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It seems asinine to ask such a basic question, but I've looked at a number of reviews and genuinely can't find any that talk about the subject. All of them exclusively discuss things like items, build crafting, skill systems, endgame content, and so on.

I personally don't care at all if the game has interesting progression systems unless the actual combat or other moment-to-moment gameplay is genuinely enjoyable independent of them.

In a hypothetical world where Last Epoch had no loot or build crafting, would the actual gameplay still be fun? (or is combat merely there to watch numbers go up?)

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I find it so funny that the full range of answers is here. Which isn't too surprising with, as you pointed out, how subjective it is. Moment to moment combat is something we did see as a negative showing up in reviews frequently a couple years ago. It still shows up as a criticism from time to time. We've been working on it and our feedback shows it is improving.

1.1 brings a new evade ability to all characters. It makes combat feel a lot better to me. And for those that don't like it, we've got replacement effects that are sweet too. It also brings a lot of changes to channeling abilities to make combat better.

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Hey, big fan of you guys and you truly are listening to your players. One example from D4 that really highlights how they excel in interaction design are Barbarian shouts. When a shout skill is used there is a blast wave animation, but also, enemies on the screen react to it. Like the enemies will stop and kind of lean back as if being blasted with a gust of wind. This attention to detail, taking the time to code subtle response animations for secondary use cases goes a long way imo. Players might not even consciously realize this is happening, but their brain does; it contributes greatly to a sense of immersion when the in-game physics of combat skills cause enemies to react in subtle ways. It doesn't always need to be a new mechanic or skill that adds to player immersion. Small tweaks to the interaction design between skills and enemies on screen can go a long long way to improving the user experience and adding a sense of polish to an already great base game. Don't underestimate the effect that can have!

Big time, we just added the skeleton version of this in 1.0 and we have been adding to the animations available.