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As the title says i would just like to thank the Developers of Last Epoch for creating such an intuitive game. This games going to get compared to many other ARPGS in the genre such as Path of Exile and Diablo 3 and i have played over 2k hours in both, but do not let that sour what Last Epoch is and this is a great game.

Never before has an ARPG before included such intuitive game mechanics in a game, I really feel like i understand a game for the first time without having to leave the game and go online to find the answers.

It's easy to create your own build as they literally tell you how abilities scale, they very easily and quite functionally show you how the changes to taking passive points works!

I can create my own loot filter in-game with a guide on how to do it!

I can easily understand the crafting mechanics and endgame mechanics because all the information is there in-game!!

Thank you so much- A lover of ARPGS <3

Update 1 - I completely forgot about free stash tabs, well you have to use in-game gold, but i dont have to spend money to have stash tabs is a win win.

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We really appreciate the kind words, everyone. More great stuff on the way for you lovely folks