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2s good afternoon everybody and welcome
4s back to the last Epoch deep stream as
7s always
9s I'm here's Mike hello
11s and we're back and roll with a new
13s character this time
16s after he failed miserably last time
19s we're starting a new
21s uh thank you very much heavy resubbed
24s for 20 months in a row
26s two weeks left the multiplayer
28s rotational oh yeah
30s Here We Go Again getting close to that
32s eh
34s who's looking forward to it I know I am
37s so we're we're mid monolith here
41s um
44s and uh
47s yeah we're gonna have some fun relax
48s hang out chat if this is your first time
50s here just put out Boston [ __ ]
53s [ __ ] in front of any questions
56s as always we do stream for charity
57s Charities by my head
59s um you can do it every month this one's
60s two in a row just because there was some
62s there was fewer streams we missed a
64s couple and oh yeah what else what other
67s housekeeping stuff do we have
70s oh yeah um new build Link is also up
73s this is a build oh Francis
76s doing so good at messing it up already
81s summon our spring in first yes perfect
90s um all right yeah we build we're playing
92s we're playing cold Thorns spriggan
94s Master this time
95s fun with it
97s yeah basically going spring party
101s Springs Party of Three
104s little orbs number three
113s uh yeah if you want to check out the
115s build you can do exclamation mark
122s did I miss any questions early
130s not really
134s Mike am I excited that Maxwell website
136s will be carrying covering carrying a
138s game yeah everybody I'm very excited
140s he's outside that's fun
142s I did I did like the
145s um
147s like the the reveal that everyone got
148s early early on this week with uh it's
151s showing up on their website was not a
153s surprise to me so I wasn't like oh my
155s God yay but like
157s I'm happy about it
166s we did we didn't know it was coming
170s I do have a loot filter uh
191s there it is
193s got it
212s and we are we're going to be looking for
214s it for new stuff
217s thank you
218s because our gears a little on the on the
221s lighter side of power
225s um have I recovered from last week I
228s mean mostly
231s emotionally
233s yeah physically yeah
243s how was that hike it was great
256s I might be a little raspy today
260s I'm drinking lots of water
269s try to look and see what we go we have
270s no Idols oh
274s well
276s let's get started with that Idol first
277s strictly better right
286s we do have Fortune potential on these so
288s I might be able to bump up some with
289s just some good old crafting
298s I still I still owe you like 500 deaths
301s from last week I'm gonna spread them out
302s slowly over the next eight years
333s come on there we go
339s little totems here so we do have you
342s just put an idol on that gets more
344s damage from cold toes that's nice we are
346s pretty crit focused
347s as you can see we're putting all the
349s flipping time
351s which is lovely
363s lots of freezing here which is nice too
365s lots of lots of just instant nlcc I'm a
367s big fan there devil is hey
370s oh look at that is Media thank you very
373s much that was for five gifted substance
375s Channel congrats everyone got one of
377s those
377s glad to have you all with us and ends
382s yeah
383s and exactly what I just said is the end
386s of the sentence
394s did Reimer get one
403s I wonder if there's any way we could
405s like
406s is there any way to like remove people
410s from consideration on
413s um gifted Subs like that so we'd be like
415s no don't give it to staff
420s or if it happens can I just like
424s give out free ones or something rent a
426s random free one
437s all right let's see it I've missed a
439s couple more things here a little little
440s higher
443s emotionally is the important one to
445s recovering yeah also you said you would
447s try and get in the unique to show us
449s this week I did say that
451s and
452s um lucky for all of you someone else was
455s paying attention to stream that took
456s care before me
459s thank you very much to uh it was Kane
462s and Rhymer
465s also someone else as well
474s that was Kate
475s so you have King to thank for a new uni
477s coming yeah I've got one
478s but I'm playing this building so you see
480s how tanky this build is
482s be going nowhere
486s oh heavy thank you very much whoa it's a
488s big list is that 10 that looks like 10.
490s it's always five or ten that looks like
492s 10.
494s thank you very much congratulations we
496s got one of those we got let's just
499s and and one way to box Jeff why don't
501s the game director I've got to figure out
503s how to how to uh
506s stop that from happening that's funny
509s congratulations we got one of those
511s thank you very much uh heavy much
513s appreciated hope you're having a great
514s day today
517s yeah
518s in that in that post winter break
522s sort of like
524s hey like everything is ramping back up
526s and
528s getting back into normal that could be
530s good
535s I'm assuming I can just survive these
540s but no problem
543s corruption level this week we're doing
544s normal models this week we're not doing
546s we're not thrusting ourselves into 300
547s corruption
551s can't uh from him here we go can we
553s expect an 8 to 12 week patch cycle at
556s one point
557s um I don't have the exact uh I don't
559s want to say like yes it'll be definitely
561s eight to 12 weeks but um we're gonna get
563s back to our plan is to get back to what
566s we're used to
567s um
569s that back to those
571s faster and more consistent patch
573s cadences that you're used to from us
575s um
578s so we should we should what we'll be
579s doing a lot better I don't want to say I
581s don't want to put a specific number to
583s it
584s um
585s but uh
588s well probably
595s I'd say if you were expecting that
597s there's a low chance of it disappointed
622s hmm
628s really really ban someone
641s accounts suspended and deactivated
643s already well I was fast
663s didn't even get a chance abandon they
665s just the twitch was just like nope deal
667s with it
668s huh
676s see how tanky this build is don't worry
678s Mike we trust you on that yeah
680s yeah
682s you're fine
686s given that we have like no
690s idols
700s I'm just gonna put like a
704s foreign
711s slap that right at the top
713s to make sure they're not getting hidden
715s by anything
719s we deserve three leaks that's how bribes
722s work
722s ah
724s okay sure
729s sounds good
732s I really I'm really enjoying this build
733s so far
742s the like you kind of gotta aim a little
745s bit but you know it does it does most of
746s the work for you
751s we're tanky we're just we're just
753s chilling it's something I need to be
755s able to uh you know look at Chad
757s properly
773s hey
779s what the question we answered I should
785s I thought I saw a question that I
788s missed
795s ah there's a question I saw that had a
798s ping and I missed it I don't know
799s someone deleted it or not
802s if it wasn't sorry
804s I'm trying to find it but I'm not doing
806s a very good job
808s oh here's one hey Mike how are you can
810s you say something to you
813s uh to gain exp groups use pins for
816s groups players with different levels in
818s the party oh um okay so the
821s current plan for experience
823s um
825s uh like
827s out of level range experience game
831s penalties system uh that you see I don't
834s know the generic term for that but it's
836s gonna just stay the same it's exactly
838s what it is now in game
841s enemies give experience to players they
844s give the same amount of student
845s experience to players when they die no
846s matter how many players are in the zone
849s um and if you are more than five levels
853s above your character level you gain
855s experience as though you were five
857s levels above your character so if you
859s are a if I was talking level 76
861s character if I go into level 90 Zone I
864s gain experiences though I'm in a level
865s 81 Zone
876s foreign
882s style in view Quest reward that turns a
884s white face into an exalted item yeah and
887s I mean I think that that type of
889s mechanic is really interesting having it
890s be a quest reward
892s um I I think is
895s kind of limiting what how that mechanic
898s can be used I didn't personally much
900s prefer to see something like that come
901s out as a
903s oh that's a lot of stuff uh see
906s something like that come out as a
910s um
912s it's not gonna die here uh as like a
916s dungeon reward I think that would be
917s much more interesting
919s I'm not sure if we go all the way to
921s insult it it might who knows but I I
923s think that if we move that's
927s it that's and I do like that style of
928s system in view Quest especially is it's
930s really interesting because of the things
932s you can do uh in G2 and um like you can
936s there's a lot of hidden mechanics around
938s in view Quest
940s and
942s learning how that works properly and
944s learning how you can basically stick a
945s circle in there level 36 and get Max
947s roles on things is
950s it's different for like each circlet
952s subtype as well
956s there's all sorts of like free higher
959s level stuff you get from circlets
972s yeah
