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To our commmunity:

Thank you for all of your amazing support, feedback, and encouragement over the years that has been instrumental in bringing Last Epoch to this point. As many of you know, the Eleventh Hour Games team started off as passionate members of the ARPG community that banded together to create “The Next Great ARPG”. Since launching Last Epoch’s Kickstater in 2018, with the unwavering support of the same community that we came from, we’ve reached today’s milestone of launching the complex server-authoritative multiplayer systems that will allow Last Epoch to produce content for years into the future that you and your friends will be excited to come back to.

It is our committment to you that the Eleventh Hour Games team will always remain transparent, communicative, engaged, receptive, and excited to continue the development of Last Epoch for all of the incredible people that have supported us along the way. We look forward to bringing you the innovative loot-hunting, build-crafting goodness that we all get so excited about for many years to come.

  • Judd,
    Game Director - Last Epoch
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If you’ve purchased the game through the website your account will need to be migrated to steam. To do that please follow the process as described here: Migration to Steam