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2s good afternoon everybody and welcome
5s back to another last Epoch Dev stream
9s as always I'm your host Mike hello how's
11s it going everybody
13s oh let's get some lights on in here
17s came in just under the wire made it
22s today
24s we get vacation mic vacation Mike
29s is a little bit late
30s vacation might apologize
33s all right
35s my desk is the right height of my desk
37s feels low
39s because I'm just feeling tall today
43s I'm Gonna Keep leveling our sork
46s it's gonna be a lightning sork
53s if this happens to be anybody's first
55s time here
56s glad to have you with us if you have any
57s questions
58s please put that last Epoch game
61s in the chat before your question
65s good afternoon tutu
69s I'm not sure
71s I'm not sure this got tweeted out that
74s it was happening
93s it's okay though
99s let's keep going let's have some fun
101s oh I'm up for a relaxed little stream
108s quickly
110s I saw the
114s Shield real behind me it is real well
116s it's made of wood so it's not metal but
118s it is uh quite heavy
121s and every time someone asks about it
123s because it's still not mounted yet
125s this is heavy this is real this is like
127s Steel
128s uh
130s it's gonna get mounted
132s like
133s behind it in there oh you can't really
136s see that sorry
140s client clink client Clank
142s on the device
143s instead of the device where will it take
145s me
147s majelka symbol like burned into the uh
153s the base there
158s but I am
159s I uh got to play the new some new stuff
164s for the patch
166s for the first time first time seeing it
168s was was yesterday and oh it was great
171s very pumped on that
177s like all of our nodes is lightning and
179s we're doing pure fire damage right now
180s basically
184s the meteor shower it's fine
187s fine we'll get lightning meter
189s eventually right
197s date for informations drops on 0.91 uh
201s what's the most excited about I mean the
202s thing I'm most excited about is the MTX
204s shop because that's what I've been
205s working on the most
206s um
208s uh actual gameplay stuff that I'm most
210s excited about is the thing I got to try
211s for the first time yesterday that looks
212s just amazing
215s um
223s I can't really tell you much info about
224s that I don't think
227s oh I should probably uh actually follow
230s the quest instructions
232s right
235s more info for nine one will be coming
236s out the same time the info always comes
238s out for patches um so it'll be like in
240s the like couple weeks leading up to it I
242s guess we're getting pretty close I guess
243s now is a couple weeks leading up to it
245s isn't it
246s um
251s and uh
254s okay
257s I did late next week things will start
259s to to actually get detailed info popping
261s up
267s we had the teaser that went out the
268s teaser went out and it was like a
270s shocking amount of just like wildly
272s wrong theories that I saw and I'm like
275s what
277s we've we've seen very similar things to
279s this already in the game like
281s I don't know
289s lava I I can be dangerous
296s okay I didn't read all of the terms and
299s conditions for something that I accepted
301s recently yeah
303s yeah Danger
314s you know what let's let's let's
318s good
319s oh come on
334s hey I haven't died to Avalanche in like
336s a week
352s my vacation bike drinks pop on stream
354s yeah
360s see dangerous
363s foreign
374s we're doing a group play test yesterday
376s and starting with the start of the game
377s and I don't know why but in an hour I
381s dropped seven unique items
384s I don't know how
392s she's just fit up there so easily
401s oh
403s do I have like no health and defenses I
406s think so
408s uh we're going up here
410s I just want I just want more videos
414s deadlock is greater than streamer lock
415s yeah but everyone playing was devs
418s that's the thing
438s woo
440s you're never gonna catch me
442s oh you're a tiny bit faster I think nope
444s never mind
460s I targeted that a little bad
465s oh okay okay let's get some questions
467s here anyone have any questions they like
468s about the game if you don't know if it's
470s your first time here I answer questions
471s on stream and we stream for Charities
473s all the proceeds go to boom right above
474s my head International Association for
475s suicide prevention which is pretty cool
478s um and yeah just uh
481s I'd love to I'd love to hear your
483s questions about last Epoch answer them
487s try to Fumble around aimlessly until
490s someone changes the subject
508s I should uh
512s just let everyone prepped the teasers
514s for today
525s never even prepped them
536s if you have a couple
539s that's a little big
542s I don't know how to preview videos
543s before they go live when I'm live
546s in this so it like it's it's gonna be
548s huge and terrible
551s when I do it eventually
563s are the stash resetting for 1.0 so the
566s um
567s the way we're doing 1.0 transition is
570s it's it's the same as starting like a
572s new league or season or ladder reset
575s um so all the characters and the stashes
577s and everything affected with it will
578s still exist and they're gonna go to I
580s don't know what we're calling it yet but
581s I think like standard we're gonna talk
583s in Poe terms
586s and uh so so like they won't be reset
590s but if you want to start a new character
592s that will be involved with the latter
593s you'll start from scratch everything
595s including your um
597s including your stash anyone see my shirt
599s boom
603s it says May the force be equal to mass
605s times acceleration
614s get some get some science jokes in here
617s vacation might gets fun shirts
625s oh
628s another unique I'll take it
636s the game really wants me to play an
638s acolyte apparently
644s it's like why didn't you know they're
646s fun
657s meteor shower that's what I'm talking
660s about
661s uh changing areas is a bit slow in
663s multiplayer is a plan to make it better
665s yeah
666s um we it's one of the main things we've
667s been working on
668s um
669s it's it's a lot slower when there's
671s multiple people so what happens when
673s there's one person in the in the zone
675s just just one person
677s is the uh the new Zone loads in the old
680s zone is unloaded
682s um when there's multiple players in the
685s in the party
686s on the Zone it'll actually spin up a
689s whole new server
690s and and load the new Zone on that server
693s and and move you into that one
696s we we can't have people existing in both
699s zones simultaneously on one server so in
702s order for uh you to advance to the to
704s the new zone so if you're going for the
705s zone to this Zone I see the other way so
707s it's left right easier people so if you
708s want from this Zone to this Zone
712s um and uh and everyone would have to
716s transition at the same time
717s simultaneously in order for uh it to be
720s on the same server so it's spin up a new
722s server
723s um and
725s so the old one can still exist because
727s not everyone transitions at the same
728s time
730s um so that's that's why there's so much
732s more of a wait time when you're in uh
735s multiplayer than in Solo online
742s yep
774s all right uh let's add some questions so
776s I'm doing this
778s teleport to this because it's free it's
780s actually a little bit cheaper to
781s teleport and then meteor showers in it
786s no problem hey look a third one I'm so
789s lucky
790s that one's guaranteed
792s this one as well this is one of my
793s favorite things
794s um there is
798s um if you know anything about uh
801s uh the Fibonacci sequence
805s uh you add the previous two numbers
807s together to get the next number in the
809s sequence
810s um so three plus five is eight eight
811s plus five is thirteen thirteen plus
814s eight is twenty one twenty one plus 13
816s is 34 34 plus 21 is 55 55 plus 34 is 89
820s and 89 65 is 144 which you just changed
822s so I may have seen the uh the the
827s um
829s what should I call it on
832s oh why did I not do that which is why
835s you may have seen the cell cost for this
838s item and the uh Soul cage version the
841s sole version of it got nerfed in the
843s most recent patch
850s uh so when a cycle ends everything is
852s switched to standard what happens to the
854s stash tabs from cycle
855s um well they'll they'll be moved with
858s all of your stuff
861s like when you start from scratch you
862s start from scratch
866s I think I don't know if we've really
868s nailed that down but I don't see any
870s other way to do it because you'd have to
871s move all of your if you're moving the
872s stash to the middle of the stuff in the
874s stash as well right
875s um we may have to set up a temporary tab
877s system
879s I do want to turn this on
892s will there ever be a skill that scales
894s on reflex damage I think like scales
896s reflect damage itself like a way to
898s scale with reflect damage probably not
901s um but maybe
902s I mean ever's a long time it's always
905s the answer to that question really
909s the tricky thing to um so feeling with
913s reflecting which isn't bad actually so
914s yeah that's much more likely something
916s to scale reflect damage itself is
918s unlikely but something scaling with
920s reflect damages is uh that's doable
940s okay I want to
943s put these points in
945s yeah I think there's something like
946s Christians right
949s yeah
951s give me that quick chance and we're
954s coming over here all right here we're
956s doing this
957s man efficiency yes please
962s um
966s chain range it's not really a big deal
967s is it I think we're doing this aren't we
979s all right notice that some effects are
981s supposed to follow like Cyclone leg a
983s bit behind the characters and something
984s that will be improved on release
986s um I mean
989s maybe I I don't know the uh
993s how close things are following is
996s it comes to like a
999s performance problem sometimes for uh
1002s having them be too tight to your
1003s character
1013s um it may also be
1016s if they're supposed to stick directly on
1019s your character it's probably just a
1021s network connection uh like a network
1022s transfer speed problem like the server
1024s is not responding fast enough or
1025s something like that
1027s um if they're supposed to like trail
1030s behind just certain things like are
1031s designed to trail behind you a little
1033s bit
1034s um and that might be they just need to
1036s Scale based on movement speed they're
1037s not or something like that I'm not sure
1038s what the problem is there
1040s uh the pedals in the item are also
1042s follow Fibonacci computer nature you
1044s never know how many how to spell a guy's
1046s name yeah uh I don't know I don't think
1047s they do
1050s they might it's hard to tell let's say
1052s they do they should if it was a if it
