnny offline
6084s um and
6085s uh the item for Johnny drops that he
6087s really wants I then take my residence I
6090s apply it to the item that dropped and
6093s that item can now be gifted to Johnny as
6095s though he was standing beside me in game
6098s when it dropped it basically adds
6099s Johnny's name to list the people that
6101s were in the game when the item dropped
6103s it's all done and it uh it allows me
6106s then to gift it to him and he can gift
6107s it back to me if he wants it works just
6110s as though he was standing beside me so
6111s this is sort of that style of thing so
6114s that every once in a while you can gift
6116s the item to someone that's a friend of
6118s yours
6119s um that you've been playing with a bunch
6120s that
6122s it kind of works in some really really
6125s mild trading that happens
6127s um among friends but it still doesn't
6129s open up training amongst strangers so if
6131s you want to trade with strangers you
6133s gotta play Merchant skill
6148s some sketchy ones here enraging
6152s slow yeah it's not that bad really
6158s I hope that's what you were asking about
6164s oh I'm not drinking enough water
6178s can be like choose MF faction
6181s for leveling build then switch when you
6184s close to the build and want to make gold
6186s for DG
6189s um
6191s every so I've heard a lot of different
6193s like okay what if I level with this one
6195s and then switch and then do this or what
6198s do I level the other one and then switch
6199s and do this
6200s every single scenario I've heard people
6202s come up with about switching it was
6204s better to just not switch and just start
6206s with the one you were going to switch to
6207s in the first place
6212s are any new character archetypes
6213s fantasies enabled and 0.9 changes or
6216s additions uh there's some
6219s uh
6221s uh I mean some narrow ones there's not
6223s not major I wouldn't say I would say
6226s nothing major some really specific
6227s variants
6229s but no like really major additions
6236s I mean the fact that we're adding
6238s multiplayer does add like support as a
6242s play style so yeah there's that
6245s sorry I didn't have twice no problem
6248s very important question here as a
6250s holiday fan hey buddy uh I'd be
6252s wondering if the hollow blade weapon
6254s face type is a hollow Knight reference
6257s the visuals and void damage lead me to
6258s believe yes this question has been
6260s keeping me uh up at night nice like that
6264s um I don't know I don't think
6266s specifically
6268s um
6270s but as a studio big big holiday fans so
6274s you never know
6278s there's a lot of people that are big
6279s holiday fans that work on epoch
6291s has someone finished it yet which is
6293s kind of embarrassing
6311s I wouldn't be surprised if it was a
6313s reference but I don't think it is I'll
6315s go with that
6317s uh will gear dropped and not traded for
6321s while in Merchants Guild have a
6322s Merchant's rank requirement no
6324s if no wouldn't that mean it's a lot
6326s easier to go Merchant skill 2 cof it is
6328s easier to do that switch yes
6330s if you could change your mind or your
6332s friend wants to play as you get to keep
6336s using your cell phone gear while players
6338s to go see up to Merchants Guild lose
6339s access to all gear yes it is easier to
6341s switch from Merchant skill to cof
6344s however it's still if you're gonna if
6347s you're planning on switching to cof it's
6349s just better to start a cof
6357s good day good day
6359s uh resonance is tied to Party play
6361s though I was asking for solo perspective
6363s well I'll just play sold 90 of the time
6364s but every once in a while finding an
6367s amazing item I like to trade the current
6368s system does a lot of that correct the
6369s current system does not allow that
6371s and will not allow that
6373s will residents carry from one cycle to
6375s another residents will uh be treated
6377s just like any other item
6379s so
6380s uh
6382s no like it'll it'll still stay
6385s um
6387s just like every other does like like
6388s they'll they'll transition the same way
6390s every other item transitions to standard
6392s cycle but they won't like you can't
6395s they'll drop his items they'll function
6397s as items their items
6399s um so
6401s I'm not quite sure what you mean by the
6402s question but
6403s um they're items I hope that explains it
6406s what is the MTX store going live
6407s probably not until 0.91 now
6410s um unfortunately we had some problems
6411s with it and had to push it back
6425s it was so close too oh it's frustrating
6427s so like frustratingly close to working
6430s like he got right down to the like very
6433s last second and we're like oh that's a
6436s problem
6450s so back up a little bit and regroup and
6454s collect ourselves
6463s uh how good is search how good is search
