8 days ago - JustinC - Direct link

Sorry about this, we’ll work on getting a fix as soon as possible!

For those encountering this problem, this information would be helpful:
At the center island, do the 3 indicators light up to show that you’ve completed the 3 requisite timelines?
When you approach the center island, does the camera pan over to the catalyst in the middle? If so, can you then walk over and click on that catalyst and receive the “empowered timelines unlocked” message? If the camera does not return control to you after it pans over the catalyst, that’s also valuable information.
Is the center catalyst accessible, or is the ground not formed around it, preventing access?
Does any of this change if you leave the Monolith of Fate and re-enter it? If you’re in online, you’ll need to stay outside the Monolith of Fate for 1 minute to get a new instance.

Posting your player log would also be helpful: https://support.lastepoch.com/hc/en-us/articles/1260805192629-The-Game-s-Log-File

7 days ago - JustinC - Direct link

We have a fix for this internally. We should hopefully be able to get this out in a hotfix soon.
Once the fix is out, you’ll just need to walk up to the catalyst again and it should allow you to click it to empower your monoliths. You won’t need to recomplete any timelines.

6 days ago - JustinC - Direct link

Sorry for the delay here. The hotfix is scheduled to go out today, but I’m unable to provide an exact time for it. We were hoping to get the hotfix out yesterday but couldn’t get everything ready in time.