974s healing totems for the win
976s no problem eh
979s it's not flashy it's not fast we get the
981s job done we get there on time
996s so we're taking a look at
1004s I made a spriggan auto attack build some
1006s time ago and felt it was a lack of
1007s uniques for such a place document
1009s spring and loving patch Point night
1011s there are some changes to Spring and
1013s like like
1014s um
1017s how much is there
1021s uh I don't have a list of all the
1023s everything
1030s let's just check one place
1032s I know there's a bunch of stuff
1040s let's skills mage skills primeless
1043s skills
1046s today
1052s uh yeah there's a few fixes this mostly
1054s just fixes
1056s um things that we're missing this while
1057s we're working properly so it'll be some
1058s Buffs in general
1064s yeah there's a few a few I would say a
1067s few bug fixes that result in
1069s Buffs and a few and just little little
1072s Buffs also nothing nothing major nothing
1075s drastic
1084s I'm getting pinged
1094s it's okay it's just my wife
1106s um as far as more uniques go for Springs
1108s in particular I don't have anything off
1110s about my head that I know but I mean we
1112s are constantly adding more uniques
1117s I'm sure something will will
1121s at least
1123s spark some attention
1131s damage reflection Thornton's mode
1134s activated
1138s the debuff bubbles a little uh
1141s it's a little small for the spriggan
1143s model
1145s it's funny
1148s let's go Thorn is a bunch
1151s full reflect mode
1155s that's how this works isn't it
1159s actually it's working easily hello
1162s get that idle in it actually is uh
1168s you know not not perfect but not
1170s terrible for us
1194s uh the deepest coding question here
1196s since damaging Le is impractically
1200s implicitly random it's like just
1203s defeating an enemy with more or less
1204s attacks RNG calls affect Loop drops uh
1209s no
1210s uh if so I'll finally have motivation to
1213s use my time machine
1216s oh
1218s that would be a funny use for a time
1221s machine though
1229s she is not in earshot nor watching the
1231s stream lava
1244s I know there was some discussion about
1245s replacing ice thorns in a previous patch
1247s will that be included in the 0.9 or
1248s later
1250s it's it's it's it's clinging on for dear
1253s life it's just it's the Cockroach of
1255s skills I think I've been saying we're
1257s gonna remove it for like probably you
1259s probably go back two years into the
1261s dentist and find like some comment for
1264s me being like hinting about it being
1266s removed
1270s it's just like comically long period of
1271s time we're like we're gonna remove it
1273s guys I swear uh it's still there we're
1278s totally gonna remove it I swear
1280s we are totally Gonna Move It I swear
1286s released as we slept for six months in a
1288s row thank you very much glad to have you
1290s with us
1292s you're having fun
1299s hanging out relaxing evidence evidently
1302s she's not you're both still online and
1304s still alive
1313s oh she knows what I'm streaming right
1315s now and I won't reply to her while it's
1317s true
1324s no the kid just got bit by a duck
1330s he's fine
1335s pretty sure Tempest strike is the
1337s Cockroach of skills yeah but that one
1338s we're actually working on right now
1349s that one's that one's got like
1352s whole new prototype
1354s up and running you know it's got stuff
1356s that's going on with it
1358s I just learns is still just there
1361s because because like temperature is
1362s staying is changing
1365s um but I started to just leave it
1368s getting the old the old hifo
1375s bit by a duck yeah I I don't know how
1377s either
1381s it just like nipped by a beak
1389s doesn't sound like he's horribly wounded
1392s or maimed from this duck bite
1398s bills yeah sorry
1402s technical definition difference between
1404s a bill and a beak or is a bill a subset
1407s of Beaks
1411s like are all bills beaks but not all
1413s beaks bills
1431s hmm
1435s hello guys Mike you showed us I think
1437s last week a teaser for a new spear
1439s animations for City strike yeah we did I
1440s really like it actually
1442s um can you say if and what other Masters
1446s the Android skills claim to have revised
1447s them which is for specific weapon types
1449s the only ones that I know for certain is
1452s um like the rest of the spear
1454s Innovations for rogue were also changed
1457s um I I know others have been touched
1459s like I don't know which one
1461s um most of them are just minor changes
1464s I think I want to say acolyte got a
1468s couple
1470s of months
1474s but a lot of them are just like here's
1476s here's a little twist a little change
1478s like oh it didn't quite look good enough
1479s in the situations make it a little bit
1481s better type thing
1483s like we're gonna redo the animations for
1484s everything
1488s you know what it's an item we'll take it
1491s so that's where we're at with Idols
1492s right now
1493s foreign
1503s just go to my stash and grab a few but I
1505s like finding them
1512s I should look for an idle node in the
1514s monolith I don't know why I didn't think
1515s of that earlier
1527s was he taking after his dad and trying
1530s to face tank it yeah probably you know
1539s foreign
1547s thank you very much
1549s I love being told that our game's
1550s awesome
1553s it's nice
1560s that's got some belly damage in there
1564s there's an elemental not lastly five
1566s people
1584s is there is there a Big Bill debate
1586s raging now
1600s what if you name
1602s a duck bill and then it's a big Bill
1611s wait no the other way around
1615s oh my goodness
1628s all right
1640s I think we can do something a little bit
1642s harder this is this is I'm
1644s our damage output rates not fantastic
1648s but our survivability is quite nice
1651s their damage is definitely getting the
1653s job done so I think I'm gonna try to
1656s crack up a little more damage
1659s and maybe you'll be sitting a little bit
1660s harder a little bit quicker
1669s all right
1673s it doesn't go the wrong way
1676s yeah
1678s get him
1681s like can I reach can I reach
1684s is it quite there
1685s huh
1697s foreign
1712s isn't there a unique that lets you do
1713s that or is it it's probably too far
1715s around so you probably can't
1721s because it checks walking distance
1735s but we got here no problem
1738s a little jaunty stroll around the park
1752s will there be some type of PVP in the
1753s future like Arenas uh or certain zones
1756s uh we do want to have PVP at some point
1758s it won't be in 0.9 may not even be in
1761s 1.0
1762s but but PVP is definitely uh a feature
1766s we're looking to in the future it's it's
1767s not a focus as PVE is the primary game
1770s mode
1771s um
1772s so you know we'll we'll still be
1774s focusing there but uh
1777s yeah a few sort of thing you'd like to
1779s do
1780s when will warlock be out with 1.0
1788s oh a little line up there
1791s perfect
1794s Let's uh
1798s do a little little crafty craft
1810s let's see if we can
1814s bump some of these up a little bit
1818s you know what we'll take it
1820s it's more crit multi
1824s spell damage well transformed let's go
1826s for it
1827s we'll tune in as well sure
1835s bad
1842s like eight let them tend to like
1848s not quite weird before but you know it
1850s still works
1856s see if we can like
1861s all right we sealed oh but it's zero now
1863s can we even can we I don't think we can
1864s Discover it we need to have
1867s um
1878s just just bump some of the gear up you
1880s know no big deal
1886s foreign
1892s I just want to kill things faster
1895s is that so much to ask really
1898s fire damage
1905s I'm gonna chaos that
1908s um
1917s all right
1919s thank you
1922s a little bit louder now a little bit
1925s faster now
1931s our support skills still getting looked
1934s into yes
1937s yes
1938s um I had fun Paladin self-sustain plus
1940s group Buffs builds and Sean told him
1943s support build as well but if I recall
1945s the patch for support pattern build I
1947s had got massively nerved
1954s um
1957s are you talking about playing in
1959s multiplayer like in the CT program
1970s did we just buff ourselves too much
1980s there hasn't been a patch in quite a
1982s while still
1984s oh released five more wow thank you very
1988s much
1990s much appreciated there's so many things
1992s it's like just just gift Subs all over
1994s the place
2004s a little Dusty
2005s I should have uh
2007s looked at that first
2013s thank you very much glad to have you
2016s here congrats everybody got one of those
2017s hopefully Steve still won
2025s gotta figure out how to fix this
2028s it's probably just like give the
2030s moderators Subs so that this doesn't
2032s happen
2035s is is there a way that I can just like
2037s give out Subs any numbers specifically
2039s like can I just like give out some
2041s random songs because this is happening
2045s foreign
2073s spell and have the floor area be an
2076s extra node point be more efficient but
2080s that's
2081s baby I'm honestly not sure what node
2084s you're talking about my head
2088s the
2089s uh if it's not targeting things properly
2091s it's maybe a like just a
2094s like a bug that's causing enough targets