1055s was an accurate representation they
1057s would but it is an artistic
1058s representation so it doesn't need to
1062s that's always on my way out of that one
1068s seapot game in the question so I see it
1070s a little brighter
1073s I try and pick them out when it's a
1074s little slower like this they're not like
1076s that which is fine
1078s Hi how are you I'm good thank you how
1079s are you I have a question cool I have an
1080s answer I hope I hope it's a good one
1083s um are you going to make it possible to
1085s skip the campaign once your first
1086s character has completed it uh since
1088s having to go through the campaign the
1089s game with the new character is not
1090s really entertaining to you
1093s um the right now no
1096s um we we have you may not so quiet from
1099s this question gets asked my answer is
1100s well did you know that
1103s um the dungeons are campaign skips the
1106s answer is most of the time now
1109s um and that's because they're not really
1110s good enough for that job yet but we are
1111s hoping to improve that uh interaction a
1114s little bit so it's more of a something
1115s that gets
1116s explain to the player a little bit
1118s better and also it works a little bit
1119s better on new characters
1121s um so that'll that will
1123s um
1124s you can like go into a dungeon and when
1126s you leave the dungeon if you like
1127s actually leave the other side instead of
1129s portaling out it jumps you ahead really
1131s far in the campaign
1132s um
1135s uh like the server for example just just
1137s spits you out in end of time
1139s which is which like it goes from when
1143s you like enter the ruined era
1146s um after when you're like leaving
1149s or where the light this library is
1152s do I have a keyboard on me
1154s jump to it
1156s I don't
1158s hmm I never remember exactly where it is
1163s right here yeah so like you can jump
1166s from here to the end of time
1170s which is a pretty big jump in the
1171s campaign that's like chapter that's
1174s chapter B might even be chapter a still
1177s chapter B uh three
1180s sorry
1182s which I know B being three makes no
1184s sense
1190s um
1191s and there's two others as well so we're
1192s gonna add more of those so you'll be
1193s able to skip chunks the campaign easier
1195s uh and then we're also going to the the
1198s lowest tier of those
1201s um
1203s I I think the plan is to make them more
1206s accessible in some ways for follow-up
1208s for subsequent characters while leveling
1212s um
1214s and then also uh we're changing the way
1217s uh uniques gain
1220s um legendaries have their level
1222s requirement calculated
1225s so legendary items right now calculate
1226s their level requirement by taking the
1229s um the higher of two numbers the two
1232s numbers are the base level requirement
1233s for The Unique itself and the level
1235s requirement that a hypothetical magic or
1238s rare or exalted item would have uh if it
1241s were a level one base item with the
1243s affixes that have been the red affixes
1245s that are on it the ones that have been
1246s moved over onto the unique if you just
1247s take those affixes and you see what
1249s level what a level one base item be with
1251s those affixes if that's higher than the
1254s base level of the unique that's the
1255s level the item gets that's what it is
1256s now
1258s um we're taking that last confusing bit
1259s out and just making it be the the make
1261s it legendary doesn't change the level
1263s the item is
1266s um so you'll be able to make uh like low
1269s level
1270s really awesome legendaries to to do the
1272s uh the early campaign was a lot easier
1275s a lot easier so you can you'll be able
1278s to rip through Dungeons and make make
1280s the like follow-up leveling process for
1282s subsequent characters more customized
1284s and so it won't be the same campaign
1286s it'll be the same campaign done
1288s differently
1289s um and you'll be able to do a lot easier
1290s because you'll have gear on top of that
1292s if you have a
1295s um a friend and you're playing online
1296s you can get them to just like just go to
1300s the End of Time party up and you just
1302s portal to them and you're at the end of
1303s time you got your Mastery level two or
1304s whatever because well there's an auto
1306s Quest that completes the little bumpy to
1308s level two right away
1313s so yeah there's there's we don't have an
1315s adventure mode planned we don't have a
1317s way to say like
1318s um all right here just
1320s do the arena until your max level and
1322s it's done or anything like that no
1324s um
1325s yeah
1329s we don't want that we do want this and
1332s we do want that give me those meteors
1337s yes oh yes
1352s then
1359s when will 1.0 release when it's ready
1361s sorry I do not have any information on
1364s the specific release date for 1.0
1366s but it is something that we are we have
1368s an internal goal for it something that
1370s we're working towards
1371s um
1373s that I'm confident in
1378s you know it's serious when we start
1380s setting up marketing stuff for it
1396s and a helmet too oh let's bear kind of
1399s not useful for it that's okay happy
1401s Friday happy Friday master sir how's it
1403s going
1405s I hope it's Epic
1407s I'm just kind of I'm in I'm in relaxed
1409s mode today you can see them in my cities
1410s or am I uh whatever you want to call it
1412s mufty uh casual non-uniform
1422s let's try this I just burned the Precast
1424s on a lightning blast
1426s good job Mike
1429s the dungeon skip wood Awards skill
1431s points and Idol slots now you still need
1432s to complete side quests to complete uh
1434s the the
1436s um skill points in idle slot quests
1439s but there's more skill point and idle
1441s slot quests than there are
1443s um
1445s uh skill points and idle slots to uh to
1448s to get so you don't have to do all the
1449s quests you just have to pick out like
1451s the specific ones you want to do
1458s so funny when there's like words that
1461s are used in context for like gaming that
1463s are totally fine uh and and uh twitch
1466s twitch Auto mods just like no you can't
1468s say that
1480s campaign is not very hard at the moment
1482s aren't you afraid the Nerf in the
1483s legendary levels makes the campaign
1484s annoying
1488s why would that make it annoying
1491s I'm I'm not should I be
1496s I'm interested to know why that would
1498s make it annoying
1503s how's my day going my day's going pretty
1505s good how's your day going
1511s I'm making it too simple makes it
1512s annoying I mean maybe
1515s um
1516s I think if you're
1519s like it's it it's one of those things
1521s where if you're
1523s um
1526s if you're experienced player enough to
1528s uh to like kind of power through the the
1531s campaign quickly uh having better gears
1534s not gonna change the speed of that that
1536s much really
1540s and if you want to make it a personal
1542s challenge for yourself then
1544s you know you can't I was I was watching
1547s pray the pig release of a video uh this
1550s morning
1551s about the uh the chance to seal affixes
1556s um so if you're unaware you can uh use a
1559s glyph of Despair to seal an affix which
1562s takes one of the affixes from the from
1564s the from the item and permanently
1566s applies it uh to an immutable State as
1569s like a fifth affix and then you can put
1571s a new affix in the slot without got
1573s pulled from so you can have five affixes
1575s total
1576s um
1577s and so the the exact chances of this are
1581s are not officially released
1584s um
1585s and I do not know off the top of my head
1586s if the video is accurate but I don't see
1587s why it wouldn't be
1589s um and the uh part of the with the video
1593s he was he was mentioning mentioning the
1595s chances of sealing affixes on items with
1598s only one affix on them and immediately I
1601s was like
1602s wait a second what happens
1605s can I just do this what I I did I've
1608s already dang it oh Mike what are you
1611s doing
1613s okay okay
1615s uh uh Panic sets in what do you do
1619s nope not that one this one
1621s there's one ethics item
1625s T1 awesome okay let's just
1628s let's let's burn a little bit despair on
1630s this
1633s ah
1635s that was terrible
1637s okay I'm not doing that if I'm not doing
1639s anything I've burned two already I don't
1640s have infinite of these on this account
1643s um
1644s this is my actual like legit account
1646s the if you if you do seal the only affix
1650s on an item it turns the item into a
1652s normal item to a white item so I was
1654s like new challenge white items only but
1656s you can still steal affixes because it
1658s leaves them as white items
1661s I thought it'd be funny
1662s and I just burned some clips of
1665s it's fair for nothing I wallow in a pit
1667s of my own despair
1679s oh is the new glyph company I think it
1681s is I haven't actually seen it yet
1683s um
1684s I don't see why it wouldn't be it's not
1686s a huge thing to add
1688s let me just let me just ask the person
1689s who would do it
1706s oh
1707s oh I need defenses so bad
1714s I think I have some Idol slots
1719s and we're just gonna slap some stuff in
1722s because
1724s anything's better than nothing
1728s I actually like that one now we're in
1731s the correct imagery are we
1738s what's this
1740s [Music]
1742s yeah
1743s let's just go
1745s yeah resistances are kind of poop
1747s garbage
1756s oh the new lift is not coming in 0.91
1758s I'm sorry
1760s oh I've ruined everything haven't I
1768s I teased it and I talked about it I'm
1771s sorry
1782s good thing you asked eh
1785s uh do you know if revive range and speed
1787s is being worked on to have more quality
1789s of life bigger range and speed based on
1791s investment range speed
1793s um
1795s based on investment of range and speed
1798s uh
1799s uh
1800s Elite could be a fine apology okay I got
1803s something for you then
1805s fell to make up for it uh I don't
1807s there's no changes to
1809s um primalist Resurrection coming
1832s uh all right let's get a little
1834s something up here
1838s there it is nice
1842s here's a uh another armor set coming
1865s pretty excited about these these armor
1867s sets that they get added in I love them
1877s foreign
1881s there we go nice
1886s oh well those like Hammer shoulder pads
1888s and I say
1892s give me a free there we go precast
1907s what is this mug
1910s like my face
1912s or like the mugs behind me
1915s because there's mugs behind me
1925s that's meteors there's just so much
1928s it's perfect I'm like I thought I freeze
1930s them for a second I didn't realize the
1931s ice Beetle was there like wait what
1933s didn't have any freeze chance
1944s uh is there a plan to add the effective
1947s level for legendary potential to the and
1949s the Rarity of unique items visible in
