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Circle of Fortune IS the crafting faction...

1.0 list but all of these effect crafting:

Rank 1: Grants a 35% increased chance of enemies dropping twice as many items. (more crafting bases)

Rank 2: Grants a 45% chance to preserve Runes of Ascendance when using items that require Circle of Fortune Rank 1. (crafting materials saved)

Rank 4: Grants 50% chance that Affixes are Exalted. (more crafting bases)

Rank 5: Grants 25% chance for double rewards in Monolith Echoes. (more crafting materials dropped)

Rank 6: Uniques twice as likely to offer Legendary Potential. (more bases to slam; crafting.)

Rank 7: Increases the number of T7 Affixes on items. (more crafting bases)

Rank 8: Items that drop as Rare above level 44 have a 25% chance of becoming Exalted. (more crafting bases)

Rank 10: Duplicates items granted from Prophecies. (more target farmable bases and materials)

Then there's the observatory with lenses and prophecies that directly give target farmable materials and bases.

Stay tuned for the revamped list of faction rewards.

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Originally posted by WhiteSkyRising

Looks great, I'll dip my toes back in. Biggest gripes that had me drop the game were performance on steam deck, QoL issues with the controller, and imbalance/nodes not working.

We have started work on getting that steam deck checkmark.