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The movement from Void Cleave is an intended part of its design, which can be used to advantage, or disadvantage - similar to dancing strikes, and warpath having forced movement as “movement” tagged skills.

It is valid feedback that you’re encountering frustration with a forced movement skill, and it’s certainly something we can take into consideration as to “how” it forces movement, or perhaps other aspects concerning it. At the current time it is intended for it to force movement in the attacking direction as a core part of the skill’s identity when you use it like other movement skills.

If you’re having issues identifying telegraphed attacks and accidentally Void Cleaving into them, I think adjusting the Telegraphing clarity would certainly be worthwhile to discuss, such as if there’s particular enemies it happens against, or in particular areas (We do know of and are adjusting some maps which are a bit too bright making telegraphs harder to see). Of course discussing the core functionality of Void Cleave is perfectly fine as well, just please keep it civil.

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