6466s for an item in auction house you want a
6469s specific stats the search and sword
6471s functionality filtering functionality
6472s whatever you want to call it in the
6474s bizarre uh will be very powerful and
6477s very low friction
6479s um so if you're like I want to find an
6481s item we haven't built the system yet so
6484s the details are I don't know the details
6486s yet but the the way we've designed it
6488s the way we've written out in the design
6489s document we've written extremely low
6492s friction search and sort very high power
6494s search and sort functionality
6496s um so we specifically wrote more
6500s specific than the loot filter
6505s so like
6508s I want this item to specifically have a
6511s high rolled t7 affix of this specific
6513s affix and these three other affixes but
6516s I don't care what their role does sure
6527s that that aspect of it will be like
6529s super low friction and by low friction I
6533s mean there's not like uh
6536s thank you
6537s by low friction I mean there's not like
6539s Hoops to jump through to make
6541s um to find the specific item you want
6542s you're never gonna have to like reload a
6544s zone or anything like that you're never
6546s gonna be like
6548s um
6548s like having to go to different spots to
6550s search from it like you go to the spot
6551s you know if it exists it's here at the
6553s spot and we know that one spot is it
6555s like here's the criteria to search from
6557s is it there great buy it
6560s like that that part will be super low
6562s friction
6569s so how good is it very very very good
6574s I love the idea of a network of cof
6576s players all playing with others in the
6578s network so they can drop some resonance
6579s for others in the network and can move
6581s items across the network slowly an item
6583s can only be resonanced once so that's
6586s not possible
6588s um you have to play with the person
6590s pretty frequently
6592s uh for like like for quite a while to
6594s get a resonance to drop and there's
6596s there's a slight misunderstanding that
6598s someone had in the wording I just want
6600s to make sure that you're not hitting the
6601s same one
6602s um you have to actively be playing with
6604s the person for the resonance to drop as
6607s well
6608s so just be clear on that one
6613s uh will there be an option to gift MTX
6616s items oh I don't think so
6619s um I don't think we've planned that
6621s not 100 on that one
6624s can I see the backpack MTX while I'm
6626s transformed well in a transformation
6628s skill oh good question asking for
6630s springform backpack to be visible as
6632s well with other skills similar I don't I
6635s don't know
6638s uh I don't think so
6653s I I feel like it should be possible
6656s um I don't think that'll work at 0.9
6658s launch
6661s in terms of balance overhauls of classes
6664s is this going to be a big batch yeah
6668s uh does residents take an inventory slot
6670s or does it go to your crafting crafting
6671s each other inventory
6675s also if if anyone has that once the
6678s stream ends if people do have more
6679s questions about the
6680s um the item faction system or the
6683s training system or what do you want to
6684s call it
6684s um literally everything I've said so far
6686s today is in the FAQ uh it's in that
6688s original post I haven't put any new
6690s information out today all of it's there
6696s it's it's very exhaustive
6699s and very specifically worded
6715s uh but I know the post is huge and
6718s confusing and like the biggest problem
6720s with the system is the complexity I
6722s think which is why I'm happy to answer
6723s questions about it if you have more
6724s questions and you can't find it in that
6726s FAQ you can come to Discord or the
6728s forums or Reddit or anything like that
6730s and the people are around that'll answer
6731s the questions
6732s um if you're not like absolutely certain
6735s please don't answer other people's
6737s questions about it because I've seen so
6739s many wrong answers being given to
6741s questions that's a little frustrating
6744s and they said with such Authority that
6745s you're like I believe this person and I
6747s know they're wrong
6757s all right has there ever been a
6758s discussion on being able to
6760s chaos uniques maybe give them glycerines
6763s oh yeah we've talked to that Lots
6768s uh would MTX ever be able to be bought
6771s with in-game gold uh very unlikely
6775s um they're uh like
6778s um in-game earnable cosmetic items are
6781s something we do plan to have and do you
6783s want to have
6784s um but items will
6787s almost certainly all be either
6790s exclusively earnable in game or
6792s purchasable with real money I I don't
6794s think there'll be anything that'll be
6795s like like you can get it either way type
6797s thing I I'm pretty sure that
6799s everything's either either exclusively
