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I haven't played too much of this game but I like the little that I have played. Sadly I have noticed a ton of hate speech with little to no moderation. Can you please provide a "report player" function so we can kick these people from a great community? Thanks!


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Hey everyone, we sincerely apologize that there are some messages like this coming through. We have quite a few moderators and staff working over the weekend to monitor chat and are actively warning, giving temporary chat mutes, and even banning players in some extreme cases as shown above in accordance with our community guidelines. We are working on better tooling and reporting functions for chat as well. In general we have a very helpful and positive community and we’re trying to make sure that a few bad actors aren’t ruining that for everyone. But again, I apologize and it’s on us to bring better solutions.

For those of you helping us foster a helpful and positive community by answering questions and having good interactions, we very much appreciate you and see you doing it. Thanks everyone.