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One word... ...frustration...

I did yesterday 34 runs killing Shade the moment it appeared as a tile in the monolith.

In Legendary difficulty , you start the timeline at 100 corruption.

I got only ring to drop but no Apathy's Maw.

So sad...

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killing Shade the moment it appeared as a tile in the monolith.

This might be the problem. The drop rates of the Shade's rarer uniques are higher the further the shade echo is from the centre, so repeatedly running ones close to the centre isn't necessarily the quickest way to find them. On top of that the drop rates are higher at higher corruption.

It's difficult to know how much we should telegraph drop rate information like this in game, but we're not necessarily opposed to making it clearer, and situations like this are taken into consideration for making these sorts of decisions.

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From what I have been told, the drop rate blessings do not affect uniques.

Maybe they changed it but I don't think so.

Only the blessing which increases unique drop rate (might) help, not the two-handed axe drop rate blessing.

Iirc they want to change that in the future because it's pretty unintuitive right now...

It affects uniques that drop from random monsters, but it doesn't affect boss specific drops. That is something we hope to fix in future though.