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Yo Kedanor - Gotta keep it chill friend. I appreciate the passion, but please refrain from direct attacks. I edited your post.

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I think the bigger problem is the idea that any intentionally misleading communication has occurred. That is the crux of interpretation and most forms of communication. No matter how clear you are on something, someone will misconstrue it.

I can assure you that everyone here considers everything we say, does our best to communicate as clearly as possible, and, quite frankly, is very open/honest when it comes to communication.

We do all of that because we do care. A LOT.

I quit a career of 10+ years to come work for EHG because of their passion, commitment, and how much integrity they have. I realize that being on the outside looking in, you only get so much, but it’s been a huge breath of fresh air coming to EHG with how honest they are.

We definitely hear you. We do have plans.

But, like others have said, we would rather deliver a product we are proud of than hit an arbitrary date.

Believe me, we know about PoE Leagues and D4, etc. We agree with you that it would be awesome timing to be ready at more advantageous times. However, we are committed to making a good product that will be good for years. We aren’t here to pump out an ARPG as fast as we can, take your money, and move on to the next thing.

That takes time, and EHG is willing to be ridiculed all day until we are ready. Does it mean we won’t make mistakes? Of course we will. Does it mean there won’t be bugs/problems? Of course they will. You don’t know what you don’t know.

The difference here is that when there are problems, we will fix them. :slight_smile:

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My comment about “You don’t know what you don’t know” was not related to the community. It’s a common expression that means, “You can’t know to watch out for things that you don’t know are coming”.

In this case, I was referring to EHG and the development of Last Epoch. We are expecting to run into roadblocks that we didn’t know about because we haven’t previously experienced them.

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Originally posted by syphonax:
Originally posted by Qiox:
No, the game is finished. They did everything they planned.

The game was rushed out of early access as Survival mode was such a success and got lots of positive attention, unfortunately the campaign provided nothing new save for a pointless train and a tech tree. The game is finished but a lot of players have left negative Reviews rightly saying it was rushed to completion and then pretty much abandoned.

Point in case would be the Map Editor - They said it would get another Major update but nothing ever materialized.

Campaing provided 2 different new game types (hero missions and horde missions), new skills for units in the tech tree, a really nice story, really good maps like for example Cape of Storm. Moreover the Map editor where you can find really good new campaings made by users (if you don't know them you should check forum threads to be informed)

I don't see all those "lots of players" who have left bad reviews when the game is now at 87% positive current reviews that is a really good mark. The most common complaints about the game in the bad reviews are the difficulty of the game of the iron man mode, nothing about the campaing.

And also it has been said several time that the game is finished the only content that will come will be the Map Editor update. So nothing about "abandoned" game.

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