2097s let's look at my first level that
2106s yeah that's right you gotta hear dragon
2109s oh this is such a mistake that like
2111s everyone makes like because the dragon
2113s takes so long to spawn I just that's
2115s been fixed
2118s how long to 1.0 I do not have a set time
2121s on 1.0 yeah
2126s when it's ready
2130s but it is something we're working quite
2131s hard on
2133s uh any changes to Source where you can
2135s share this or nothing planned really I
2136s mean there's tons there's there's
2137s there's tons of little changes
2141s all over the place for every class like
2144s like
2147s the the patch notes for the most recent
2150s CT bills that went up required
2157s six posts worth of
2161s required six posts to post because it
2163s was too long and we couldn't it was
2165s truncating it
2166s so like
2167s that's just the most recent CP badge
2170s and there have been eight CT patches
2173s most of the room much smaller
2175s but like there's there's a lot of little
2177s things so like yes there's there's
2178s definitely tons of stuff there
2181s foreign
2183s got your favorite skill I might be able
2185s to look into it a little bit
2194s San Jose cenokas um just yeah we pick
2197s one seal I'll see if there's any use I
2199s need to change
2201s did you run down on the sort of
2202s performance improvements you might see
2203s what 0.9 um it's it's enough like it's
2206s different for every computer because
2208s some computers are receiving performance
2210s hits for very different reasons from
2212s others and
2214s um
2215s it's it's oh yeah even more oh people
2218s are King seems gifting for forwarding
2221s stuff can chill uh I thought it was
2223s still the same one thank you very much
2224s can chill for your sub and five gifted
2227s Subs it looks like and we've got cheers
2230s and everything it's just it's it's a
2232s crazy it's
2234s I can't even keep up over here
2235s can't even keep up over here thank you
2237s very much everybody
2239s okay I'm gonna go back to answer your
2241s questions
2243s um performance improvements uh 0.9 yeah
2245s so there's just like there's lots of
2246s different areas we targeted for
2247s performance
2249s um so we targeted
2250s um abilities quite happily
2253s um we targeted
2255s um lighting quite heavily we've targeted
2259s um just enemies in general we targeted
2261s and like that basically all actors
2264s anything that has an animator
2268s a lot of the ways that it goes to
2270s everything you Target in
2272s um
2272s if every Zone has been targeted
2276s um like it's it's
2280s and and because of that there's so many
2282s different ways that people were
2283s experiencing problems based on the
2285s systems they had so some people
2287s um that had really powerful systems were
2288s experiencing slowdowns
2290s um because basically just it was able to
2292s do too much at once in uh certain
2295s categories causing
2297s um the categories that the code wasn't
2299s very efficient in to start having
2301s problems and and causing lag overall
2307s um so there's like we've tried to fix
2309s that as well and we
2311s and then like a lot of systems that were
2314s really low power uh we've tried to
2316s Target as well for and a lot of that
2318s comes into playing with the
2320s lighting effects
2323s just just Lighting in abilities and how
2325s that interacts with the environment so
2327s like
2329s um
2331s really minor effects that you couldn't
2334s really notice were having big
2335s performance impacts and so we like
2338s touching on those much
2342s um it's it's a big enough Improvement
2343s that personally I can
2345s clearly tell even even when I'm playing
2347s 0.5 if I like I I it feels fine to me
2351s um but then I go play the like live
2354s online version and I'm like oh it's just
2355s so much better
2357s it's one of those things you don't
2358s really realize or notice if it's if
2360s you've got A5 working well you don't
2363s think it's that bad and then you go to
2364s the point nine you're like oh
2373s and and I'm sure there will still be
2374s people with certain systems that will
2376s still have problems I don't think it's
2377s gonna be a blanket just everyone's
2379s everything's perfect now because I mean
2381s no game has working perfectly for every
2384s single person
2397s Steve oh my gosh I just saw you gifted a
2400s sub just a random sub and it went to
2402s another staff member that was hilarious
2411s that's great
2413s that's great I uh I I just caught up on
2416s that
2417s uh when roadmaps 1.0 um I road maps are
2421s tricky I don't know if we're gonna do or
2423s when we'll do another road map
2427s it's it's one of those things where we
2428s might find
2432s the number of features that are left to
2435s do for 1.0
2437s um
2437s is is it's not a huge amount of stuff
2440s and it mostly hinges on
2445s feedback from 0.9
2449s we will know
2453s we have a lot of things that we have
2455s listed that we're like hey we need to do
2456s a b and Z to get from point nine to one
2459s point we know we have to do these things
2460s and those are things like we know we
2462s have to do
2464s um
2466s through Mastery classes for example
2468s um
2469s but it's possible that after 0.9
2471s releases
2472s uh
2474s because we've opened it up to such a
2475s wide population compared to what it is
2477s now
2478s some new problems might show up okay we
2480s need an extra patch to get through
2483s um or or we need more time to
2486s to sort of position so like there's
2488s there's things that could crop up so I
2490s don't want to say
2492s specifically what it is
2495s like like it's hard to put a
2496s a timeline on those things because we
2499s especially now because we might find out
2501s that we need more time to get to it
2507s we are we're in ticking things off the
2510s list mode
2517s uh when will we get the kickstarter
2519s skins and portrait you know it's not a
2520s priority just curious that'll probably
2521s be 1.0
2524s I was gonna be like D3 where there will
2526s be a specific gear set that will be in
2528s the main gear it'll be like Pew where
2530s there's totally random and just build
2531s what you feel like might feel good um as
2534s far as having like a uh a a chunk of
2538s gear that's delivered to you through a
2540s seasonal pass or something like that not
2541s season passes Wrong Turn um
2545s I don't know what they what they call it
2546s season's journey is that what they call
2548s it oh it's been a while
2550s um
2551s whatever D3 calls it it's called The
2553s Season's Journey uh we're not doing
2555s something like that where there's like a
2557s specific set of gear and I don't mean
2559s like uh set as in a green items I mean
2561s set as in like or green items or just
2564s any chunk of gear We're not gonna be
2566s bundling a specific gear where we're
2567s like here this season this gear is going
2569s to be a really good League starter for
2571s you uh and if you complete these pretty
2574s straightforward requests uh you'll
2576s you'll get this set up here that'll get
2577s you get the ball rolling we don't have
2579s anything a system like that playing at
2581s the moment
2582s um it's it's more organic of hey what
2585s did you find
2586s um
2591s I think we generally have more Target
2593s farming opportunities than DP does
2597s um so you can influence what gear you're
2599s getting and get more control of work
2600s you're getting
2603s so it's it's it's less important so I
2605s think it is really important system to
2607s having d39
2620s oh you're in this crash and you couldn't
2622s hear anything about static or possibly
2623s well I asked you to tell me what skill
2625s you wanted me to look up
2627s see if there was anything changes to it
2629s just do it and I see now you're looking
2630s for static orbs so look at the most
2632s recent packs it seems anything there
2634s before it there was a bug fixed
2637s or static word
2645s uh unfortunately it's actually a nerd
2649s right here
2654s it's really it's really minor though
2659s an area increasing effect was running
2662s off of radius instead of area
2666s so it is had increasing Returns on node
2670s investment instead of playing Originals
2684s so it's just making the skill do what it
2686s says it does
2692s but there's I'm sure there's other
2694s changes too
2695s that are not in this one that I'm
2697s looking at
2713s I see the follow-up possible so Gear
2715s theme essentially no we're not doing
2717s that
2718s let's see I'm trying to say that we
2719s would
2725s with the two-handed center strike video
2727s recently does this mean that there are
2729s some changes coming to Rogue to support
2730s to him I wouldn't say there's
2733s um
2735s um I I don't don't get your hopes up on
2738s us in giving you a bunch of tools to
2740s suddenly be able to be super effective
2744s with two-handed weapons on road that's
2746s not that's not the uh the goal here
2749s um
2750s more just taking an animation that
2752s wasn't overly awesome and uh making it
2757s work a little nicer and be a little
2759s something for people who are trying to
2760s do that
2761s um
2763s I wouldn't expect two-handed Rogue to be
2766s a
2767s um intentionally supported
2771s um archetype so like there's