6801s going to be earnable or purchasable and
6803s I also want to be clear that all of the
6805s all the MTX everything in the MTX store
6807s is strictly cosmetic and there is
6810s nothing that will give you ever ever
6811s give you any power or uh convenience or
6817s it's not cosmetic always strictly
6820s cosmetic random namex is free stuff for
6821s 60 months no thank you very much
6822s grassling and bizarre back in the game I
6824s always believe in you it's a little
6826s different now it's it's very different
6828s from what the bazaar was going to be
6829s originally
6830s um but this one's way better and we're
6831s popped on it so thanks
6848s and that's why I need to be playing a
6849s minion bill today sorry if I didn't mute
6851s that quick enough
6854s I don't even know where I am now
6859s wow I ran far away
6862s all right let's finish the second off
6863s Mike you can do it this was a tough Echo
6871s nailed it
6874s just in case they missed the answer no
6876s problem if you did could we hope for a
6878s note or something to enable the player
6880s to deploy more than one ballista per
6881s cast ballista needs some love ballista
6884s hasn't got the love it needs yet but
6885s let's need some love
6887s um I think deploying multiple ballistics
6888s simultaneously is unlikely given their
6890s size
6892s um
6894s but maybe uh
6896s uh we'll see bliss bliss that needs a
6898s lot Bliss has got some issues but let's
6900s uh let's just had a little bit of work
6901s done on it but it hasn't had what I
6903s think needs to be done to it yet
6905s um and it's still on the list so
6908s um
6912s I hope for improvements yes Hope for
6914s that specifically
6916s let's see
6921s what airbg do you like the most
6923s excluding last Epoch which I think is
6925s what the question is asking for
6927s um Diablo 2 is my clear front runner no
6930s questions about it I played it more than
6932s every other arpg combined easily
6935s like that's that's not even a close race
6939s I played Diablo 2 off and on since its
6941s launch and
6944s for
6946s huge stretches of time
6949s yeah they always use my jam
6953s I still go back to it I still I still
6955s play oh I I I almost I almost joined the
6960s most recent ladder for it came so close
6961s but I'm like I still have time for it
6965s I came in the MTX I mean cosmetic only
6967s but will ever be but will there ever be
6969s MTX that offer better visual clarity
6973s yeah that's a tricky one too
6975s if we ever get into this and we've
6976s talked about this as well if we we've
6979s decided that if we get into a situation
6980s where people feel like it becomes
6982s necessary to buy MTX to play a skill
6984s because of visual Clarity we've made a
6986s mistake and we need to do something to
6988s fix that so that people are not required
6990s to purchase the MTX to play the to play
6992s the skill properly
6994s um
6995s that that's that's that's something that
6997s we will make sure is not we don't want
6999s to put people in a situation where
7001s they're like I really want to play the
7002s game and I really want to be competitive
7003s but I don't have the extra five bucks to
7005s buy that thing so I can't
7007s um we don't want to put people in that
7008s position
7009s we want people to be buying ncx and
7011s cosmetics because they're like that's
7012s cool I want to change how this looks
7014s because I want to look like that because
7015s that's cool
7016s yeah
7019s can you try on MTX for my name currently
7021s no
7022s um there is uh the current system gives
7024s you a preview of what it looks on sort
7026s of a generic faceless character
7029s um and then uh game like a gameplay
7032s video preview showing it what looks like
7034s in-game on like a hypothetical character
7036s it's like what about one of our
7037s characters
7041s add class specific summon ballista's
7044s faster affix
7046s that would help you're right lizard
7048s uh
7050s um
7051s I loved I'd love to uh I'm not gonna go
7053s into the list actually I have a lot of
7054s thoughts on ballista uh any further
7056s information on what would be considered
7058s first cycle point 901.0 I mean like
7060s personally I consider 0.9 the first
7061s cycle so
7063s it depends how you define a cycle
7066s but like some people some people say
7068s like okay well you can't have a cycle
7070s until after 1.0 launches and it's the
7073s the like the first change to the game
7075s post 1.0 that's the first cycle in some
7077s people's minds so like
7078s some people would argue that one point
7080s one would be the first cycle same thing
7082s but who knows what I I would argue 0.9
7085s is the first cycle because what happens
7087s to the characters transitioning from 0.9
7089s to 1.0
7094s uh what's your opinion on the pace and
7098s level of power creep that has occurred