1950s game
1953s uh
1955s well there's nothing in game that like
1958s shows a list of all the uniques anyways
1964s um but but like put like like you say on
1966s the tool tip of the unique to say like
1968s this is this unique Rarity like how rare
1970s is this unique
1971s and like what's the legendary potential
1973s level of this item
1975s I I don't think we'd ever put that in in
1977s the game no
1980s Maybe
1982s it's a lot of meta information that
1984s um
1986s I mean maybe
1990s there's no plans for it I can tell you
1992s that
2008s enjoy your mugs I'm confused what is
2011s this mug is are we asking about this
2014s is this what we're talking about
2020s I don't know what mugs is
2026s I feel I feel like I'm just like missing
2028s a term
2029s is this this moment where I realize I'm
2031s old
2039s oh oh oh in in the like in the in the
2042s art that I just showed
2051s it's tiny I can't really see the picture
2055s the mug in there oh and like the top
2056s left corner there's a little mug there
2058s ah yeah that's cool
2062s it's it's like a the
2064s um the pictures that show up in here
2065s they're like reference pictures for
2068s um for like what material certain things
2070s are made out of it like so like the
2071s metallicness of it the reflectiveness
2072s and things like that
2077s yeah it's not something that's like in
2079s the game the only thing that's like
2080s gonna be in the game is the actual like
2082s stuff that's on the character
2090s like am I supposed to play Accolade here
2093s is there something
2096s like half the uniques more than half the
2098s weeks
2103s game just really wants me to play
2105s Alkaline that's fine
2110s no I can't
2116s oh
2149s that's a lot of videos that felt good
2157s all right
2159s I don't really care about the fall speed
2160s in the fall friends and they can just
2161s fall as they may
2174s all right
2177s what are we gonna do there's more damage
2185s more area more damage
2192s crit
2195s yeah it's going to crit
2196s I love crit
2201s for the prime list is their plan to have
2203s legendaries similar to claw and Fang for
2205s other uh companions someone more than
2208s one of the same companions well the um
2210s so the wolves like each each companion
2213s type kind of has a a gimmick or a stick
2215s or a theme or a mechanic that's like a
2217s specifically associated with that
2220s um
2222s with with that like companion
2226s um
2228s and
2230s um so wolves it's
2232s lots of them more of them like the wolf
2234s pack right
2237s um
2240s so most of the other ones we actually
2241s build them with the assumption that
2243s there won't be more than one of them
2245s on the field at a time so it's it's very
2248s unlikely to have uh
2251s like a generic one
2255s um
2256s and like yeah like there's
2259s ignored it uh like storm crows has
2263s uh has a bunch more as well but there's
2266s usually not is there's not as much
2268s support for getting more of them there
2272s um
2272s they're also kind of more of a shamani
2274s minion in a way
2277s um
2279s as for as for the like Raptor scorpion
2283s bear saber tooth
2286s um there's no plans for any of them to
2287s get more it's possible they could at
2289s some point they'll probably be like some
2290s unique item that that would do it there
2292s wouldn't be a way in the skill trees at
2294s all
2295s um
2296s there's no plans or anything like that
2298s it's so hard to answer questions like
2300s like is there ever going to be something
2302s like this I mean maybe
2305s um
2306s most of the things you see that there's
2308s plans for end up very uh immediately in
2310s the game
2320s speaking of [ __ ] there's any plans to
2322s make non-crypt builds more viable Beyond
2324s dot builds as uniques like Singularity
2326s or cooling concept but underwhelming to
2328s use at the moment
2329s um I I don't I don't have any details on
2331s upcoming balance changes
2334s um but I will say that uh there there
2337s are
2338s like I do frequently see in uh like
2341s unique item ideas uh suggestion threads
2344s and things like that for uh items that
2346s promote non-crit hit builds like
2349s non-crit non-dot builds
2351s I do I do see that fairly frequently
2354s like suggestions for those I have no
2356s idea if any are going to be used this
2357s patch or not
2372s well the addition to the ladder be
2373s coming to my balance pass once
2375s implemented I mean we're always
2376s balancing the game so yes but not
2378s specifically because of that
2385s I imagine that but so smaller companions
2389s Raptor scorpion Falls a bit feels a bit
2391s weird to not have multiple ah yeah I
2394s mean
2395s I I think it would be I think they would
2397s each lose some of their identity if
2400s they're like individual things that they
2402s do were shared by all of them
2404s um
2409s you know
2415s and you can make Raptor real big I know
2418s that you can make Raptor real big
2423s uh is a higher probability to get
2425s appropriate items for the character we
2427s are actually playing now
2428s uh it is there oh in a way kind of so
2431s yes I played Drew do I have a higher
2432s chance to get Druid items if you play
2434s Druid you have a hard chance to get
2435s primalist items
2437s um if you play a certainly a higher
2439s chance to get Sentinel items uh it
2441s doesn't the game when it's dropping item
2443s does not look at or care what Master you
2445s are or aren't
2448s um
2449s because it's we this is the thing is
2453s that there's there's always this
2455s whenever if there's a
2458s um
2461s so the first thing is
2463s um we have no idea what items you
2465s actually want
2466s at all look there's no way we can say oh
2468s this character they want this item for
2470s sure no uh you could be playing some
2473s weird builds and or like some off meta
2476s build and suddenly if we're it suddenly
2478s makes off metabodes that much harder to
2480s get and to to make happen at work
2482s because the gear you're finding is
2485s um specifically geared towards meta
2488s build let's say
2489s um and so we really want to avoid uh
2492s like this this homogenization of builds
2495s by
2497s um by having like drops tailored to the
2500s builds you're playing
2503s um
2506s because it's like okay well I'm trying
2508s to build this like off I'm trying to
2509s play this off at a build but I keep
2510s getting meta items I I guess I gotta
2513s play the metabill because I told the
2514s items I'm getting for right so you're
2515s you're pushed to switch which we're kind
2517s of yeah let's not do that
2519s um and then on top of that as soon as um
2521s we do introduce the item faction system
2524s um say there is a uh uh I don't know a
2528s dagger that becomes really really
2530s valuable on on the store
2532s um on on the in the in the bizarre and
2536s uh you find more daggers when playing a
2538s rogue than anything else let's let's
2540s just let's let's say that becomes a
2541s thing like you find more of this
2543s specific unique dagger because it
2545s interacts with a rogue skill if you're
2546s playing a rogue let's say that
2548s um it doesn't for the record and then
2551s suddenly the way the best way to make
2553s money uh on on the auction house or on
2556s the bizarre sorry is to play a rogue
2559s um thus driving the price of this item
2560s up even more and it's so it's a
2562s self-compounding
2564s um
2564s issue where it it once again homogenizes
2568s all these builds down into this the one
2570s that's playing for this popular item
2571s because you find it better as that
2573s builds
2574s um and you know we we'd really like to
2577s encourage creativity in playstyles and
2581s um you know maybe someone wants to still
2583s be able to farm that item because it's
2584s really expensive and it's going to make
2586s them a lot of a lot of currency to be
2588s able to buy the items that they want to
2589s pull that they want for their build
2591s um
2592s but they don't want to play a rogue they
2594s want to play a sorcerer or something so
2596s it's you know it it it's something they
2599s can't do that as easily and
2601s um I know they can still do it but
2604s um RPG players love to optimize love to
2607s min max things
2608s um
2609s and
2611s uh it's it's kind of one of those things
2613s where if if we if we allow it or if we
2615s enable it and we like give people the
2618s opportunity to do it it will be done
2627s that's why it is the way it is
2631s but I feel strongly about it when I can
2633s change you can leave comments and
2634s suggestions on the forums and Discord
2638s Canada
2642s next question after Christmas 1.0 is
2646s there plans to keep supporting the game
2647s Beyond with new patches DLC and such
2649s long in the future absolutely we always
2652s say that one point it was kickoff for us
2653s it's the point where we've said hey guys
2656s hey World here's an awesome game that
2658s we're that we think you guys would have
2660s fun playing
2662s we're not done with it at all this is
2665s our first version not our last version
2668s um and we'll keep we're like
2672s I I wanna I wanna be 40 in working on
2674s this game you know I I I want this to be
2678s a it's a while from now I'm not that old
2681s um
2683s you know this this is
2685s this is not something that uh I expect
2688s us to walk away from
2690s anytime soon at all
2693s um
2695s you know uh people uh people have asked
2698s me a few times how I measure success of
2699s the game like what would I consider to
2701s be a success one of the things that I
2703s frequently said to myself was if if if
2705s this multiplayer servers are still
2707s running 10 years after launch I will
2708s consider that a successful successful
2710s game
2718s you know and they are not cheap so if
2720s they're still running these were still
2721s making money off of it
2730s which means we're still making content
2731s for it because I don't us any way it
2733s survives without us making more content
2744s I feel the answer that's just yes
2754s like even before dqr came out I was
2756s still playing D2
2757s you know that's that's what I want this
2759s to be
2765s they're actually looking at some of this
2767s gear and picking some of it up because
2768s right now we're just like
2770s but you're tickling them tickling them
2773s into submission
2780s uh Raptors running packs though so you
2783s maybe cheese Raptor to T-rex or
2784s something like a Spinosaurus yeah and we
2786s we do know that there are some
2789s information about Raptor behavior that
2791s would indicate packs but
2794s foreign
2801s are much more solitary they um they tend
2805s to bond with uh one other person very
2808s well
2810s it's like you know they've been around
2811s for so long like you know old wolves
2813s became dogs and things like that right
2814s is that a thing
2816s please don't quote me on that