2773s some archives that we like really push
2775s heavily so like
2777s a a an elemental sorcerer we pushed that
2781s pretty hard like oh you can make a fire
2783s sorcer great there's tons of tools for
2785s that
2786s um oh you're gonna make a void sorcerer
2788s I mean it's technically possible but
2790s there's not a ton of to use for
2793s you know so I put um
2797s two-handed Rogue more in that category
2811s are there going to be any throwing
2813s improvements that seem to be a lack of
2814s support for the architect
2817s um there's not a huge change for it
2819s coming in point nine
2821s um there'll likely to be more changes to
2824s throwing as an archetype as a whole
2825s coming up
2830s still a little scared and used the
2832s potion for the first time in the Stream
2844s Mike you are awesome love your passion
2846s with the game and I can't wait for it so
2847s at least thank you very much
2849s that's salty Goodman
2854s drink lots of water
2857s right I was gonna do an idle one okay
2859s idle I don't I don't find another one I
2861s don't I don't but oh it's raining
2863s what are they doing
2869s idols
2881s idols
2884s yes Mike we know you don't like
2885s two-handed Melee Rook I actually do
2887s enjoy I I like two-handed Melee Rogue
2891s more
2892s with it not being directly heavily
2895s supported then I would if it was
2897s directly having support
2901s um
2901s because I I I'm a big fan of the like
2906s um wait you got what to work moments uh
2911s you got a buddy in there you're playing
2912s multiplayer and you're like sort of you
2914s don't tell them what they're what what
2915s your build is at all like oh yeah I'm
2918s playing a rogue you know who knows what
2920s it is
2921s I'll play the blade dancer you know
2922s having some fun with it
2924s and then all of a sudden they're like
2925s wait a minute why do you have a
2927s two-hander
2929s brazen
2932s you know that's that's that's that's
2933s that's what I
2936s thought
2948s and I'm sure as we add more
2951s just you know random uniques and
2955s you know extra stuff gets added here and
2958s there you'll start you'll see more and
2959s more places where you can find the tools
2962s to get the jobs done
2965s sometimes it's better when uh
2968s it's not quite as directly signposted
2972s and it's discovered with like
2974s oh uh like some item that we released
2977s like oh we released this this necklace
2979s that we think is we're designing for uh
2982s I don't know beastmasters and somehow it
2986s it turns on two-handed Rogue and we're
2988s just like whoops and uh you know like
2991s that type of moment that's great as well
2995s I'd rather I'd rather see that happen
2998s that happens just be like all right
3000s here's a dozen nodes in uh play dances
3003s that work for two-handed weapons you
3004s know
3009s I think that takes away from the
3012s um like the the theming of Blade dancer
3015s and the like the expressions of a class
3018s itself
3020s um and then I also think it it kind of
3022s like uh takes away a little bit from the
3026s the achievement of getting an uh off the
3029s beaten path built to work
3046s are we gonna see any quiver visual
3048s representation free 1.0 no Quivers still
3051s aren't uh displayed visually only on the
3053s character properly
3082s breaking news Mike likes mean builds
3084s yeah
3086s love him
3087s love um
3090s I I say this all the time but yeah
3093s crossbow sword was you know my favorite
3096s build and uh you do
3101s awful
3105s right
3107s you guys thought about you how you guys
3109s thought about how warlock will work
3111s since warlock basically should be a
3112s class
3113s uh that doesn't use spells but
3116s spell-like abilities called indications
3119s or something like that uh since I have
3121s waited long for warlock I'm so I'm
3123s curious about it now that I know it will
3126s be out at 1.0
3127s um we do I don't have really
3129s specific details on um
3133s what it's gonna look like in the past
3135s I've likened the feeling and feel
3139s of uh I I just sort of a touchstone
3144s steaming
3146s Style
3148s vague vague generality I've likened it
3151s to Jafar in the past which is very
3154s intentionally not a game with mechanical
3157s things you can look to
3159s um
3162s but I guess that's sort of the feel
3164s we're looking for
3180s the the the Warlock will definitely have
3182s direct spells though like that's
3185s they're an acolyte so we would like
3188s like Necromancer and then bleach out
3190s them just because they're there
3200s and as we get closer to like so none of
3202s warlocks actually implemented it in game
3204s yet there's some prototype stuff that's
3207s started but nothing that's
3208s uh firm and uh
3212s like it's not it's not internally
3214s playable yet so I can't give you the
3216s specifics on
3222s CC's do not have access to any warlock
3225s anything
3226s or Falconer or
3229s brewmaster
3233s yay
3236s don't see that every day
3239s a little bit of beer
3243s yeah there we go
3256s foreign
3258s responsibly
3266s I found myself drinking so little these
3269s days and I'm just like am I just getting
3271s old is that all that's happening or do I
3272s just not like not like it that much
3274s anymore I don't know
3287s 200 in no beer for you yet there's
3288s another even rarer type of
3293s as well
3298s and they're
3300s like it's the same when a potion drops
3302s it rolls to see if it's going to turn
3304s into beer and then if it does turn into
3306s beer it rolls the same Rarity to change
3308s it to something else
3317s the difference of stats there
3327s apparently spriggan Vine AI is bugged in
3329s the Logitech enemies sometimes will just
3330s be fixed in an outcome patch yeah I'm
3332s pretty sure
3337s foreign
3339s maybe on that one
3342s Frost but I don't have with cold skills
3343s oh
3345s and Hell through General transformed
3346s yeah that's a big old yup
3352s it's on hit to some of the Thornton oh
3356s yeah that's probably really good too
3359s lead on cold hit totem health
3365s and we'll take him but not as good
3369s this one we definitely want in
3378s this is less awesome
3392s great how can we is there any way to do
3396s this
3398s no there's no way to do this
3402s to pick those
3407s um
3409s I feel like that more
3430s we're gonna go with
3432s definitely doing good on the on the on
3434s the totem no that was well worth it
3448s boom set up a microphone mute hotkey
3451s before the string sending on my cough
3463s uh do you guys intend to use the CT
3466s closed server's kind test for future big
3468s updates as well or is it just for
3470s multiples no we do want to keep a
3473s password oops we do want to keep this
3476s like um
3478s it's essentially a PTR like a PTR style
3480s like a closed VTR style system uh
3483s rolling that's still something you think
3485s it's
3486s worthwhile and good and useful into the
3490s future
3491s um
3493s do I know exactly what it's going to
3494s look like no do I suspect a lot of
3496s people will
3497s um
3498s probably not be overly interested in it
3501s once multiple
3505s people and that's totally fine and
3506s understandable and I expected
3512s a valuable thing to get feedback
3515s from players
3516s before it gets me I think that's that's
3518s a really valuable thing to get
3521s um
3522s and also just
3525s um sometimes there's things that can
3527s happen with
3528s um people who are working with us every
3530s day or there's certain certain bugs that
3533s you learn to just live with certain
3534s things sometimes just overlooked and
3536s they don't seem like problems to you
3537s anymore happens all the time with the
3539s things way more than just games
3541s um it's why you get like that's why you
3543s see those
3544s um like focus groups where there's like
3546s most people in a room there's a
3547s moderator asking questions it's like
3549s that's the reason you see things like
3550s that
3551s um
3556s and yeah so there's
3558s definitely value in that I'm sure this
3561s this the program will change slightly
3563s um but we definitely implemented it with
3565s the assumption that we've continued
3569s you know assuming people still want to
3572s be surprised if everyone bailed
3576s all right have you tried dealing with a
3578s young child that's lost there when
3580s you're drunk no I have not
3585s and it sounds awful
3590s it sounds really awful
3600s but my head would explode
3605s that's either why parents drink or why
3607s they don't or that's why I don't
3613s yeah when you have a Perpetual 6 a.m
3615s alarm clock every day
3618s going over is not fun
3632s but I don't think I've been hungover
3634s since we had the kid
3640s so there's that
3646s uh do you guys have anything against
3647s fuel that will make add-ons to the game
3649s I I I think that
3651s um
3653s I uh sorry add-ons I think that right
3656s now we're in sort of a weird pre-release
3659s State and we've had there's there's some
3661s public
3662s um replies about
3665s um uncommon mods on um on our forums and
3671s um
3673s really for for single player offline
3676s content where there's
3678s um where you're not affecting anyone
3679s else's game
3681s um we really have no intention of
3682s helping or hurting mod creation
3684s whatsoever that's sort of a
