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So recently it's nothing but PoE this, PoE that etc.
I get it - New league in PoE sucks. But this is LAST EPOCH and it's been here for a while. I already see threads about "I wish LE did (put random gameplay mechanic here) like PoE" and so on...
I and many other OG LE players don't want this to be PoE. We want this game to have it's own identity, mechanics, league/season system etc.

Tbh. PoE is a bloated mess - Sorry but for the past 2 years "playing" that game is like having a 2nd job... without being payed at the end of the month. So right now I'm WAY more exited for D4 and LE releases.

Sorry for short rant but MY GOD you can't go into ANY recent threads without stepping into this crap.

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PoE is a very polarizing topic. As a long time big player in the ARPG market, we realize that a large percentage of our audience plays PoE. Many of us on the development team play it too. When we evaluate a suggestion for our game, we don't give weight to if it's in PoE or not. We are no more or less likely to include an individual feature or mechanic if it is in PoE, with the exception of avoiding copying things too directly.

With all this in mind, I ask that we keep posts focused on Last Epoch. You are welcome to include PoE in the conversation too. This is not a request to stop talking about PoE. Just keep the main focus of a topic about Last Epoch.

As a general note I would also like to request that we refrain from debating if PoE is a good game or not if possible. Whether you enjoy a game or not is subjective and debating it can lead to not very constructive conversations.

about 1 year ago - /u/ekimarcher - Direct link

Originally posted by Whoopy2000

I truly apreaciate the reply from you.
My rant was more about some folks missing "good old days" of PoE and wanting LE to be just that - Their key to open up those glory days when PoE was actually fun.

FOR ME PoE is no longer a game I enjoy. I'm far more invested in D2R and upcoming D4 and LE

But that's the thing - In recent month, for obvious resons, we see a lot of PoE players in Diablo and LE forums demanding changes - In D2R it's about PoE endgame in LE it's about... well everything.

So my post was just that - A rant. Nothing more and tbh nothing serious as I trust in developers wanting their game to have it's own identity.

Just to be super clear, those requests are totally fine here. We will just evaluate the requests like normal.

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