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As you may have already noticed, our Primalist is getting a lot of love in patch 0.8.4. Not only is his Druid Mastery going through a complete overhaul, but he is also getting some new, powerful baseline tools added to his kit. Today, the new Primalist skill Upheaval is making its smashing reveal to our community, so hold on to your boots and lets get into the details below.

Upheaval - Skill

Upheaval is a powerful, semi-spammable ground slam ability. It will do decent amount of damage and have a medium mana cost. With the announced removal of Ice Thorns, Upheaval will be stepping in to fill its empty skill slot. This means that moving forward, upheaval will be an early and core addition to the Primalist theme and leveling experience.


We knew that the visuals of Upheaval needed to feel impactful for our players. We started by adding some additional screen shake, then we added another ‘slam’ visual object right when the Primalist’s weapon hits the ground.

The visual design of Upheaval also presented us with the opportunity to create a new visual skill-tool: Decals over a trail. This is a design tool that drops visual-decals every 1.5 units which results in a repeated trail of decals. This design truly realized the desired visuals for Upheaval, and we will certainly be using it to shape other future skills in Last Epoch.


Upheaval is a powerful melee attack with a solid range.

Upheaval - Example Nodes

Upheaval specialization tree offers a wide variety of powerful nodes to support many different builds. Here are a couple highlights from the brand new Upheaval skill tree. We can't wait to see the earth-shaking creations from our community once they get a hold of the full skill tree.

Values have been omitted as we are still balancing the skill.




The cold version of Upheaval cast by totem.





Excavating blow with Tectonic Slam obliterating enemies.


UH_Tremblor474×651 336 KB

Upheaval will be joining the Primalist’s skill kit before the end of the year with patch 0.8.4. For those keeping score in the community, that means you’ll have patch 0.8.4 in your hands in no more than 46 days from now.

In that time you’ll be hearing from us a lot. In fact, we’ve barely scratched the surface in revealing what all is coming your way. We have more blog posts, feature reveals, announcements, and trailers heading your way in the coming weeks - so stay tuned for all the news for our Ete… oops, to patch 0.8.4!


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Maelstrom will be unlocked much earlier in 0.8.4