2832s makes the answer to this game is great
2834s keep the good work you're welcome
2838s are releasing chapter 10.91 no
2841s will there be new characters with
2843s ascendancy classes
2844s um yeah we will so we will we do plan to
2846s add new base classes and new Mastery
2849s classes
2850s um the earliest additions to those that
2853s we have planned will be Mastery classes
2855s for existing base classes so you'll see
2858s um base classes with some with four some
2860s with three
2862s um
2863s at some point in the next few years uh
2866s we'll be we'll be adding them in at some
2868s point I don't know when that'll happen
2869s but we do have plans for the first few
2872s masteries that'll probably get added
2874s um
2876s and that could change which ones they
2877s get we get picked and all that sort of
2879s stuff but we've got we've got a good
2880s idea on the ones we like the most
2883s um
2883s and
2886s uh and then we'll be
2889s um
2891s we'll probably add new base classes at
2892s some point too we've got a couple base
2894s classes that are Front Runners as well
2896s but once again that's that's probably a
2898s ways down the line it's a lot less
2901s um it's a lot less work to add a master
2903s class and it is a base class because
2904s base classes require models animations
2906s voice acting
2908s um and three masteries to go with them
2910s at least right uh so there's there's a
2912s lot more that goes into adding a base
2913s class and once we do
2916s um
2917s once we have I would say a few Cycles
2920s under our belt
2922s um you know and the like the core the
2924s core contents a little bit more fleshed
2926s out and expanded we'll we'll start to
2928s we'll start to look to add things like
2929s that that are
2931s um a little bigger in the way projects
2933s go
2948s it's a lot of meteors
2952s that was good
2957s oh the teleport get one free and then
2959s just dump your mana on it
2962s feels good
2966s get this chest in here
2973s [Laughter]
2975s gets me every time
2981s hey Aaron it's okay you could be late
2987s uh hello thanks for answering my last
2989s question you're welcome I hope it was a
2991s good answer is there plans to make male
2993s and female models for every Base Class
2995s eventually character customization is
2997s something we hope to add to the game
2999s um it will not be a feature added in 1.0
3002s we know that this is a feature that some
3004s some people are extremely invested in
3006s and it's a it's a priority feature for a
3009s lot of people
3010s um it's something that we do we do it's
3012s people people kind of tend to fall into
3014s two camps most of the time oh my God I
3017s have to have it no matter what it's the
3018s most important thing ever and meh and so
3021s the two cans that I see most of the time
3024s um and uh unfortunately we just don't
3026s have the uh the the bandwidth to be uh
3031s to to be applied like like how we've
3033s prioritized character customization when
3035s I say character estimation I include
3036s like uh gender selection as part of
3037s character customization
3039s um
3040s so how we prioritize character
3041s customization as a whole for our game is
3044s lower than uh some other features that
3047s we haven't that we'd like to add so for
3048s example things like
3050s um just like adding in new features to
3052s the model flushing out the end game
3053s adding in
3054s um like new mechanics to how the game
3056s functions and new things new activities
3057s to do in the game
3059s um new new systems to interact with
3061s um you know things like that are stuff
3063s that we value higher than
3066s um
3067s uh the character customization so so
3069s we're putting those systems in first
3071s before character customization
3072s um it is still something that we're
3074s interested in it's still something that
3075s we do want to have
3076s um and if we could like wave a magic
3078s wand it would just be in the game and
3079s work we would like if there was if there
3082s was no cost to it yes it would be in the
3084s game already absolutely
3086s um
3087s but we do have to prioritize what we're
3089s gonna put in the game and uh it it just
3092s doesn't fit high enough on the list to
3093s make it in for 1.0
3097s um
3099s but it's something that we've we've
3100s considered and been thinking about right
3102s from the start you can see even in our
3103s Kickstarter campaign it was one of the
3104s stretch goals that we never got to it
3106s but it was it was and I'm happy we never
3108s got to it actually it's a nice boot base
3111s um
3112s because it was a much bigger job than we
3114s thought it was back then
3129s and the reason so the reason I was
3131s expanded that from male and female
3132s models is because they're they're like
3135s the character customization aspect of it
3136s would probably be a little bit more like
3138s if we're gonna do it we're gonna do it
3140s um and it'll be a little bit more in
3141s depth than just like pick one of these
3143s two type thing
3149s yeah if I I don't know how you would do
3152s it specifically this is not something
3153s we've had a detailed conversation about
3155s um I think if if someone was like here
3158s Mike go make this put in the game
3159s however you want
3160s um I probably wouldn't actually put
3164s like the term gender as a selectable
3167s option it would probably just be like
3169s here's ways you can make your face look
3171s and here's ways you can make your hair
3173s look and that sort of thing
3181s I need to be able to make a character
3182s look the way you want it to look
3185s it's also it's one of those things as
3187s well like even if I had customized this
3189s character's like appearance pretty
3191s heavily like right now in this pose
3193s right here
3194s you would never know
3196s like ever there's like the silhouette
3199s outlines you can tell a bit from that
3201s but like I mean until it turns around
3203s you can't even see like you can see like
3205s a little bit of the face right
3209s oh much right
3215s but then you get into Cosmetics where it
3217s like uh maybe certain Cosmetics show off
3219s a lot more uh character visuals and like
3222s maybe we at that point add in a way to
3224s like hide the helmet so you can see your
3226s head or something like that you know
3227s there's there's lots of little things
3228s like that that we'd like to add into the
3229s game that is just it's it's it's just
3232s too much it's just too far out uh to
3234s really give any details on
3241s and there's there's a huge thread on our
3243s forums about this as well if you want
3246s more details about it
3247s I do think it's sun and something that
3249s comes up in that conversation as well is
3251s that we do intend to like and I think
3253s we've shown this already with the female
3254s characters that we do have in the game
3256s um is that they're they're not
3258s hypersexualized characters
3260s um and and the armor is is still
3263s practical and and uh functional
3266s for what that character is
3268s um
3270s and there's yeah there's there's a comic
3274s and I references in that thread as well
3276s and I love this little comic it's like a
3277s two-frame comic
3279s um and it's it's like uh two high-level
3282s characters in a in an RPG or in some
3285s sort of RPG in general like an MMO or
3287s something I don't know and they're
3289s talking to each other and one of them's
3290s like it's male character and female
3291s characters male characters in like big
3292s heavy plate armor and the female
3293s characters in a literal bikini
3297s um and the male character is like what
3299s are you doing that'll never cover it or
3300s that won't protect you from anything and
3302s the female character goes like what are
3304s you talking about and like pulls off the
3306s armor and the armor the outside of the
3309s armor looked like a bikini and
3312s underneath it was just like a person in
3314s like regular clothes
3316s and like medieval Garb or whatever
3319s I thought it was really funny
3321s so yeah not not planning anything like
3323s that
3329s will there be gear linking in chat like
3331s Poe and 1.0 yes it'll be if um I know
3335s someone's working on it right now and
3337s it's extremely close to being ready
3339s um I know it's it's a uh it's right now
3342s in the hopeful feature for 0.91 category
3345s um
3346s so I'm hopeful it'll be there
3356s what kind of class would you like to see
3358s in the future I mean so every time this
3360s question gets asked I just wanna I like
3361s to preface it by saying like this is not
3363s I I am
3365s I know that I am not in the majority uh
3369s in the if I was if like we're gonna add
3371s a new base class
3373s the base class that I would add I know
3375s is not the base class that most people
3377s would add
3379s um so do not take this as a the thing
3381s that will be added
3384s um
3387s got it that was close uh I I personally
3390s if I was gonna add a new base class it
3392s would be like a
3393s um
3395s it would be something a little a little
3396s off beat
3398s um and it would be I'm gonna pick that
3400s up later when you get some that much
3401s Mana but it would probably be something
3402s like uh like a Jester class like a uh
3406s maybe maybe like some like barred
3408s trickster gesture performer uh type
3413s thing I don't I don't know exactly what
3414s the Masters would be
3416s um
3419s but it would it would have uh we have
3422s some less traditional things I think in
3424s it
3425s um
3428s you know maybe maybe even go so far as
3430s like some of the Masters could could
3431s have weapons that were literal
3433s instruments
3434s um
3438s I think it'll be really cool I'd like to
3439s do that
3447s oh my face
3457s next one's free let me use it
3460s I actually double casted it
3464s we gotta get that lightning the
3466s lightning meteor conversion uh I know
3470s it's terrible what I'm doing but I don't
3471s care
3472s do not care
3476s uh Earth's last debug 1.0 will be better
3479s than D4 1.0 thoughts
3482s um I mean I hope so
3484s um I think better is a subjective term
3487s uh and unless you're gonna Define
3489s parameters for
3491s uh putting one above the other it's
3493s impossible too
3495s say with Precision which one's actually
3497s better
3500s but you know
3502s of course I'll think it will be better
3503s because I'm extremely biased
3512s it's my diplomatic answered I hope you
3513s liked it
3519s oh it's a little a little over the media
3523s is there
3526s uh how many bits to admit teal is better
3529s than O'Neill oh no way ah
3534s O'Neill O'Neill's attitude is just so
3537s like practical and Brash uh it's it's
3541s perfect it's exactly what they need it's
3543s it's not what any military Superior
3545s wants to have out there but it's what
3547s it's what the human human race needs out
