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7s [Music]
8s [Applause]
12s greetings Travelers I'm Jud cobler game
14s director for last Epoch and I'm thrilled
17s to announce that last epoch's first
18s post-launch cycle harbingers of Ruin
21s cycle 1.1 is just around the corner
24s arriving on July 9th we're very excited
26s to share all of the awesome new content
28s that we've been working on let's dive in
30s for a sneak peek at everything coming
32s your
33s way in cycle 1.1 you'll be facing off
37s against our newest Pinnacle boss aboth
39s The Herald of Oblivion and his Legion of
42s harbingers aboth is a fearsome foe who
44s has selected his strongest legionaires
46s to hunt down a tera Champions and give
49s them a choice either join his side and
51s dedicate them to orbus or perish while
54s exploring and fighting your way through
56s a tera you will frequently encounter
58s these Fallen Warriors that have been
60s defeated by the harbingers and tainted
62s by corruption waiting patiently to exact
64s a revenge on other Travelers when
66s interacting with these remains choices
69s will be given to acquire their
70s previously equipped items but the
72s vengeful void will cause the remains to
74s animate and attack this forms the
76s nemeses system where by clicking on a
78s nemesis which appears as swirling pieces
81s of armor above a slain Warrior brings up
83s a menu where you can see four items that
85s are obtainable you're given three
87s options one you can banish the nemesis
90s entirely so the next one you encounter
92s has brand new items two you can
95s challenge the Nemesis causing the
97s equipment to coales into a powerful foe
100s that drops its displayed items when
101s slain or three you can empower the
104s Nemesis this will result in a
106s challenging you but escaping if you were
108s able to defeat it the next time you find
110s a nemesis event it will be more
112s challenging but the displayed items will
114s have been carried over and upgraded in
116s various ways this can be done a maximum
119s of two times empowering a nemesis can
122s upgrade its items in many ways that are
124s impossible through the normal crafting
125s system it can add sealed axes up to tier
128s 7 raise forging potential above its
131s normal maximum and turn rare items into
134s exalted ones it can also upgrade unique
136s items adding legendary potential to them
139s or turn them directly into legendaries
141s with random axes at higher levels
143s Nemesis can spawn a special unique the
146s Egg of the Forgotten which can be
148s replaced by one of your own uniques as
149s long as it has has no legendary
151s potential or Weaver's will allowing you
153s to empower that unique with the system
156s to stop the threat of the harbingers
158s you'll need to work with the Forgotten
159s Knight to devise a plan to take out
161s their leader aboth last epoch's brand
163s new Pinnacle boss and the source of
165s their power you'll need to progress
167s through the new in-game faction the
169s Forgotten Knights to gain access to
171s aboth himself but only the strongest
174s will have a chance of taking him down
176s Gathering his spoils and ending the
178s harbinger threat the Journey Begins
180s begins after completing the final level
182s 90 non- empowered timeline and surviving
184s a harbinger's Ambush for the first time
187s harbingers will begin ambushing you when
189s you defeat a timeline boss extending the
191s fight where they will use their
192s abilities in combination with abilities
194s of the previously defeated boss if
196s you're able to defeat the first
198s Harbinger you will take his eye to the
200s Forgotten Knight orinthia and be invited
202s to join the Forgotten Knights faction
204s which tracks your Harbinger specific
206s progress you'll need to lure out
208s increasingly powerful harbingers across
211s the empowered timelines through the
212s monolith of Fate once 10 different
215s harbingers are vanquished you can spend
217s a Harbinger eye you've collected to
218s enter the place where Travelers are
220s corrupted into harbingers the altar of
223s Oblivion this is where you will
225s challenge the Pinnacle boss
227s aboth to help tackle these challenging
230s new threats and because we've tested it
232s and it's just way fun to use we're
234s introducing a new evade or Dodge roll
236s mechanic while evade doesn't offer
238s immunity frames or serve as a Universal
240s skill it's a crucial part of your
242s survival toolkit with two charges
244s available from level one unlike other
247s skills evade isn't swappable and lacks a
249s skill tree but its cooldown recovery
251s speed increases as your character levels
253s up furthermore evade can be enhanced by
256s various aices and even unique items that
259s dramatically modify its functionality
261s having evade will allow us to design
263s boss fights knowing that all players
265s have a way to Traverse out of Harm's Way
267s quickly without having to choose to take
269s a more powerful traversal ability on
271s their action bar 1.1 brings the most
274s extensive balance updates of any patch
277s ever unlocking many exciting new build
279s opportunities we've updated skills
282s passives and mechanics and can't wait to
284s see what builds emerge as a result for
287s example Mana now regenerates while
289s channeling on most channeled abilities
291s making skills like war path and
293s disintegrate awesome to build around the
295s mag's disintegrate skill tree has been
297s updated and can now gain multiple stages
299s of the destruction minions are now
302s tankier the sentinel's shield bash
304s ability has received extensive updates
307s the spell baade Mastery now has more
309s access to Critical Strike the sorcerer
311s has even more incentive to build High
313s Mana Shaman and forg guard have received
316s extensive updates to be more powerful
318s and interesting the primel less
321s Avalanche ability is no longer a
322s channeled skill by default and can do
324s things like proc earthquake and upheaval
326s and the rogue's multi-shot has been
