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What if there was a rare node in the tree that raised corruption by 50 if you completed it? Maybe it could be a fun boss fight or just a very difficult packed monolith. Maybe it would show up if a tree has some level of completeness or was at least some minimum number of nodes from the center.


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I agree that if builds were intended to be able to hit several thousand corruption, this would be a cool way to enable those more extreme runs.

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Originally posted by DawdlingScientist

Only in that case? I still feel like random node encounters in the web would be fun even with 400ish corruption in mind :D

Thanks for all your great work! I hope the blessing share system will be out soon!! 800 hours and counting!

I think something we teased might have been misunderstood. We aren't adding a blessing sharing system.

Edit: I guess I should say what it is though. You'll be able to go back to old blessings that the character has previously unlocked.

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Originally posted by Coldk1l

Can you tell us what was the initial idea of a "good and relatively attainable amount of corruption"?

I'm totally fine for huge swings as they promote players to try stuff over and over to discover the best interactions, but i agree that between "barely clearing 200" and "farming 3000" there's too much of a gap.

About 300

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Originally posted by Coldk1l

Ok. So if i have a build that i came up with and manage to solidly farm 300, it's by all means "good enough" (you know what i mean)

Yea, you'll have hit the last breakpoint of things that you can get. After that it's just a diminishing returns of a % increase of loot chance.

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Originally posted by Thirteenera

Have you considered doing a "squish" of corruption, so that it raises more quickly in difficulty/reward, perhaps exponentially? So that there's less vertical climb, but more significant difference between corruption tiers?

Or are you happy with the current system?

Funny enough we just did that with 1.0 so I assume it's still on the table in the future.