3549s there
3552s and they tried to recreate it with
3553s Shepard and they kind of did a little
3554s bit
3555s um and they had that scene in the
3556s helicopter where Neil like passed the
3558s torch to Shepard so to speak it was
3559s great and everything
3568s and tilkey is fantastic don't get me
3571s wrong
3572s um
3576s especially like when he's on Earth uh
3580s and he's like living on Earth and he
3582s like just can't help himself but insert
3584s himself into his uh into his neighbor's
3587s lives like protect people and everything
3588s but you know it's like
3591s completely inappropriate and just like
3593s can't help himself
3596s and he like knocks some like bag Thief
3599s out from like football field Away by
3601s like throwing a bottle at them
3604s it's great
3607s and I know I've chased these guys the
3608s wrong way
3610s uh
3612s and I know they go counterclockwise
3618s I'll catch him
3624s I don't know why I just didn't say where
3625s it was it wouldn't faster probably
3628s come on here we go
3636s die a fiery pit
3639s okay we got him
3645s I actually started re-watching universe
3649s it's got a lot of actors that I forgot
3651s were in it that I'm like oh I just
3652s watched something with them and I just
3653s watched something with them and it's
3654s great
3660s is there a way to sustain Ward through
3662s lightning blast tree and have damage in
3664s enough Mana
3666s there's a unique the cloud I don't think
3667s so okay we're not chasing the other one
3669s around I'm going back this way to get it
3671s oh
3673s I'm not that dumb
3681s pretty
3686s that's any consideration of adding uh
3687s different races distant future dwarf
3689s elephants on um so we probably wouldn't
3691s add them as a uh like a a different
3696s um character
3698s uh axis like when you're making your
3700s character we probably wouldn't have it
3701s be like pick your class now pick your
3703s race probably wouldn't do that
3705s um
3706s but I could see it being added as a like
3711s um
3712s like here's a uh here's a class and this
3717s class is a different race like the
3719s character model just is different
3721s um I would say it's much more likely to
3722s have us do that
3725s okay
3727s I could totally see it I I think that
3729s would be cool I like there's no there's
3731s nothing in a design document anywhere
3732s that says to do this but I think it's a
3734s cool idea
3745s it's just like as I was talking about
3747s earlier with the different like
3748s character customization models
3750s um it's not like like having those
3752s different shapes those different body
3753s shapes is is not just a um
3760s it's It's Tricky and if we headed in
3762s races like additional races as uh
3765s additional like it would increase the
3768s range of body shapes that we had to
3770s accommodate for each armor type as well
3772s which is like this is part of the reason
3773s why
3776s um like a
3778s uh this is a bad example because it's
3779s Unique but here's like this Adept Hound
3781s this this is a mage helmet only
3785s um and this is why the visuals for it
3787s like like like work and show up properly
3789s is because like it's a mage helmet only
3790s goes in the Mage this helmet we know
3792s works in the Mage and doesn't do any
3793s weird clipping or something other
3794s problems we don't because we don't have
3795s to bother to check
3796s uh and and change it for that
3799s we only have to have one version of it
3801s um this is this is where like changes
3802s like that start multiplying the if we
3804s had races be a selectable thing it's
3806s only this every single base item every
3808s single helmet that we have instead of it
3809s having to work for just the the Mage
3811s class it now has to work on the Mage
3813s model it now has to work on the human
3815s Mage model and the dwarf Mage model and
3816s the elf Mage model and the and the and
3818s the and I I know we don't really have
3821s those types of races represented in the
3822s game but like ospreaks or wingari or you
3824s know like any of those things like
3825s nagasa you know have a playable
3827s character on these things people would
3828s be sweet
3830s um but I think it would likely show up
3831s as a specific class
3834s um instead of showing it up as a class
3837s selectable for other uh race selecting
3838s for other classes and I there's nothing
3841s specific about that but just from a
3843s amount of compounding multiplicative
3845s work standpoint I think that's how it
3848s would happen
3850s because we kind of to make decisions
3852s like that where we're like
3853s how how like is there a way we can tweak
3856s this idea so that it makes less work for
3858s us down the road so we can get more
3859s stuff in the game
3862s uh will there be leagues like in D3 and
3864s Poe that add new content every few
3865s months
3866s um with a new start absolutely we're
3868s gonna call them Cycles
3872s um it'll be and it'll be they'll be more
3874s EXT at least initially and this is the
3876s sort of thing that's hard because
3877s there's a lot of things we want to add
3878s to the game that are I would say core
3880s features that aren't really in the game
3881s or won't quite make it to launch yet
3884s um and so at least initially it'll be
3886s more like
3888s um I guess early Poe leagues where
3889s basically everything got added in from
3891s uh League to standard
3894s like everything got Evergreen I don't
3896s know the term they used for it actually
3897s anymore
3901s um
3904s okay you
3907s need to have some meteors in your face I
3909s think
3910s just
3911s just an idea
3914s oh
3915s that was a difficult amount of damage
3919s um and
3924s listen League starts this up oh yeah
3926s yeah like so a lot of the stuff that
3927s will show up at least initially will uh
3930s likely be like automatically Evergreen
3933s and designed to stay in the content
3935s forever and all sort of stuff and then
3936s as we move on uh and get a little bit
3939s further further into the into the Cycles
3941s like in a few years from now we'll start
3942s to see things that maybe is is a little
3945s more extreme and not necessarily as ah
3948s my face oh nice my face
3956s haha your face
3958s um
3959s so to see more more experimental stuff
3961s show up as we as we get on a little bit
3962s more
3969s probably not a gazillion times yeah
3972s that's okay though
3974s um but any plans for these discussion on
3975s unsung set items yeah we got a plan
3978s don't worry
3979s uh it'll be a little bit
3982s it's not coming this batch
3986s but we have a plan to unsuck said items
3991s thanks for asking and answering last
3992s question you're welcome I hope it was a
3993s good answer
3994s I feel like I said that last time too I
3997s just want to say I like the game allows
3999s players to make a ton of builds
4001s um from known ones and get posted online
4003s to not so known keep the good work on
4005s lasting Park thanks
4008s glad you're having fun with it that's
4010s the goal
4011s okay this is gonna go badly
4019s for you
4034s I am so squishy
4039s look at teddy bear
4041s or like a Gummy Bear even there we go
4049s yeah I got the Waypoint
4053s first try
4055s look it says deathless see you didn't
4057s see it just real fast it's there
4068s all right uh hello is there a way to set
4071s the filter to less damage over time
4073s taken
4078s the filter to less damage over time
4080s taken
4092s ah it doesn't look like it if that's is
4095s that is that an affix that's
4113s what I'm taking while transformed was
4116s that
4118s health regen and damage taking over time
4123s and there's there's there's Idols that
4125s have this
4132s I don't know if there's a regular stat
4133s that even has that like a regular ethics
4157s performance
4160s that went better than I expected
4170s I love how the doors like that was
4172s around me about like um like technology
4175s mimicking uh TV shows and things like
4177s that so like the original Star Trek
4180s um the doors that would open and close
4181s like the
4184s um there was just like some dude back
4186s there just like pulling the door and
4188s pushing the door
4189s um and you know automatic doors
4191s eventually came
4198s but I love that we're just like getting
4199s closer and closer to like just Star Trek
4202s technology
4205s there's a few things we're missing still
4208s Transporters will be a while
4217s uh can you add a confirmation form to
4220s the delete character option the main
4221s menu for hardcore only characters
4224s is there not already
4226s oh I just burned it like an idiot
4231s sequence your spell it's better Mike
4242s it's gonna take a while
4246s and I'm gonna die so many times I should
4247s just like focus by one of them
4254s I really should have leveled fire and
4255s switched to lightning but yeah I hate
4257s doing that
4265s he's dead
4269s oh
4275s like I said last time
4277s I once got every question wrong on a
4280s spelling test
4289s yeah the test is over of course they
4290s can't help me now
4299s disappointed
4305s [Music]
4308s foreign
4366s watch me
4369s all right here we go we're almost there
4380s we got it
4382s oh
4388s let's go
4398s uh SP
4399s if you want to get something out into
4401s the game like that please put it in the
4402s request forms uh the suggestion I'd like
4405s to see your requests or feedback and
4407s suggestions in the on the forums and uh
4410s on Discord I do not write anything down
4412s from the stream on feature requests so
4417s and I will forget sorry
4419s uh gonna have a frog race
4422s I don't know what that is actually
4425s uh will we start seeing .91 news drop
4428s next week I think so I hope so I don't
4430s know though usually it's usually it's
4432s like I'd say late next week because
4434s usually it's one week right
4436s let me check any details
4439s it was stuff in that teaser trailer that
4441s was like
4443s I thought pretty obvious and like
4446s I haven't seen much that was accurate
4448s about it at all which is surprising
4451s I haven't watched everything though so I
4453s don't know
4454s uh thank Aaron do you uh do you think it
4458s would be possible to reevaluate parts of
4460s skill trees that are really hard or
4461s impossible to use like this war
4463s generation in lightning Blaster plays
4465s with other mechanics that would allow
4466s additional builds I mean yeah if you've
4468s got specific suggestions or requests
4469s same as the thing I just said forums
4474s uh greetings do you have plans to
4476s utilize uh dots in the unity engine I
4478s don't think so
4480s this is not damage over time
4484s by the way
4486s but I don't think so I'm not sure though
4495s not sure if the version we're using of
4497s unity even has that or it's like really
4499s early or something
4512s uh any plans on expanding your game
