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I have a question related to tooltip damage scaling. It is about Spirit Plague.

If I take a node giving +14% INCREASED damage (Unclosing wounds) I go from 2655 to 2712 (+57) tooltip damage. But if I take a node giving +25% MORE damage (Concentrated rot) I go from 2697 to 2712 (+15) tooltip damage. The only thing changing is the spread range (-15%) but it should not be taken into account, right?

So, is that a bug or something else? Obviously, more should give more dps than increased.


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5 months ago - /u/ehg_trasochi - Direct link

Damage nodes in Spirit Plague are set up unusually because they need to scale instances of the Spirit Plague ailment rather than the ability cast itself. This has resulted in a bug where they're not taken into account for tooltip DPS.