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Patch 0.8.2 focuses on endgame content. In addition to introducing new challenges & rewards for players to experience, it also brings many improvements to existing content.

Spires are among the oldest content in the Monolith and our next content patch completely overhauls them. Spires not only see a visual update thanks to all new art assets but will also have their own unique attacks, giving Travelers more distinct and varied challenges.

We’ll have more news to share regarding this update shortly. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy these examples of new Spires being added to the game in our next patch!


Soul Spire


This Spire rains enraged souls down upon its enemies.


Wengari Spire


A Spire which creates whirlwinds that grow over time.


Siege Spire


This ‘explosive’ Spire has a slow but deadly attack.


Venom Spire


This Spire is usually encountered in poisonous areas. Beware!


Flame Spire


Bolts fired by this Spire explode on impact.

20 days ago - Sarno - Direct link

If you play your cards right, I might let you in on which game I’m referencing. :wink: