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For example I have a Deicide Sword with t5 Chance to Shred Armor on Hit (124%-175%), however the item database says t5 should be (71%-100%). What causes the discrepancy? Is the item database simply out of date? If so it would be out of data for a lot of mods, because there's a mismatch for all the mod rolls I've checked. The item database lists the mod values as "Base values". Is there a mechanic I don't understand? If so, is there a place where I can look up that mechanic? Or even better, is it possible to look up mod rolls for items in game? That would be super handy for crafting.

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The item database shows the base values of the affix. However the actual value of an affix depends on the item it's on.

Affixes on 1h swords have 175% of their base value, so in this case the base value of 71% to 100% is multiplied by 1.75, resulting in the actual value of 124% to 175%. As another example, affixes on quivers Quivers just have 100% of their base value, so if you had the same t5 Chance to Shred Armor on Hit affix on a quiver it would just be 71% to 100%.

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Ah, that makes sense, thanks. Is there a table of item types and their respective multipliers?

I'm not aware of one. This is the list (from lowest to highest) though.

  • small idols 17%

  • humble and stout idols 38%

  • grand and large idols 67%

  • other idols, rings, relics, helmets, gloves, boots, belts, and quivers 100%

  • shields, catalysts, and amulets 117%

  • body armour 150%

  • bows 160%

  • 1h weapons 175%

  • 2h weapons 320%