3687s um in that single player offline
3689s environments
3690s um where it's just just you and your
3692s game you know have fun go nuts but um
3697s we're not really going to
3700s uh
3702s uh building any systems that make it
3704s easier like a specific mods folder that
3706s just makes it work once it gets put in
3707s or anything like that
3709s um we have no plans for that right now
3712s that that it's possible that that could
3714s change this whole thing I'm saying could
3715s change
3716s um but right now it's sort of one of
3717s those things where
3719s um
3719s you're not hurting anyone
3723s do we do we really have any reason to
3726s say anything about it
3744s all right
3750s next thing why did you guys decide to
3752s make weapons Etc class locked there's
3755s only one class locked weapon right now
3757s um and that's more uh right now that's
3761s just because there's only
3763s um one class that has any skills that
3765s are compatible with it
3767s um
3769s and
3771s yeah
3772s as far as class locked there's there's
3775s three others there are three slots that
3776s are class locked and there are generic
3778s ones that can go in these slots so some
3780s uniques are based off of generic
3781s versions of items that can go in these
3783s slots but Hound chest and Relic are
3785s class logs
3787s um partially because it's uh way easier
3790s to to make gear that is very visual on
3793s the character
3797s um
3797s and and and and like shows up very
3801s clearly in the character matched the 2D
3802s and 3D thematically and appropriately to
3805s the character
3807s um instead of having something like you
3810s you know like you put a um I used to
3813s deal which is an example you put a
3815s um certain chess piece on a mage or
3817s Sword and the same chess piece on a Barb
3819s and they look very different on each and
3821s then you get like color themings that
3823s like make them so you said oh it's a
3825s male base like a chainmail based uh
3828s chess piece and you get like elements of
3830s chain mail and each one type thing but
3831s it's
3832s it doesn't look quite the same and so
3834s this was an attempt to make it more
3836s efficient for us to
3838s um
3839s to be able to have that look be similar
3841s more similar
3843s and then on top of that we also felt
3845s like having certain class themed items
3847s would let us make them more interesting
3849s and have more interesting affixes on
3851s them so you get this increased spell
3853s damage while transformed affix that can
3854s only appear on primeless body Runners
3856s that can't appear on oh that might be
3858s able to appear on the back like
3860s but it came to appear for example on
3862s Sentinel body armors because there's no
3863s way to transform the setup
3865s um and so you get this this more
3867s frequently useful and more frequently
3869s interesting gear
3871s um on these slots and I mean the The
3873s Relic was the third slot we picked just
3875s because we thought it could be
3877s um a really uh class thematically
3880s appropriate and changing items so like
3882s the items that go in this Relic slots
3883s are really
3885s um you know flavor heavy
3888s and then jewelry belts gloves boots and
3891s weapons are generally much less
3896s flavor specific and you can kind of go
3898s anywhere so we try to and and like so
3899s it's that that blend of both and we're
3901s really happy with how that's working
3922s uh next question here do you guys have
3925s anything against people oh no I answer
3927s that
3938s I think after this I got I got a t-0 I
3941s I'm not dying it's it's just I'm too
3944s Rock Solid so we'll get another cheese
3946s rounds uh after after this one oh I
3949s missed uh it was it was all in in all of
3952s that confusion uh quit m420 it's cheered
3956s thank you very much and Cadre has subbed
3959s thank you very much and I Su 9 has rated
3962s thank you very much
3963s glad to have you all with us hope you're
3965s having fun
3971s anything you are learning I hope it's
3973s from my mistakes enough of what I'm
3974s saying
3979s all right next question here we go how
3981s does it feel to be so close to point
3983s nine multiple finally amazing
3986s my my stress level
3989s um is inversely related to time right
3991s now
3994s which I know seems weird that you can
3995s get them close and closer to point nine
3997s just going up but I feel great about it
4003s so every day we get closer I'm just like
4007s uh I know it's a huge goal a massive
4010s project to undertake launching into
4012s society yeah there's some some news
4014s about the launch going well but um
4017s I don't know maybe I'm overconfident but
4024s I feel like we're preparing quite well
4025s for it
4032s ice Thorns were slated to remove replace
4034s a while ago any news about it now maybe
4037s linking uh similarly
4040s um it is still slated to be removed
4043s um and it will be removed actually
4044s probably 1.0
4051s maybe before
4057s all right looking back uh what's the top
4061s preventable mistake you think or your
4063s team made last year what was the biggest
4066s thing came out of it oh that's a hard
4068s question
4070s um I don't know the answer to that
4071s question properly
4074s um there's probably something related to
4076s the
4077s um
4079s uh of
4087s I don't know
4089s there weren't very many like
4092s huge mistakes I uh
4099s honestly uh
4102s I don't know this is the thing is I
4103s don't know if it's a mistake or not
4105s um but
4107s possibly not releasing eight six
4112s because we thought we could we thought
4113s we could get 0.9 out last year
4116s and which is why we pushed eight six
4119s and we ended up not being able to get
4120s 0.9 out last year so maybe not releasing
4123s eight six
4124s was was a mistake that's just so hard to
4127s say though because it like that has such
4129s a huge impact on a lot of different
4132s things that it's it's so hard to tell if
4135s that was actually a mistake or not
4137s if it was a mistake that was probably
4139s the biggest one
4151s a little Idol so we need
4154s Hawaii little Idol that fit in our slots
4157s there we go
4163s let's go find a boss let's go fight a
4165s boss
4173s oh no I'm gonna transform
4180s yo
4185s yo oh I was gonna do a okay
4188s sorry
4203s you were good
4211s oh let's let's start with let's just
4213s slide this one down come in the middle
4214s of them
4216s of a monolith as it is anyways
4223s here's a unique as requested from last
4226s week
4235s allocate
4242s you don't want to say it was a mistake
4244s uh but just what you learned from the
4246s situation I can get behind that too
4248s yep
4250s it's so hard like it's it's a good it's
4253s a good question to try and analyze and
4254s look back at like what would you have
4256s done differently what could you have
4257s done better
4258s fantastic exercise to do
4261s um
4262s and deciding retroactively if it was a
4264s mistake or not is so hard
4267s um in some situations sometimes it's
4269s really obvious
4273s I can point to a few mistakes
4275s uh earlier than last year
4280s um
4282s that uh definitely where would it would
4285s have been better but you know like
4290s maybe the further you get from the
4291s situation the easier it is to
4293s um decide if it was mistake or not
4300s all right
4303s how do you live the cell phone in the
4305s game it's giving you arthritis uh we're
4307s working on controller support that
4308s generally is better for arthritis
4313s I have a question about something
4315s nowhere near the priority list of 0.9 do
4318s you plan to give a master tree to
4320s Healing Hand yes
4321s yes uh there is a lot of things possible
4323s to do with the skill like
4325s artifact granting Edition Mana regen War
4328s given or even turning into a damage into
4330s it yeah
4331s um
4333s Healing Hands is is on the list for
4335s getting a um
4338s a skill tree we've had lots of little
4340s ideas here and there crop up for it over
4342s the years because it's been there since
4344s forever and um there's definitely some
4347s cool ideas that we've got sort of
4349s sitting on sitting on the background for
4350s a while now that um
4352s I think people will be happy with
4363s I think some things that people won't
4365s expect either
4368s which is really the important part
4384s are you planning any more music
4385s additions to the game say with fortnite
4387s 2.0 yeah there's uh there's a whole slew
4390s of new sounds
4392s um soundtracks
4394s uh music tracks that's what they're
4396s called
4397s um that are coming in with 0.9 uh I last
4401s week told the story about how I was
4403s shocked I'd never heard of one before
4404s because I really liked it in a couple
4406s play tests ago and the composer was in
4408s in my party with me he's like I just
4411s added that so that's why
4412s I felt better about myself because I I
4415s have a terrible
4417s terrible things
4421s like I I enjoy music but uh
4424s asked me to
4426s tell you anything about it and it'll
4428s just be wrong
4433s is this an early game low level unique
4436s you know what
4439s I've definitely looked at the file
4441s that's that's on screen right now before
4443s but just just to refresh my memory
