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Hi all,

Getting back into the game after months/years away.

Offline characters... Any re-org or storing of items in my stash is now 'lost', as my stash resets to how it was when I logged in for the first time in a long time last week. It seems like my stash is frozen in time. I can interact with it normally, but it seems like nothing is saved when I log out/back in. Items I transferred from my character to my stash are now gone. Any help?


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This is usually caused by steam sync being a little too over zealous. It is also sometimes caused by a third party cloud sync software like one drive. Check to make sure that you don't have something like this interfering.

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Originally posted by Srikandi715

I can attest that One Drive can really mess with game saves, and not just LE. First time I caught it doing that I ripped it out by the roots and won't let it come back, despite windows telling me I NEED it every few days :p

Yea, I went a little scorched earth on it a while back and now my windows explorer crashes if I accidentally mouse over a very specific spot while dragging a file or folder.

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Originally posted by tref24

I checked my Onedrive - there is no LE on there other than my desktop launch shortcut. I would prefer not to delete onedrive as I do use it for other functions. Any way to confirm STEAM is the issue? I tried creating a new character in legacy offline mode and the account stash is still bugged for them (new tabs bought are erased upon new login with gold spent refunded). So . . . if I can't fix it, all of my current toons are literally unplayable...

Turn steam sync off to see if it fixes the issue is how to test steam.

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Originally posted by tref24

Welp, Uninstalled/Re-installed. Turned off steam cloud sync. Same problem. Tried in online/offline mode and full offline mode. In full offline, items I put into the stash from my character tab would reappear in my character tab. In online/offline mode, those items were just gone after relogging in. /shrug . . . I wanted to play :)

Well you can contact support if you want more help. I was more just throwing out what it's been every other time I've heard someone having this issue.