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I had asked a while back if there was any chance that this was coming to console.

The answer from a dev was, "not at this time" and it sounded like it was a "maybe" for Last Epoch to have a future pilgrimage to PS5 / XB1X.

Any chance that the creators have changed their mind? With Diablo 4 failing so... spectacularly, there is a huge hole in many console players' hearts for an ARPG. It would be impossible not to make money.

Hell, I'll buy two copies. I'm so deprived. I still can't afford a CPU. No ones fault but my own. I had the option between a PS5 or a CPU last year after discharging from the military, and obviously, I chose wrong. Way wrong.

So please come to console! For those of us who need a great ARPG fix. Diablo 4 rode us hard and put us away wet.

I'm asking here on this reddit as the last time I asked a developer was courteous enough to respond. Nice change of pace to have developers that care about the gamer... so thanks for that.

Help us out...

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Not much has changed with regards to a console release. We continue to intend to make a console version for PlayStation and Xbox. We still will not start that process until post-1.0.

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Originally posted by NugNugJuice

What’s the likelihood of crossplay? I know it’s a bit much to ask but I have some buddies on console that I would love to play LE with

No idea yet. We are not going to even start looking at consoles until after 1.0 launches later this year.