4446s I'm gonna open it up real quick here and
4448s look at it
4450s so we go we got Firestarter storage
4452s sector unique breast after it's uh it's
4454s an early game
4455s uh unique it has no level requirements
4459s um so it's really low implicit stats 10
4460s melee damage three spell damage you can
4462s see the new uh added melee damage effect
4466s there it doesn't say physical at all
4468s and spell does not say adaptive so
4470s they're they're both effectively what we
4472s have come to learn is adaptive but is
4476s now
4477s um
4478s chance to inflict spreading flames on
4480s hits more fire damage to enemies of
4482s afflicted by spreading Flames increase
4484s by energy over time minus four spell
4486s Mana cost and four percent difference
4487s between these all have ranges associated
4489s with them as well
4490s um yeah it's it'll it'll
4492s I think be a starter unique that will be
4496s fun to get some that'll be on
4504s that's what I think
4520s we're new
4522s we're gonna we're gonna come in here
4524s this is this is this is cool I love how
4526s there's stuff in like every one of them
4531s where am I putting points
4540s that's nice to just have
4574s really hits we didn't do that at all
4577s I feel like this is usually where I end
4578s up going when I do this build we don't
4580s have anything in it
4586s I'm just I'm just gonna
4588s I have no points did I put a point in
4590s something
4593s nope there must have been more allocated
4595s points than I have actually
4599s uh earned
4604s City
4615s all right shade let's go
4623s I understand I'm about to whoop your
4624s butt
4647s it's like everything cocky
4651s oh my God
4678s it did look delicious what's my poison
4679s res like you know not abysmal I have no
4683s excuse
4701s oh ruined it ruined it
4721s I don't know I'm sitting there trying to
4732s just bump things up a touch you know
4735s as we go
4741s I like being over here on the left feels
4743s more comfortable
4758s all right how does audio implementation
4760s work in the game to use audio middleware
4761s software to just
4763s um we use
4765s uh F mod
4772s which I believe shows up in the like
4774s open
4780s opening
4782s and while fmod is great it has a weird
4785s interaction with Git sometimes where
4787s there's a lot of files that get changed
4792s automatically
4794s sometimes quite frustrating
4802s but
4804s every other plugin does that
4813s gets the job done it works great
4816s oh that one's colored interesting
4833s wow it's already the damage over time
4834s uniques feel both damage over time and
4836s unique it says you need feel and fit
4838s stuck in that would just be really by a
4840s powder in Canon or some kind of Mac like
4842s I think you could go either way I think
4844s it's part of your part about it
4846s um
4849s and I really like items that can be
4852s especially unique items that you can be
4854s like Oh I'm gonna use this unique to
4856s focus around a build on uh one class or
4858s another and have it still be fun in
4860s different interests
4863s I think you see that a bit in um
4867s in some items but I I want to get more
4869s like that in
4872s where they're like
4875s specific enough that they don't
4878s um they're not just like every Paladin
4880s should use this item
4882s um but generic enough that you can say
4884s like oh this type of Paladin likes this
4886s and this type of glitch like this and
4889s you'd be like oh that's an interesting
4891s one because of that
4894s you get like specific widespread appeal
4897s I don't know if that's a thing
4916s Camera Club has already answered but
4918s just take
4920s but take two just in case can a relic be
4922s made visible on character will cause
4924s such issues
4926s um we don't have like a relic slot on
4929s the character models to make them
4931s perform at the moment it's not
4932s impossible but um
4935s for the time being we don't have any
4936s plans for it right
4938s you could you could potentially get some
4940s sort of like
4950s the the trophies that get attached to
4953s Roach in The Witcher 3. come to mind
4957s Style
4964s great stuff to do because we're not
4966s using a shield
4978s it's a good choice there Mike
4985s I really want to get through this finish
4987s finish there's a box off
4991s uh yeah I get that ooh this in response
4994s to a question
4995s um I'm studying audio implementation for
4998s video game sound design uh and cops are
5000s just curious who knows what they might
5001s apply for help
5003s it goes great
5007s oh we got one that didn't tag me any
5009s plans to implement LP filtering on loot
5011s filters that is
5018s the readily seen healing wind
5026s um yeah there's there's uh
5028s LP on the filters is not something we're
5030s planning at the movies
5057s there's really chats that it's gonna
5058s spam attacks as I slowly walk
5067s oh
5069s actually I I like
5072s the artist did such a fantastic job of
5076s the new transforms
5078s oh yeah
5082s looks great
5092s it's a long way from uh
5094s just being the spriggan model
5097s but uh
5099s there was a pack that came with with two
5101s spriggan models
5104s um and it was one of them was we used
5105s one of them for the summit and one of
5106s them for the player transformed long way
5109s since that
5124s yeah I can't die here that'd be
5126s embarrassing
5133s I did die though didn't I so I guess I
5135s kind of owe you guys another uh
5137s little little teaser don't I okay
5140s after this one I'll get enough
5172s a little little ambient music dancing
5174s there
5177s you quite like the music I don't know
5179s the soccer part I know nothing about it
5181s but I always I always enjoy it
5195s all right buddy
5197s here we go
5200s and it is
5206s boiler time now
5214s to the neighborhood oh well
5229s the Boom
5254s what happened can we freeze how do we
5256s freeze it's just a loop
5259s uh oh it does say Loop
5271s what is going on is it looking crazy
5273s weird
5294s okay
5297s just a second here
5308s we're gonna
5314s try and redo this bit
5317s which are on the screen lock
5326s that looks a little better
5332s first try every time
5345s now it's playing right this is not
5347s Dragon song it is related to in a unique
5349s though
5359s you guys asked for any unique stuff this
5361s week so
5362s asking ye shall receive
5380s D also pretty nice
5387s let's get back to it
5393s foreign
5399s get the whole ass out
5405s nice thank you so much oh I switched oh
5409s you thrown me completely what am I to do
5437s all right
5439s uh we get some basic transmog feature
5442s hopefully next match now there's no
5443s transmog feature next match
5452s all right no ETA
5455s uh I only recently have kept up with
5457s patch notes housing 4.9 losing notes
5460s um it'll probably be pretty close to
5463s actually point nine when he's the full
5464s notes
5466s um
5469s there are
5471s um
5472s oh that's actually a good question
5473s because we're gonna have those like
5475s early release events so those won't be
5478s point nine but they will be like
5481s they'll probably have like some 0.8 big
5484s number on it
5486s um
5488s so we're gonna have
5496s um
5500s gonna have passions for those don't we
5509s I don't know that that's that's
5510s interesting actually so we'll have to
5512s have some hatchimals for the builds that
5514s are coming out who will play early with
5516s it will be the 4.9 patch notes usually
5518s patch notes are
5521s um like a couple days before or like day
5524s of type thing
5525s um and we do a patch preview video a
5528s week before this is usually how we've
5530s been doing it
5536s hr's into Chad the whole what up
5542s it was it was a time before rules before
5544s laws
5562s Aaron when you watch this back to do the
5564s recap you'll realize that you messaged
5565s me during the Stream
5567s hahaha
5569s which is why I'm not replying to you
5571s right now
5581s it's a cooking short or a fishing show
5583s either way
5586s it's a nice sea bass that we've prepared
5589s for you today with a the Teriyaki demi
5592s glaze sauce and uh
5603s fishing fishing land I mean I feel like
5606s there's more original
5608s um
5609s uh mini game set features to to include
5612s rather than fish
5613s we've seen fishing been done to death a
5616s million times
5637s I do I do seriously I would like to to
5639s get some some system like that you know
5641s like little little extra stuff and as as
5644s silly as it was
5646s um because my number as it was I did
5648s still Level fishing on every single
5650s character I had in WoW
5659s something about just uh taking a few out
5661s to to fish a little bit while you're
5664s adventuring that I was doing fun
5681s will there be an option to filter shards
5683s in the future maybe we don't need plans
5685s for it right now it won't be included in
5686s 0.9
5688s it's possible it could happen later
5698s you can't handle the fight fish
5705s it's a little too many syllables boy
5707s fish needs to be one syllable
5724s all right
5729s some stuff here some stuff here
5733s okay
5747s okay get that XP going
5760s drink lots of water everybody it's good
5762s for you
5768s step up oh
5770s I keep seeing it pop up and I'm not sure
5771s what it is
5773s ah that makes sense
5781s this one is actually more okay good