4514s guide to explain certain bosses
4518s that's a tricky one
4521s explaining their mechanics
4523s yeah
4525s no part part of the big thing about a
4528s boss fight is like that that uncertainty
4530s that unknown when you first step into
4532s the boss room and it's this like it's
4534s just you don't know what's gonna happen
4535s and oh my goodness
4538s I was just taking my hand off my
4540s keyboard just like pushing it back down
4541s on the potion board I'm like got lucky
4544s there that it hit the right button
4547s I think we want this to spell crit multi
4549s but at the same time we do need more
4551s Ward badly
4553s like all of these are so good I know I
4555s always get to this bar this road I'm
4556s just like I just want all of them
4574s I think we need more defense
4576s and I think this grants is just like the
4577s most defense
4580s um the Vitality is so nice
4583s we don't really do any of those other
4584s things that much though we will shock a
4585s bunch
4592s that doesn't do much okay we're just
4593s we're just gonna grab some Ward
4595s because I need some more it's not a ton
4597s but it's enough that it'll you know
4599s hopefully he'll give me like a little
4601s bit
4602s what are you talking about wards
4605s I sent down here yeah
4610s maybe I need to go down there to get
4611s word shock chance that'd be sweet
4613s actually
4615s I mean let's be real here we're going
4617s for uh
4619s for damage aren't we
4629s just a little bit of flat added
4632s uh man efficiency give me that Mana
4635s efficiency
4637s we need more men we need more flat man
4638s and more man efficiency
4644s uh all right extent of the game guy okay
4648s since it's kind of hard going um back to
4650s back not knowing what they do or what
4652s killed you and back and not knowing one
4654s they do already killed you yeah so this
4656s this is a tricky one
4658s um
4659s about about adding adding information on
4662s bosses to the game guide I think that
4664s there's a
4665s um
4666s a decent chance that we would possibly
4668s add in
4670s uh well I I know we've been working on
4672s the best earrings so something that
4673s we'll be able to like record information
4675s detailed information about the enemies
4676s you have fought and killed is usually
4678s the way it goes instead of the things
4679s you are about to fight and kill
4681s um
4683s so so I I think there's you know less
4691s I think there's probably a low
4692s probability that we'd add like like uh
4695s strategy the game guide's not meant to
4698s be a strategy guide it's more meant to
4699s be a
4701s um a way to give information about
4703s things that are the way the way things
4705s work in game the way mechanics interact
4707s with each other the way
4709s um like like
4711s I don't know how to subscribe it but I
4713s think it would be less about
4717s having specific
4721s like when he goes he's like here's the
4724s boss and here's their five abilities and
4725s here's how you dodge them and and things
4727s like that yeah
4732s I'm personally torn and we haven't ever
4735s talked about doing something like that
4739s I guess that's the
4741s the best thing I can best answer I can
4743s give you right now please no high stores
4744s okay
4746s uh Pinnacle boss or boss is playing for
4748s 1.0 or sooner oh yeah we got we got
4749s bosses I like one 1.0 we we have plans
4753s to to include
4755s um
4757s like
4758s uh yeah like we we we we are very aware
4762s that we're missing a pinnacle boss
4763s there's sort of these these debatably
4766s which is the Pinnacle boss right now
4767s it's kind of hard to like point at which
4769s one is the one
4771s um but we we were very well aware that
4774s we need something like that
4776s um
4777s for a successful 1.0 launch
4795s come with me and you'll see
4798s dozens of falling molten rock balls
4804s didn't quite work
4817s the the um casting's not working
4825s this happened earlier what is going on
4832s it's because I took this node
4856s oh my God that note breaks in casting
4858s okay
4859s someone write that down
4874s I'm shook
4879s all right please don't forget to put at
4881s last Epoch game in the question so I see
4883s it and I answer it because I just kind
4885s of I just kind of ignore every other bit
4886s of chat sorry uh the plans to for worlds
4891s tears to increase difficulty no
4895s uh I mean like there's there there's
4897s lots of there's different ways that we
4898s increase difficulty
4900s um but like the concept of a world tier
4903s is not something that we have and like I
4906s understand where that's coming from but
4907s that that works really well in um a more
4912s um I don't know else to say it without
4913s sending me but like
4915s it in in a more open and I don't mean
4918s this mean but in a more open World style
4921s environment something like that works
4923s better I think
4926s are there any plans for an answer that
4929s is uh it's enough for me you already
4932s have something in mind maybe
4935s sorry I don't know about references
4937s uh
4939s I wish all characters could progress and
4941s have access to monoliths
4944s uh oh yeah it's like shared models
4945s progression uh not just have to re-grind
4948s every character from a certain model
4949s with like a fluid progress for all
4951s characters that feel so much better
4952s thanks for the feedback uh hello again
4954s is there any plans to make shops sell
4956s unlimited Runes of shutter or at least
4958s more than three or four
4960s um the the way it is I think now is in
4962s the like fixed State it's how he
4964s intended it I'm pretty sure there was
4965s there was a bug around it for a while
4966s there
4967s um
4969s so how it is now is more how it was
4971s intended I believe I think it's fixed
4972s right now
4977s but if you have suggestions or things
4979s you'd like to see please put them in the
4980s appropriate positions such as these
4982s suggestions like to see form and the
4984s suggestions you'd like to see thread on
4985s Discord
4995s cause I'm terrible with remembering
4998s things like that that people ask because
4999s I get
5000s dozens of requests like that a day
5005s so they kind of just start to go in one
5006s ear and out the other
5011s not intentionally at all
5017s oh
5018s oh yes
5020s this is the one
5040s he's just like just barely running out
5042s of the
5052s just cruising through there love that
5054s it's clicked off screen there
5059s I wish all characters
5061s [Music]
5063s that will bosses being shown on Mac will
5067s the bosses being shown on the map soon
5070s and will there be World bosses which you
5072s need to kill a group of people
5075s um we we don't have any intention to add
5077s content to the game which requires
5079s multiple people to complete
5081s um we do plan on keeping all content
5082s still possible with solo play
5087s um I would like to start adding in more
5090s multiplayer specific mechanics to boss
5092s fights uh to keep them more interesting
5094s in multiplayer
5096s um
5098s oh like do you mean do you mean like the
5101s the things that are like shown in the
5103s Mist so to speak
5106s um
5111s thank God for audio cues eh
5116s uh uh there's there's things that are
5121s like something's going on there
5124s this Fade's gone
5128s I work hard on that
5132s um
5137s we do we do take things that have been
5140s teased on the map sometimes and use them
5143s for other things that has happened
5145s before
5150s next question how will end game be
5155s changed in 0.91
5157s um
5158s there's not massive changes coming to
5160s the end game of 0.91
5162s um what do we have here some boots
5166s yeah
5168s not for us that's okay though
5174s both right
5176s I should probably join you some crafting
5177s and actually like
5180s craft some nice boots going on here
5189s oh new Fire Res doing
5193s let's have some help on this thing
5196s why'd I just burn uh Chaos on nothing
5204s needs up
5205s no but I think this is better
5209s yeah we lose some CBR and armor but I
5211s think we gain is better
5220s and our Fire Res is pretty high yeah
5222s we're capped on it but we're in the fire
5224s area right
5227s I was looking at the question well again
5229s changing point I want there's not a ton
5230s of changes to the end gaming point and
5231s one coming
5232s um there's there's little things there's
5234s a few little things here and there
5235s um
5237s there's there there there's there's
5239s something we teased earlier
5241s um details to come on that it's just
5243s little
5244s um
5246s it should should help the general flow
5248s and get you out of tight situations
5254s kind of a meta change
5258s not like a which characters are good but
5262s I don't know how to describe it without
5263s giving it away
5284s there's some work going on you hear that
5294s it's totally gonna get picked up I can
5296s feel it
5312s I just love those meteors so great can't
5315s wait to look at lightning ones
5319s all right
5325s yeah you guys look like you're having a
5326s fun time I want to play
5339s come on use meteor it's free
5342s apparently it's not free
5347s it's a nice base ring
5353s I get the cold damage to go to something
5355s awesome
5359s I said awesome
5361s I said awesome
5370s I mean and the zero does this
5373s it's not even worth burning that on
5375s yeah
5380s hey Mike
5382s new newer player here welcome
5385s mats and I've been loving every minute
5388s of my playtime that's awesome if she
5389s missing my new favorite dev team by far
5391s huh uh my question is do you ever get
5393s tired of answering the same question you
5395s have seemingly endless amounts of
5396s patience thank you
5397s um there's a couple questions that kind
5399s of get me that kind of just like yeah
5400s just like ah come on go read
5403s um but for the most part no it's fine
5406s because because I do know that there's
5408s um
5409s like such a wide variety of player
5412s experience levels and
5414s um
5415s uh I I guess what frustrates me I do get
5418s frustrated when someone asks a question
5420s that I've like just answered or like
5423s sometimes in our Discord we've got an
5425s ask the devs channel where people come
5426s and ask questions and answer a lot of
5427s questions in there and like sometimes
5429s the answer I ask a question and I'll
5430s just like
5431s like scroll up so slightly and mostly
5435s copy and paste my answer I'm just like
5437s inside of you a little bit and then he
5438s dies I'm like you just like scroll up
5439s like two lines please but you know not
5441s everyone has the screenshot size the
5443s same so maybe they have no idea how far
5444s up they'd have to go for it and
5445s everything yeah
5452s yeah that's coming through hard isn't it
5458s doing work on the street go north
5467s the short answer oh yeah yeah there's
5470s there's something I care what question
