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Hello Travelers, and welcome to the fifth week of the Community Designed Unique event!

Last week we posted the poll for what the item’s Unique Effect would be. For this poll, the community came up with some really exciting ideas. I saw a lot of people talking about theorycrafting and different potential routes each of the unique effects could take really showing just how great these unique effects were.

As the poll came to a close, it was decided that the unique effect will be:

Volcanic Orb is converted to Void damage
+Directly Casting Volcanic Orb grants a stack of Corrupted Heraldry
+Chance to gain a stack of Corrupted Heraldry when hit by Volcanic Orb Shrapnel
+Gain X% movement speed, X% increased mana regen, and +X spell void damage per stack of Corrupted Heraldry
+All stacks of Corrupted Heraldry are lost upon using a movement skill

This unique effect has some very interesting prospects a number of community members have already been discussing. It really takes the application of a “spear” in a very interesting direction, where it’s acting almost as a flagbearer’s spear over a traditional spear. The buff from shrapnel hits encourages keeping the player in close combat to continue getting more stacks as Volcanic Orb shreds down enemies, leading the charge. This allows Volcanic Orb to either be used for its direct effect, or be specialized to be a buff generator for other skills changing how the skill can be used in combat.

For today’s poll, we’ve had our art design team come up with three options for what the item will look like. Being based around the Lost Refuge, these designs incorporate the makeshift direction of weapons given the final stand environment, as well as the incorporation of several Eterran cultures as everyone took refuge here, and finally the corruption of the void creeping into the weapon. However there’s three amazing options here for what this item could look like - and it’s up to you to decide. What will this Community Designed Unique look like?

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We’ve almost finished designing this community Unique item! Next week will be the final set of polls, where we will decide the Name for the new unique, as well as the flavour text for it. So keep those ideas coming, and remember to leave a heart on the suggestions you enjoy the most to vote for it being included as a poll option!

Lastly, again every Friday, you can catch us live on http://www.twitch.tv/lastepochgame 2022-05-06T08:00:00Z to ask questions about the poll, the game in general, or just hang out!

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14 days ago - EHG_Kain - Direct link

For clarification: The unique effect is a community member’s suggestion, and it being a “flagbearer’s spear” is an interpretation of how the unique effect works - it’s not coming from our unique design team - as we might normally mention the intention behind the design had we designed it. The art is something from our team, which is based on The Lost Refuge being a combination of many Eterran cultures creating makeshift weapons as a last stand against the void.