5783s aspect of the board needs a new uh
5786s it's a new icon
5791s there's so there's so many little icons
5793s for things that like while we were
5795s making them it was it was probably me or
5798s someone else something a lot of them in
5801s the official versions of them where I
5802s was just like all right this this
5804s ailment needs an icon let me just pick
5806s from one of the icons we have and then
5808s all the same icons that like get used
5812s and sometimes they're just not there you
5815s can aspect of the board looks like a
5816s beehive
5817s what
5829s hey there just turn on the stream uh and
5832s felt the urge to start the game has
5834s there been a character way no
5837s um however if you are playing on a new
5838s computer
5840s your local seeds will be missing
5857s I mean unless it's been like three years
5859s or four years since
5860s I think it was it was a a couple saved
5864s version changes
5865s from like Kickstarter days
5870s caused uh save files to Unique but you
5872s know that's
5874s very long time ago
5882s it's the windows Yep that'll do it
5883s sometimes steam Cloud saves will save
5885s your butt but
5892s it's okay start the journey start start
5894s with a try playing a master you haven't
5896s played yet
5906s give me my advice
5909s some nice boots to start
5912s and trying to grab for these boots
5919s well holy Aura as we know it survived
5923s the multiplayer patch I mean there's a
5925s lot of changes to
5927s to Holy Aura functionality wise as
5931s however there's um the way holy Oro was
5934s set up originally was done carefully so
5937s that it wouldn't
5939s um get demolished when
5942s um
5943s uh when multiplayer went live so
5946s um
5949s it's it's still pretty
5951s crazy powerful
5954s um but you don't if you have like two
5956s paladins with the same holy or a Buffs
5959s um it will each one overwrites the other
5962s every time it happens so it'll just
5964s constantly be overriding each other
5966s um and you won't ever get two of them
5969s simultaneously
5970s and that's already how it works
5973s I know you never have a situation with
5974s two people who you are in the game but
5975s that's how it works
5986s if it right now with the way it works
5990s with weight is in live however if you
5993s have two people that have taken a
5994s specialized holy order differently
5997s um you will get both parts of each
5999s other's holy auras
6003s look at the unique parts will stick
6004s around so if one person has I don't know
6007s uh resistances and the other person
6009s doesn't the resistances will persist
6011s even after the other ones over like some
6014s people so it's you can strategically
6016s create your holy auras to get more of
6019s the tree but you can't stack
6022s um
6022s the the same part of the tree multiple
6025s times
6025s and because
6027s um you'll end up going through similar
6029s parts of the tree and there are Baseline
6031s functionalities on if you'll never get
6032s full two times value out of it it'll
6035s always be some overlap
6042s um
6043s still it's still really good to have
6045s multiple holy ores in the party and it's
6047s possible that there could be changes
6049s more than what I'm saying
6053s but for the most part we did plan for
6055s this
6057s when we made it
6074s should have made that hotkey that beat
6075s hockey a little easier to hit
6078s just made a mouse button
6080s open Smart
6088s all right about other buff skills can
6091s you say for example if dread shade will
6093s work only on your minions or any
6096s meetings in the party
6098s um no they need to be your minions
6101s uh to cast stretch oh
6103s I'd be wrong with that
6106s it'd be really easy to make them need to
6108s be your minions if we didn't do that
6109s already
6114s but I'm pretty sure they do give me your
6115s minions
6117s uh
6119s maybe not
6123s they definitely have to be Allied
6124s minions I know that's the check
6126s it's it's probably it's probably just
6128s looks for you as the
6132s was the parents it was the creator
6142s um I'm okay here it is I'm pretty sure
6143s it is it is just your own minions
6146s because it kills minions
6149s and
6150s um we're trying to avoid grief builds
6152s where you could
6154s um
6156s like
6157s just just take all the things that drain
6159s minion life faster and faster and like
6162s going to a game with a prime list and be
6164s like yeah you're a raptor that you got
6166s that's your only minion imma kill it
6169s um
6170s we don't know
6180s but I understand the um like working
6182s together you could make some interesting
6184s builds where it was advantageous to be
6186s able to put dread shade on other
6187s people's means especially
6190s um
6190s cross-class like that but uh no it's uh
6194s I think the the opportunity for griefing
6196s is
6197s much more significant
6210s oh second up there and if there will be
6212s any way that every skill pass of the
6213s [ __ ] means uh
6220s oh if it will be that way for every
6221s skill buff pass community so yeah it's
6223s less about
6224s um the buffer flying or not
6227s um so like if you put dread shade on
6230s uh one of your own minions and it was
6232s standing next to
6234s um a primeless medium it could apply the
6237s benefits to those other meanings and
6239s preachers
6243s pretty sure
6245s there's so many of these little
6246s interactions that like
6249s I just don't remember how they got
6251s updated
6257s we want to leave room for synergies but
6259s not grieving
6273s my hand was one over on the viewer there
6275s that was my favorite to me
6284s oh
6286s excuse me
6289s it's getting late it's almost three
6291s o'clock oh
6311s doesn't fit in inventory
6315s oh yeah I was gonna look at
6323s I think it was these ones
6335s yeah actually so much poison
6340s see if we can grab my Talia
6344s nicely
6350s try and do this
6353s nice
6354s any poison rose right I guess I should
6356s flip this anyways hurry
6371s ah
6373s bed rolls there that's unfortunate
6376s we tried
6377s they were almost good
6398s big hotkeys for scene switching that'd
6400s be smart
6414s question about ntx here
6417s um the question says
6419s uh is it true that there will be no
6421s microtransactions in the game no that's
6424s not true it will be causing strictly
6426s cosmetic only microphones
6431s uh modify the visuals of your character
6433s through
6434s um
6435s a different different armor sets and
6439s weapons
6441s also through pets and Skillet um
6444s and
6446s you know the other things like frames
6448s and portals and
6450s even some slots that don't have gear
6452s functionality
6455s and you can see those here
6460s a little preview of and this this whole
6462s screen's been changed so it looks pretty
6463s different and there's actually different
6464s slots than before but you can see sort
6467s of the general idea of what we're going
6468s for
6479s hope this question is not too frequently
6480s Asked has Diablo 4's release date
6482s announcement changed anything about your
6483s development approach schedule
6486s um it didn't have much of an impact I
6489s did have some like
6492s oh maybe we'll change this thing maybe
6493s we'll change that thing like it was part
6495s of a discussion we had and like it's
6497s it it wasn't some like
6500s thanks Google no I don't regret with
6502s that uh it wasn't some huge like oh
6504s change everything moment but you know
6507s like it's once you get more information
6508s like that it's important that we take it
6510s into consideration
6520s Awakening presence node on volatile
6522s zombies oh don't know what that does has
6524s a chance to summon when a minion dies
6527s you think maybe uh there is synergy
6530s there yeah I think it would probably be
6532s your own Minions only
6536s on that one
6539s uh you guys already create
6541s any ntx other than the pet you get while
6544s you buy the game yes we have made
6547s um
6548s we we have like we have we have more MTX
6551s items that we've created than what you
6554s currently can see and more things that
6557s are not in the pet slot that will be
6559s available once the MTX shop goes live
6561s which should be with 0.9 if I can get my
6564s act together
6572s let's go get a key oh we're so close we
6574s can do this oh we only 10 minutes left
6576s we probably can't do this I might take a
6578s little bit longer if we get close enough
6582s as if D4 is something to ever care about
6584s I'm I I'm I care about it
6590s good or bad
6592s it's going to be important
6609s hello when it comes to Xbox we don't
6611s have a set release date for any of our
6612s console
6614s versions just yet it is what we'll be
6616s looking to in the future it will not
6618s come to Xbox at the same time as it
6620s fully releases on PC
6622s um we do hope to eventually get onto
6624s consoles like Xbox and Playstation
6627s um and
6629s uh we we haven't we're focusing
6633s specifically on uh PC release for 1.0
6636s it'll be windows and Linux or only two
6638s supported platforms initially
6648s but you know it's it's our it's our
6651s it's it's a difficult thing to do a
6653s large simultaneous release for many
6655s different platforms
6657s um and I think it's interesting to see
6658s that we're even seeing on Archer titles
