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On behalf of the team, we wanted to say thank you for all the love we're seeing for our groovy boy, Space Groove Teemo!

We have collected your feedback and after discussing it with the team, we were able to make the below changes:


  • Added more oomph to Teemo's ult so that the mushroom explosion sounds have more impact to them.
  • Dance music loops infinitely for the dance animation.
  • Basic Attack Hits & E Attack Hits now sound slightly different, with Basic Attack Hits feeling more 'plain' while E Hits feeling musical.
  • Passive Music loops more smoothly.
  • Recall & other Emotes increased music volume loudness to match other Space Groove skins.

Passive State

  • With how Teemo's passive functions, we unfortunately cannot adjust it so that his emotes can be seen by enemies while in stealth. This would affect Teemo's core gameplay experience which is counterproductive to our goal of maintaining competitive integrity.


  • We have seen some polarized response around Teemo's Space Groove model and, despite the criticisms, we believe that this execution does a great job of representing the Space Groove thematic at the Legendary tier while maintaining Teemo's immediate recognizability and silhouette. Maintaining consistency for gameplay reasons is vital and we've given it ample consideration, but as a team we believe it important to continually do our best to innovate and deliver newer and better experiences to players. For this reason, we are confident in the direction we have taken this skin and will not be making any changes.

Thank you again for all your kind words on this skin, testing out Space Groove Teemo, and for the feedback! ♥

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Hi all!

"Name's Teemo, but my dudes call me Boogeemo 'cause I boogie mo' than the rest."


Legendary skin, Space Groove Teemo, is heading onto the Rift, featuring:

  • Custom models and textures!
  • Custom VFX!
  • Custom SFX!
  • Custom animations and recall!
  • Custom VO!

Space Groove Teemo is set to be 1820 RP and is available to play on PBE. As players who get a first hand look at this upcoming content, we want to hear your thoughts. Drop your feedback in the thread below!

-Bagel Socks

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