7099s throughout development uh it seems
7101s changed a lot since I last played 0.82
7103s wow it's a while yeah uh bonus what's
7105s The Sweet Spot Ellie's going for in this
7107s aspect
7108s um
7110s there's always going to be some form of
7112s power creep that's gonna happen I think
7113s to keep things interesting
7115s um we try and mitigate as little as
7118s possible uh like we try and design
7119s things such that it will happen as
7121s little as possible
7122s it's kind of hard to say there's been
7124s power creep because we're still not at
7127s 1.0 yet we're not at the like we've sort
7129s of got an idea of what we want 1.0 to
7130s look like and the power level of things
7132s to hit and the challenge that's
7134s available to hit at 1.0
7136s um
7139s so I'm really happy with it I think
7141s um
7144s I like because there's no infinitely
7147s scaling power accessibility from
7151s uh from from new
7154s like like there's no
7155s there's no Paragon level system there's
7157s no
7158s um you know what I mean like it's
7160s you you don't get I don't know I'm sorry
7162s I'm not gonna do another Echo we're
7163s we're right at the end here and I'm I'm
7165s hurting a bit so I'm gonna finish off
7166s some questions that I'm gonna end but
7168s we're not doing another Echo oh I've got
7170s I'm so sorry guys I've got another
7173s little teaser here let's follow this
7174s place up while I'm while I'm talking I'm
7175s gabbing away
7177s I'll stand over here so you can see me
7178s hello
7180s um as far as power creep goes I I would
7182s really like it
7184s if
7186s items we're making now
7188s are still relevant and still functional
7192s um
7194s five years from now I really hope so and
7197s we'll we'll still be
7199s working to to like to balance them and
7202s keep them
7203s uh up to date and re and change them and
7207s update them so they are still relevant
7208s and things like that I think that you
7210s will see damage being higher five years
7213s from now
7214s um
7216s if we're ever in a situation where we're
7218s like should we should we put a little M
7220s beside that number so it's so many
7222s millions of damage
7224s there'll be some sort of number crunch
7226s that'll happen before that happens we're
7228s not We're not gonna get there
7236s and I know you can already get hits that
7238s are absolutely mammoth
7245s oh are you excited for the lore and
7248s cinematics D4 will have oh yeah
7252s are there MTX that will change the way
7253s summons look oh yeah definitely
7256s uh there are not any available in the
7258s first version of the MTX store
7261s totally forgot it was Friday at the
7262s deadstream today not the end of it
7264s someone at least hi Mike and the team
7266s hello I took off next Thursday and
7268s Friday for launch day cool
7271s hope that that is uh not adversely
7273s affecting you but uh thanks I hope you
7276s have fun with it too for launch day from
7278s work and my entire team chuckled when I
7280s explained the reason awesome
7286s uh can you make it so Aaron's new unique
7290s only drops for everyone else besides sin
7292s so he can't point and laugh I mean no
7294s but that would be hilarious
7295s uh why did you decide to give us seven
7297s resistances to manage with the same time
7300s only for affixes per item when gearing
7302s new characters I find my prefix is
7304s sometimes empty because I don't have
7306s enough shards to put the handful of mods
7308s I care about in every item but my
7311s suffixes are constantly exhausted and
7313s I'm trying to keep up with the demand
7315s it's interesting I actually hear the
7316s opposite of this a lot
7319s um
7321s as far as the number uh or the prefix
7324s suffix count we actually started with
7326s six uh total so three and three
7328s interestingly enough
7329s um and it felt
7332s we we got a lot of feedback that it was
7334s too busy
7336s the items are too busy especially with
7337s having pretty uh involved
7340s um implicits
7342s so there's pretty involved in plus it's
7343s on items which kind of acts like an
7345s extra affix and then with we added
7348s um ceiling affixes as an extra Dynamic
7351s for crafting so we kind of get to that
7353s six anyways
7355s um and we like having those mechanics
7357s spread out a little bit over implicits
7358s and ceiling affixes instead of just
7360s having six straight affixes on there uh
7362s we think it's a little bit more
7363s interesting a little bit more dynamic
7367s um and it just I think it fits better
7369s sort of how we've come about it with it
7372s um as far as having seven resistances to
7374s manage there's we try to put a lot of
7377s access to uh resistances in uh passives
7382s um
7383s and and even just like in some skills
7385s ways to sort of like
7387s to get those in other ways than just
7390s your gear
7393s um as far as as far as the number of
