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I'm pretty new to the game, and only started monoliths recently. As I understand it, some of the mono bosses (Formossus), could and would be farmed by players, specifically by teleporting out of the arena after taking loot but before talking to the NPC; This resulted in you losing some echo stability but being able to re-attempt the boss again.

I did this 3 or 4 times and got a unique or set item every single time. However, I've done it 4 more times since, and he's no longer dropping a unique/set item. Only saw the amulet once so far, nevermind the boots.

Was I very lucky in getting several uniques/set items off the bot, unlucky with the last few fights, or did they maybe change how boss drops work?

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We fixed that bug a while ago, but if you're specifically looking for the Last Steps of the Living boots, we greatly increased their drop rate in 0.8.3. You should find one every two runs on average now.