5471s that was it's the oh it's the yeah
5473s there's a question I guess you know
5475s exactly what you're talking about you've
5476s hung out in there
5477s um it's the uh why why do my correct
5481s materials go
5483s why do I have to pick them up and then
5485s transfer them like why don't they Auto
5487s pick up
5488s that one gets you a little bit I do have
5490s a like a sticky note that's just right
5494s here I just like copy paste in there
5503s it is quick on hand but for a while
5506s there yeah it was
5510s it was asked a lot very frequently
5513s we are making some changes to that
5515s um
5516s not major changes it's little things
5519s um that should hopefully improve the
5520s experience but the core mechanics anyway
5522s it is
5527s at least for now and we will be looking
5528s to new feedback once the patch comes out
5531s we always keep an eye on feedback for
5532s sure
5535s give screenshots of my answers to reply
5536s with
5537s awesome
5545s oh I know who that is
5553s yeah sorry that took me a minute
5558s yeah
5559s hi
5562s didn't recognize sorry my bad
5569s the capitalization's different on on
5571s Twitch that's my story and I'm sticking
5573s to it
5581s Mana regen help that's not bad start
5587s getting some reward
5591s just a little bit I might pull pull that
5593s back later
5594s but like
5601s is there an internal cooldown on that
5609s right right that's the problem with it
5612s you need to read the description
5624s I mean it does make a little sense
5625s because I'm using fire and lightning
5627s right now but
5640s foreign
5652s more questions for the answering why are
5656s relics not automatically put in the
5658s relics inventory
5660s um it's actually a bug right now on our
5662s field version where nothing's putting it
5663s automatically oh relics
5667s that's just a bug
5671s there's a bug right now where nothing
5672s gets done on on our test servers
5676s it's the bug
5679s um
5680s I can't tell if this is like a joke
5683s because I just said it
5686s but on the off chance it's real I'm
5689s gonna read the answer
5694s uh we believe that it's important to
5696s feel the uh for the feel of the game
5697s Loop to have enemies fairly frequently
5699s drop items that you want to take an
5701s active action to pick up but we don't
5703s want but don't want to have to take the
5705s time to inspect to work out whether or
5707s not it's good for you to pick up however
5710s there are times where it feels bad at
5711s the moment especially when it's just one
5712s Shard so we're planning to have them
5714s drop slightly less frequently and in
5715s larger quantities on average we're also
5717s planning to add more sync for shards
5719s that you don't want so it feels less
5721s futile to pick up a Shard that you
5723s aren't planning to use and already have
5724s hundreds of
5726s uh the next question is there plans to
5729s make more dedicated support characters
5731s for multiplayer zdbs style
5735s um not specifically there's not like a
5736s like a zdgs movement or anything like
5739s that
5740s um but we do like to like expand the
5743s support on what's what's available in
5744s general
5746s um
5748s and
5750s uh like I maybe there could be something
5752s that pops up I haven't seen anything
5753s recently that's coming through anything
5755s like that
5757s but dedicated support characters
5759s um
5759s I I think will there's there's some
5764s uh skills so specific like Healing Hands
5766s doesn't have a skill tree yet
5768s um that's a pretty big buff too
5771s like zdps support characters that will
5773s have like an extra skill so like we're
5775s talking about Paladin specifically or
5777s um really that's any Sentinel can use
5779s but
5780s um
5781s that's that's a
5784s that's that's an ability that will lend
5787s itself wells in this type of playstyle
5789s so um yes I guess there is plans for it
5792s because ceiling hands needs a tree
5795s you meant shards oh why are shards don't
5798s automatically put in The Shard inventory
5800s okay
5806s well I'll answer the question anyways
5811s oh but you you actually it's a different
5813s half the question so it's why why do we
5814s have that transfer action that happens
5817s um and part of that is still trying to
5818s push the narrative that they are
5820s um items and items that you picked up go
5822s to your inventory and then you can do
5823s something with them right
5825s um
5826s and and also it's it does and I know I
5828s know people get on me for saying this
5830s but I do see it like when it pops up
5832s here they tell you like which ones get
5834s sent I do want to prioritize ones that
5836s are rarer first I don't know if it does
5837s that or not I know we had plans and they
5839s could do that to like show you which
5840s ones get sent so you see like see the
5842s writing
5844s um
5845s in case you missed it the first time you
5846s picked them up
5849s because you get times there's like so
5851s many of them or or now and it's like
5853s kind of a light background it's hard to
5855s see sometimes
5876s hey there's a glyph of Despair to make
5877s up for
5879s my horrible mistake that I made earlier
5884s I do kind of want to make it it does
5885s make a white item with a shark with it
5887s with something there I can I can open it
5889s up I do a picture of it
5898s [Music]
5905s [Music]
5918s wow I downloaded it to a weird place
5922s downloaded exactly where I needed it and
5924s just assumed it wouldn't put in the
5925s right place so whatever cool
5929s that's an itty-bitty little one
5932s bigger what
5939s all right
5941s here's what it looks like when you seal
5943s an affix on a one affix item
5949s so yeah new challenge maybe wants to do
5951s it is you're only allowed to use white
5954s items
5955s but this is fine this counts
5960s so have fun with your seven and a half
5962s percent chance to to seal a T4 affix I
5965s don't want to have this blue
5975s but I guess the other way you do it is
5977s you can um
5980s uh is you can you can seal a high tier
5982s ethics on a four-tier item and then
5984s strip the other affixes off of it so
5986s this is another way to do it too
5996s oh
6006s I always like going south it rather
6008s feels like I'm going downhill
6024s did you say a MTX shop comes with 0.91
6027s and what kind of stuff can we expect to
6029s see it does
6030s I actually just merged that in yesterday
6033s which is why I'm on vacation today
6037s um
6038s yeah because I finally got that finished
6039s I'm actually on vacation because
6040s something else came out today and I
6042s scheduled that uh time off the instant
6045s it was announced
6049s um
6051s but yes what kind of stuff do we expect
6052s to see we expect to see
6055s um there's not gonna be a ton of stuff
6056s in the initial MTX shop available
6058s there's gonna be some stuff it's not
6059s going to be an overwhelming amount of
6061s stuff it's gonna be pretty like limited
6064s the amount of stuff that's available
6065s we're still building out that that
6068s library of
6070s ntx items
6072s um
6073s you'll see primarily you'll see you'll
6076s only see there'll be three categories of
6077s things there'll be well there'll be new
6078s supporter packs
6080s um and there will be I'll drop some of
6083s these things
6084s I'm not doing that
6086s I'm not doing that
6088s I'm not doing that
6090s I'm doing that
6094s when I'm wearing now isn't it
6098s where's that helmet
6102s right like technically better somehow
6108s foreign
6122s there we go
6124s better
6126s uh
6129s I mean here's here's a helmet that you
6131s can see that character if you're
6132s customizing like the head until it gets
6133s to look different like here you'd see it
6134s a lot right
6137s which is sweet anyways um
6140s what sort of stuff we're gonna see
6141s there's gonna be three categories of
6142s things there's going to be
6144s um new Mini Pets to buy there will be
6147s and like Mini Pets being non-functional
6149s [Music]
6150s uh people that can follow you around
6154s they don't do anything they just hang
6155s out and have fun
6157s um
6161s [Music]
6165s there will be
6167s any pets
6169s uh there's some some capes some cool
6171s looking capes
6172s uh there's a few of those and there is
6176s pets keeps portals portal ngx as well
6179s there's one portal ntx that's coming in
6181s the shop to start
6189s and there's some portals that come in
6191s the new bundle packs as well
6193s um
6199s yes
6203s 40 portals
6207s the one you can buy individually is
6208s bored right now though so gotta fix that
6210s still
6212s it like doesn't let you click on it
6213s makes your portal unusable
6216s but it looks really cool
6220s uh
6222s it's the opposite of selling power so we
6224s sell you things that make you no I'm
6226s just kidding
6226s [Laughter]
6230s oh my God
6232s uh oh sorry the new things here uh
6236s two questions somehow
6238s some of the snow levels are really
6239s bright will it be adjusted on the
6240s brightness uh yeah there's there's a
6242s couple there was talk about something
6243s with that I don't know what's happened
6244s but I know I know that was brought up to
6246s the level design team foreign
6252s planning unstable Rune I mean yes
6257s um it's it's
6259s not something specific it's not ready to
6262s go it's not don't count on it we've
6265s talked about it it got scrapped it might
6267s come back who knows
6270s um I have a feeling that that type of
6272s mechanic will likely end up as a dungeon
6275s reward is what I think will happen
6278s um but I could be wrong
6280s oh I'm gonna trim my beard after this my
6283s mustache specifically I cut my mustache
6286s pretty frequently usually and it's just
6287s huge right now and it gets in my nose it
6289s gets in my mouth ugh it's awful
6294s hey my random question maybe you might
6296s uh enjoy talking about something else
6297s other than shorts how is life of an
6300s issue employee changed now the Studio's
6302s grown a bit
6303s um
6304s you know honestly not a ton
6307s um
6308s like there's a little there's a little
6309s more structure
6310s uh so like
6313s back like we're gonna like go back three
6316s four years ago and
6318s um it was kind of a little more like the
6320s wild west of like
6322s I could just say I want to add this and
6325s I just added it because I thought it was
6326s cool
6327s um as a little more structure in the
6329s sense of like okay like this is what you
6331s should be working on now I'm like
6333s you know don't call Rogue on us here
6336s um and a little more like there's better
6337s better review structures
6340s um
6341s and and things like that so it's a
6343s little bit more and it ends up with a
6345s better product for sure
6347s um and I much prefer the way it is now
6349s overall um there's something nice about
6351s just having that freedom to kind of just