7394s damage types how do we come up with this
7400s sorry as far as the number of damage
7403s types how do we come up with this
7406s um
7406s it's been a long time since since we we
7410s settled on seven like this is one of the
7411s very early things we settled on
7415s um and it kind of It kind of lines up
7417s nicely with like there's there's a
7418s little bit of symmetry here in the sense
7419s that like physical is sort of the most
7421s standard basic thing and you have
7422s different types of magic essentially and
7424s there's the more typical Elemental Magic
7426s here and then the more kind of like
7429s Evil dark styles of magic over here
7437s avoid being our sort of unique one it's
7440s not completely unique but it's
7441s the rarest one to find elsewhere type
7443s thing
7444s um
7445s more iconic the game I guess
7449s um and we knew we didn't want as many as
7453s um
7455s has a lot uh that was we thought that
7458s was a little too much
7460s um
7461s but we thought seven was a good number
7462s to get the right theming
7464s diversity in so we can still say like so
7467s we can still like um
7473s I guess it was it was just like a good
7475s variety number for us I guess that's
7476s what we thought we could we could hit
7478s specific beams and uh not have them step
7481s on each other's toes and still feel
7482s unique but have good variety
7485s so the best
7487s explanation I come up with here a couple
7489s more questions I can try to run these
7491s out I speculate warlock armor set tell
7494s me I'm right the theme hits me in the
7495s Mark I will say this armor set is not
7497s available in point nine this is a post
7499s point nine teaser
7502s just the minor thing amazing level
7503s designs thank you I will let the level
7505s design team you said no you said that uh
7507s you should do QA q a
7509s uh with how proud the designers are or
7513s should be
7515s oh yeah like get level designers on here
7517s to do q a i i I'd be down with that I um
7520s I haven't talked to them if they'd want
7522s to do that or not but uh I will ask them
7524s see if they want to
7528s any plans for transmog system like D3
7530s Grim down not at the moment uh well
7533s um we've talked about it uh I think we
7534s figured out a way to do it and have it
7536s work but I can't remember if there was a
7537s problem with that or not uh there was an
7539s old version that we're gonna do and we
7541s hit a wall with it I think there was a
7542s fix for like a workaround for a
7544s different way it's been a while not 4.9
7547s hopefully in the future I don't know
7549s exactly what the plans are
7551s is it likely that you implement a
7553s resistance stat that combines voidant
7554s necrotic and poison resistance to an
7556s elemental like Elemental does unlikely
7559s we've talked about this we've tried to
7560s come up with a name for it
7562s feed me a good name for it we'll talk
7565s will there be a stream next week I don't
7567s know
7568s um we don't like to do data streams when
7571s there's a ton of other people streaming
7572s because we don't want to draw attention
7573s from them
7575s um it will be the day after launch so
7577s maybe we'll see
7579s I'll have to defer to the social theme
7580s on that
7582s uh last two questions I'm gonna cut it
7584s off after uh Naomi 105's question
7587s uh will there be any way to use in-game
7590s older sets of equipment as cosmetic like
7593s using the skin of the rusty sword on the
7595s crystal blade um
7597s sorry I see two questions ago
7600s uh how many questions have you answered
7603s in total over all these streams
7606s hundreds
7608s probably over a thousand I don't know a
7611s lot
7614s a lot a lot and with that it's time to
7616s end
7620s I just realized that I opened up the uh
7622s character sheet behind the teaser I was
7625s I was referencing the the sheet as I was
7627s talking anyways
7631s I hope you had fun I know I did it was a
7634s little hectic we got through it
7636s if you have any more questions that I
7638s failed to answer or follow-ups please
7640s head on over to our Discord uh always
7642s hanging up there in the ask the devs
7644s channel uh lots of great questions lots
7646s of great answers ask the community too
7647s they know tons of stuff too
7650s um we also active on other platforms
7652s like our forums and Reddit
7655s um and other stuff too uh so yeah happy
7657s to chat hang out
7658s come talk to us let us know what you
7661s think
7663s um
7664s yeah
7667s I think that's it for today
7669s we're done I'm gonna
7673s I'm gonna toss the stream over to
7674s someone here let's let's uh let's go say
7676s hi
7678s let's go say hi there we have the seat
7679s set out here in a little while
7686s have a good everyone feel better I guess
7688s I'm saying that to myself drink lots of
7690s water
7690s have fun