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Ever since they released the online feature i was not once able to use it. It does not matter what server I use. It is always „Lost connection - you lost connection to the game server“ after a few seconds.

I tried for the first two weeks after the release and they did not fix it. Now we are close to the 1.1 patch and I wanted to jump back in with my friends. And it is still the same. Is this some kind of joke? How could they not fix this?

I play this game since way back in the early acces days and I love it. But at this point I ask myself if I will ever be able to play with friends. Also wanna try the trading….

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We have had some issues with specific ISPs which essentially don't like the type of traffic going through the network. We have contacted each that have had this issue. Some of them just added us to some list and it was fine but a few didn't really give us the time of day and basically said that their customers need to contact them directly. I think these were mostly in Europe but I'm not sure about all of them.

This might not be the issue. If you want help finding out if it is and possibly get some help fixing the issue, you can contact us on our support site. Replies are way faster right now than they will be when the patch drops next week.


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Sadly did not get an answer

Every message gets an automated reply at least which confirms the email was entered correctly so if you didn't get an answer, check your junk mail. If you did get that reply but just haven't had a human follow up yet, someone will reply.