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Originally posted by techiya

everything here looks really great! super excited.

one question i have: if we defeat a nemesis, and its rewards include an egg, are we able to portal out of the monolith, grab the unique we want to replace it with from our stash, and portal back in to use it without issue? i think it would feel really bad if that didn't work, like if the interface locked you there until you picked an option or something.

You can access your stash while interacting with a Nemesis to place a chosen unique in place of the Egg.

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Originally posted by AlienstyleL

If you put it in and you lose the fight is your unique lost?

Can you put in a unique as often as you want? Like power it up until LP 4?

Is the LP gain weighted towards rarer items getting LP slower/rarely?

If you lose against a Nemesis or just run away while fighting it, then the next time you encounter a Nemesis it will have the same items, including the unique you put in there, so it's not lost.

The exception to them keeping the same items is that below level 57, if you didn't empower the items and they were generated at a much lower level than your current level, it will roll new ones. But, the egg can only spawn from level 60 onwards, so you can never lose one of your own uniques this way.