6353s do stuff but it's it doesn't work long
6356s term at all
6358s um for for once once this once the game
6360s gets bigger like this
6362s yeah
6364s um
6365s and there's so many people that have
6367s that have come on that are so talented
6369s in so many different ways getting to
6371s like learn from them and and like share
6373s in the in what they've done and things
6375s like that it's been so great so
6377s that's probably the biggest thing
6378s actually is is getting to interact with
6381s with some people that are like
6383s really good
6387s um again to learn learn from them which
6388s has been awesome
6397s but I mean I'm still working in my
6399s basement you know
6401s feels good
6404s uh when I want to craft an affix onto
6406s item the UA doesn't display affixes
6408s which have which I have zero of is there
6410s plans to show those as well
6412s um
6413s no
6415s but if you'd like to make the suggestion
6416s please go to our various
6419s uh places that we can leave suggestions
6422s uh are you vacationing Hyrule Mike I am
6424s vacationing in Hyrule
6427s I'm ready to go guys
6429s let's go
6438s uh
6441s so all the kickstarter Halo MTX becoming
6443s next match I have no idea I don't think
6444s it's actually it yet
6447s oh it's so funny it's got like we gotta
6449s put it in we're gonna do it it's there
6451s somewhere I haven't seen it yet because
6454s there's no
6455s um there's no gear MTX yet so that none
6459s of the like the helmets chests like none
6461s of the MTX that goes on like these like
6464s this lot like none of this left this lot
6466s this lot this lot none of these are here
6468s none of this is oh this so yeah it's
6470s just these three
6471s and this one these four slots are the
6474s only ones that are going to actually
6474s have active stuff on them to start
6478s um
6480s but I expect once stuff gets out of the
6481s other ones it will too
6486s are there plans for skill ntx yes
6491s get in here
6495s uh please don't trim the Epic beard too
6496s much I won't I've trimmed it many times
6498s and no one's noticed at all
6503s uh knowing what you know now would you
6504s still go to the unity plus C sharp yes
6506s and and there's always like a big
6508s asterisk beside that answer because I do
6509s get this question a fair bit
6511s um
6512s and like given the resources that we had
6515s as a studio at the start and what it
6518s took to get here
6520s um had we attempted to do it with a
6523s different engine
6524s or language
6525s um I don't I don't know if we would have
6527s been able to do it one LP so iPods
6531s I don't know if we would have been able
6532s to to do it or not
6534s um
6535s like a lot of the reasons we've been
6538s successful is because we've been able to
6539s start so quickly and um with with no
6542s resources to begin with and get things
6544s off the ground from nothing so easily
6545s like that that's been a huge part of our
6548s success and like have a playable demo on
6550s our Kickstarter when we set that up like
6553s um and get people in who who were able
6555s to to start with no investment money
6558s investment like
6560s um there wasn't a requirement to buy
6561s licenses at the very very beginning when
6563s we were just like let's see if we can
6564s make something work you know at the very
6565s start and
6567s um now now it costs licenses and stuff
6570s which is fine but like uh that that
6573s initial phase I don't know if it would
6574s have been possible if we tried to go
6576s with something
6578s um something else you know
6580s so it's it's it's it's one of those
6582s things where like there may there may
6584s have been better options I I don't know
6585s the answers or not but there may have
6587s been better options
6589s um for long-term projects and things
6591s like that uh
6593s and maybe this is the perfect thing to
6595s use I don't know but the
6597s uh the only way we get here in the state
6600s we're in and the time we're in right now
6601s which I love is using unity in C sharp
6604s so I I don't think I would change it
6609s I didn't
6611s I didn't think I heard somebody was just
6613s talking real loud I didn't hear it but
6614s thank you very much for the uh gift
6616s itself
6618s it's very generous of you congrats the
6619s person who got that
6622s uh mucho dillamore
6625s thank you that's got the name it was
6628s small yeah
6630s congrats Armando Force
6634s uh I ask it every week only because I
6638s want to support this amazing game the
6639s best availability support Max when
6641s um as far as I know uh May 25th
6645s because they're built into the shop and
6647s they should be working by then because
6649s they're built into the shop
6651s oh no don't die Mike okay I didn't die
6654s good job
6660s [Music]
6661s is the decoy decoy model being updated
6665s as well as the tree uh from The Ring the
6668s tree from The Ring has been such a we've
6670s we've had this so many debates we've had
6672s about this tree ring thing that oh that
6676s one just
6678s um it's such a polarizing topic amongst
6680s the studio
6681s um
6681s it's it will get changed at some point I
6684s don't know what it's going to be I have
6686s a sneaking suspicion that the theming of
6688s the item will change
6691s um because there's quite a few of us
6693s that really don't like the decoy model I
6697s think basically everyone doesn't like
6698s the decoy model for that ring
6701s um
6702s model is fine for the the skill decoy I
6706s should really like it
6707s but I don't think it makes any sense for
6708s the ring with the way it's phrased right
6710s now
6711s um
6713s but there's a group of people in the
6716s company that do not appreciate the idea
6718s of an actual tree the the thought of
6721s like why are people attacking this tree
6722s makes no sense
6725s um
6726s there's a big debate that goes back and
6728s forth about this when this happens so I
6730s want to get 200 Weeds about it
6732s um
6735s but I uh
6740s yeah
6742s so good so it goes pretty deep actually
6743s I I I I don't I don't think
6747s it's not gonna be updated in 0.91
6750s um but I have a feeling that there will
6752s be a theming change for the ring itself
6754s and oh my gosh we're so close to the
6755s stream I can't believe it got this late
6760s uh
6763s why is this not working
6771s uh I have something cool to show you
6777s okay
6778s uh uh and then transform
6782s fit to screen
6784s oh I don't know if the scaling is weird
6790s reset
6792s cool shrink it a bit
6795s Center it
6798s share it
6799s Bop It twist it share it Center it
6803s flip it
6805s I know if this has been shared before
6806s and I don't think it has
6808s uh but if it hasn't sorry I think it's
6810s really cool so I want to share it
6811s anyways
6812s um
6814s yes I think the ring is gonna get a
6816s theming change that having a a unique
6819s decoy style thing makes more sense for
6822s it and it will probably be something
6823s other than
6824s a rhyme or that tree ring yeah
6827s it feels my pain on that one
6829s how cool is the set item changes it's
6831s very cool and I don't think people will
6833s will see it coming but I know people
6835s have suggested it before I've seen the
6836s suggestion in the past
6838s uh fix the bits
6841s every l91 thank you appreciate that
6845s we don't get bits very awesome it's cool
6847s party party
6848s uh well before the end thanks to the
6850s great stream and great charity Choice
6852s also Tik is better
6854s you got me to say it
6857s hmm
6861s uh uh yeah how cool the set changes I
6865s think the search changes will be cool
6866s I'm I I think it's one of those things
6869s that people kind of go like
6871s sweet and you mad Lads I didn't think
6875s you'd actually do it
6879s that's what that's what I think is gonna
6880s happen
6883s Four Points just throw points in
6886s uh put a sign on the street I'll say the
6889s word enemy
6892s I I weirdly love that okay
6897s I don't I don't think it would be uh it
6900s would be gone for I don't think I think
6902s that would be approved
6904s um but I weirdly love that idea
6914s looking forward to 0.91 I'm also looking
6917s forward to 0.91
6923s it's not gonna be the uh splashiest
6925s patch
6926s overall I don't think
6929s um
6931s but there's a lot of good stuff in there
6934s we're really trying to work our way to
6936s 1.0 here and uh
6939s there's a lot of stuff in here that's
6941s major steps towards it's just stuff that
6942s has to be in the game for 1.0
6969s oh all righty then when will the CMS get
6972s a tag
6974s in game ah
6977s yes that's a good point
6979s um
6982s I feel like we have one already if I
6984s type in chat what do I see oh
6986s it's gone my chest disabled that's why I
6988s can't see anything
6993s what happens if I type in [ __ ]
6996s just
7001s yeah okay I have I have a little tag
7007s so I I feel like we can add one
7009s that's complete thank you over design
7024s it just confused everyone in chat sorry
7027s everyone
7043s God Tara watch over you
7047s that voice sounded familiar
7051s that voice sounds really familiar I
7053s think there might be someone on the dev
7054s team
7060s Kane is working on it all right there we
7062s go
7069s all right well we're just about getting
7070s to the end of the stream here
7073s I might actually gear my character a
7075s little bit for next Stream So this goes
7076s a little smoother
7079s it's happened on like the edge of death
7080s the entire time
7104s the free cast from teleport is not
7106s working on meteor
7110s I'm gonna have to look into this
7112s what is going on here
7117s he works that time
7120s I'm just doing something wrong this is a
7123s user error this is clearly a user error
7128s all right we made it to a waypoint
7131s it's time down the stream
7134s I had a great time
7137s thanks for coming everybody
7139s I had fun I hope you did too
7143s I'll be back next week same time same
7144s place if you had any questions that I
7147s did not answer
7149s please
7151s um
7153s please head on over to our uh Discord
7155s the NASA deaths Channel there I'll be
7156s happy to answer them your questions
7157s there we've also got lots of help folks
7159s in the ask Community Channel forums
7161s Reddit Facebook pictures people active
7163s on Twitch or Twitter probably twitch too
7165s uh you know there's also the places
7167s people are asking questions and getting
7168s them answered
7170s um
7170s are we back sometime next week
7173s uh yeah
7175s I think that's it that's it everybody
7177s thanks for coming out thanks for having
7179s fun thanks for chilling and talking to
7181s me
7186s let's go say hi to someone random
7194s oh let's go join the podcast
7197s Perry had a funny video today
7206s if you haven't seen it there's uh the
7208s truth about increased item Rarity is out
7210s there you can find it