6661s um split releases on
6663s a horns showing up so like um
6666s the new Hogwarts Legacy game that's
6667s coming out
6669s um is releasing on different types even
6671s like PS4 or PS5 have different states
6674s and then switch has a different release
6675s date again
6677s um
6678s and it seems like that's mostly and this
6680s is very speculative it seems like that's
6682s mostly performance in the series based
6685s on which title like because it's I feel
6687s like the pipeline for releasing on PS4
6689s and PS5 are probably pretty similar the
6691s biggest difference is Hardware
6692s availability
6695s so likely and given the switch is even
6697s later than those
6699s um
6700s uh last gen Microsoft and Sony platforms
6703s it's likely and this is some pure
6704s speculation likely perform okay
6716s and I could be completely wrong
6718s foreign
6726s take that dragon
6729s all right
6735s I have to find a b Shrine and find out
6738s yeah
6743s the bees would still be your minions
6760s let's go we're just going straight let's
6762s go power gamer style let's get this done
6764s I've got to complete three of the uh
6770s I don't want to do a boss though
6785s I I know one more spoiler I was gonna
6786s show if I died again or if I beat the
6788s boss but I cutting it kind of fine I'll
6790s show it regardless
6808s all right another question that the wire
6810s love them love them uh so I'm not a
6812s developer you could be uh but I am a
6816s network engineer oh you're much smarter
6817s than I am then
6819s um most of what I've seen on the careers
6821s page is for smooth developed positions
6823s and network developers are are
6826s networking social warlocks anyways any
6828s chance you need less senior people's
6830s support as the point nine gets closer
6832s um if if you're interested
6834s um my suggestion is is sending an
6837s application even if it's not
6838s explicitly if it's if you're like I have
6840s similar qualifications and I think I can
6842s be useful
6844s um
6845s it doesn't it doesn't hurt to it doesn't
6847s hurt to try
6848s uh would be my advice just give it a
6850s shot and uh
6855s skilled skilled Network developers are
6857s very very awesome
6861s uh and difficult to find
6871s I have um I'm also not the in the hiring
6875s pipeline so I'm not sure if there's like
6877s already someone that's almost about to
6879s be hired or something like that in the
6880s same category or
6882s so I can't make any promises but my
6883s advice is
6885s if you think if you think you are
6887s interested in working on it and you
6889s think it's a
6890s useful uh give it a shot
6903s uh do you guys already have a rough plan
6905s on anything beyond 1.0 release
6907s expansions DLC user seasonal stuff yeah
6908s we do have
6910s um
6912s uh like we have a whole section of our
6916s um
6918s development Discord uh that that is
6921s basically just a bunch of
6923s ideas for the future of last debug I
6926s have a five five hundred yeah let's go
6927s we can do this
6929s so it's yeah it's it's um
6932s ideas that people have
6934s um different categories of things you
6935s want to see in the game after 1.0 comes
6938s out
6939s um we have we have certain documents
6941s that specific like certain categories
6943s that specifically Focus
6946s um
6947s future content and
6951s so like the the class design document
6956s has specific suggestions for future
6959s classes
6960s um
6961s and things like that the
6963s um there's there's level design
6965s documents that have specific suggestions
6968s for uh levels post uh after 1.0 the um
6972s like in in-game
6975s design documents have suggestions for
6978s post 1.0 content like yeah there's
6979s there's stuff all over the place
6981s um
6983s I can say with very strong certainty
6985s that not all of it will ever get created
6993s but yes there are our post 1.0 plans
6997s that are
6998s um some of them in some cases actually
7000s are already in the works
7002s some long-term plans that get laid
7005s great match right
7007s oh very much great long-term plans
7021s rip beastness a problem no
7025s he semester's oh gee it's not going
7026s anywhere
7031s Ashcraft oh one I actually love this
7033s game I have put in more than 1500 hours
7035s yeah that's a lot of time man for any
7037s game
7038s um the last couple years not counting
7040s time spent planning watching a stream
7042s chatting on Discord or treble or or
7044s trolling forums to attract everyone
7046s you've done an amazing job I seem to
7048s like and I don't seem
7050s uh I don't seem like anything can stand
7053s in your way thank you I can read I swear
7055s it's one of my Prime talents reading
7058s appreciate it you just love lesson pluck
7061s uh and everyone else here uh anyone else
7064s looking at chat thank you very much I
7065s appreciate it that's that's great to
7066s hear I'm glad you I'm glad you're having
7068s fun
7069s um like yeah that's always cool thank
7072s you
7078s it's still it still seems wild to me
7080s when people tell me that they play our
7081s game and are having fun I know it's like
7083s it's just simple small little thing
7086s um
7088s still cool
7091s I actually had a um this
7094s fun little little interaction that
7096s happened I don't know if I'm gonna get
7097s lost here at the time I might stretch it
7099s we'll see but
7100s um
7101s there was like uh it very rarely comes
7105s up in in like in the wild so to speak
7109s um
7110s but there was
7112s translated as vague as possible there
7113s was someone like a friend of a friend's
7115s situation
7116s um so like oh hey like certainly people
7119s get to know like oh what do you do yeah
7122s um
7123s and uh
7127s turn turns out well it's like I told him
7129s like I'm getting developer and uh we're
7132s gonna like this this game's not even out
7134s yet
7135s um get talking to specifics it turns out
7137s they've been playing they actually
7139s backed it on Kickstarter
7143s um like forever ago
7145s and have been playing since and it was
7146s it was a wild moment of like this is
7149s weird
7151s that that that's almost never happens
7158s and uh they were they were really cool
7160s it wasn't like a bajillion follow-up
7162s questions and hounding a foreign
7171s glad you're having fun
7190s B Master ah B Master did I say bees
7194s Master ah I I totally misread that yes
7202s um I I doubt we'll see a class that is
7205s specifically
7207s the mastery
7210s oh that would be a pretty wild stretch I
7212s think
7218s I forgot this Quest
7220s uh Echo takes quite a while because
7222s there's not some long traversals and I
7224s shouldn't have gone back through that
7227s one
7241s every we streamlined the
7244s um like completing like not into the
7246s quest masteries in
7249s um
7251s uh in empowered modes and I I definitely
7253s know the quests
7256s Echoes Quest Echoes worse and worse each
7258s time
7261s just just like it's it's B form
7266s that was oh I totally get there was a
7270s post on
7272s uh some platform Reddit forums I don't
7276s know where it was it was somewhere that
7277s was like Hey can you fix this bug I had
7280s no idea what they were talking about and
7282s I just got it right there yes it's been
7284s fixed
7286s so
7289s whoever that was
7292s yeah it's fixed
7304s wait did I die there
7310s did I fail that somehow
7316s did I just leave before I was done
7318s am I just an idiot
7326s oh okay
7329s we'll finish it next time
7337s well
7340s seeing as how I am so brilliant and
7342s never make any mistakes ever
7344s we'll be uh closing out the stream on a
7347s little
7350s teaser here
7354s foreign
7357s you can't laugh at yourself again you
7359s laugh at right
7367s oh I hope everyone had some had fun
7370s today
7371s um
7374s we'll be
7377s we hanging out next week
7380s um yep uh sorry next week I will be here
7383s week after that is during the
7387s stream event so I might not do the
7390s stream in two weeks from now as to not
7393s trying as let's not take away from other
7394s people that are streaming
7395s um
7397s might shift the dates lately you might
7399s just not to a stream might hop into
7400s someone else's stream I don't know we'll
7401s see what we do
7403s um some news to come on that one
7406s um because someone listen talk about
7408s what we should do there but yes next
7410s week I will be here with more info more
7412s more teasers more spoilers
7414s I hope you had fun oops wrong button
7417s I hope you had fun I know I did we'll
7419s see you next week same time same place
7421s if I did not answer your questions
7422s please feel free to stop by on our
7424s Discord forums Reddit uh other places
7427s that I'm sure people lurk all the time
7429s and answer questions that sounds a
7430s fantastic community members also
7432s answering questions all over the place
7434s um
7435s and I'm pumped for point nine I'm pumped
7437s for new events and I'm excited for for
7440s people to be able to see multiplayer and
7442s experience multiplayer and and talk
7444s about it and stream it and all that sort
7445s of stuff so we'll
7447s it's gonna be it's gonna be a good good
7449s couple months here I'm really looking
7450s forward to it hope you all are too see
7452s you later have a good night