328s buffed when used directly along side
330s much more see the patch notes for a full
332s list of
334s updates and of course with new and
336s challenging content and massive balance
338s updates were introducing a large swath
340s of awesome new uniques to hunt for
343s example The nihilus Amulet last epoch's
345s first ever unique to have negative to
348s positive roll ranges this large variance
350s means that finding a well-rolled one
352s will result in you obtaining a very
354s powerful item The nus Amulet is
357s extremely versatile and can be used in
359s many builds
361s meet the Monument of protection this
363s Sentinel Shield counts as a one-handed
366s Axe and can be equipped with another
367s Shield adding significant offense to
369s Shield based skills and strong
371s additional
373s defenses and the New Black Blade of
375s chaos this powerful in-game two-hander
378s changes the blade dancer's lethal Mirage
380s into a skill that can be used much more
382s frequently providing a potent and
384s engaging new play style there are 30
387s uniques coming with patch 1.1 so happy
390s hunting let's talk about some of the
393s existing system changes coming with
395s patch 1.1 first off we've added two new
398s ranks to both circle of Fortune and
400s Merchant skilled factions and reduce the
402s time it takes to reach the highest ranks
405s we've also revised their rank rewards
407s and there's now smoother progression in
409s the items to access with Merchant
410s skilled and we've provided circle of
412s Fortune with ranks to receive more Boss
414s Loot experimental item affixes and the
418s final rank now completes the prophecy
420s twice instead of just duplicating the
421s reward itself we're also working towards
424s improving the merchant skilled bizaar
425s search feature and plan to release those
427s updates during the 1.1 patch as soon as
431s possible we're excited to announce that
433s we're adding level ladders alongside
435s Arena ladders which can be accessed both
437s in game and on the official last Epoch
439s website this patch we're also adding
442s timestamps on the arena ladder entries
444s so that players are able to tell when an
446s entry on the leaderboard was made we've
449s replaced boss Dynamic damage reduction
451s with a new boss Ward system which solves
453s a number of issues this new system
455s clearly represents boss's true Health
458s makes Health leech reliable ensures
460s players damage output meets expectations
463s and there's no longer downsides to
464s higher DPS builds we have a few changes
468s coming to the monolith of Fate first Eko
470s now more consistently contain swarming
473s and rare enemies to ensure that they're
475s sufficiently populated and rewarding
478s we've heard your feedback that
479s progressing through through non-
480s empowered timelines on alts is too time
482s consuming in 1.1 you will be able to
485s find the new Glyph of Envy which siphons
488s stability from your items to add to your
490s timelines the stability granted to
492s uncompleted non-m powerered timelines is
495s very high allowing you to quickly
497s progress through the unempowered
498s monolith on alt characters we've also
501s made some changes to the Gaze of orabis
503s mechanic found in empowered monol which
505s previously could be overly punishing not
508s only were their diminishing returns at
510s higher amounts of gaze you also lost all
512s of it if you died to a shade of orabis
515s in 1.1 every stack of gaze of orabis
517s always gives 12 corruption but you can
520s only use four at once the rest carrying
522s over to your next Echo web additionally
525s when you die to a shade of orabis you
527s now only lose a single stack also in
531s parties everyone who has enough
532s stability to get blessing and boss
534s specific rewards is also given one gaze
537s of orabis making it easier for multiple
539s people people to progress corruption
541s together in a
542s party next let's dive into the massive
545s amount of quality of life additions that
547s we have been working on with our
548s community that you can expect to see in
550s both cycle and Legacy with the launch of
553s cycle 1.1 harbingers of
555s Ruin in 1.1 all blessings that your
558s character finds and can select from are
560s stored and can be changed out at a
562s vendor for a gold cost additionally all
565s characters that share a stash together
567s have the option to equip a minimum value
569s of all found blessings as long as they
572s have conquered the timeline it is found
573s from you can even access Grand blessings
576s normally found in empowered timelines by
579s just Conquering the normal version of
580s the
581s timeline you can now search timeline
583s Echoes with text or via
586s icon we've made some good improvements
588s to the loot filter for example you can
590s now filter for legendary potential and
593s Weaver's will selecting multiple athic
595s conditions is Now supported in the user
597s interface for example you you can have
600s one condition to only show boots with an
602s exalted movement speed prefix and a
605s second condition to only show those
607s boots if they also have another prefix
609s from a separate selected list and loot
611s filter rules now have numbers and we've
613s added an option to show those rule
615s numbers in Brackets next to items on the
617s ground to show which loot filter rule is
619s applying to the item great for
621s troubleshooting your filter and
622s deepening your understanding of how the
624s loot Filter Works we have added two
627s different variations of always
628s displaying your endurance threshold on
630s your health bar that can be changed in
632s the gameplay
634s settings we're thrilled to be bringing
636s you all of this and much more like
638s visual updates client performance
640s improvements tons of bug fixes Network
642s gameplay improvements and plenty others
645s with our first major postlaunch patch
647s check out the patch notes for full
649s details and we'll see you in last Epoch
651s patch 1.1 harbingers of Ruin on July 9th
657s [Music]