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Literally title, I've been feeling lately that the amount of damage and burst in general went up significantly with multiple cumulative changes in the patches. We might not be at the same peak that we were right before the durability patch went live, but at this point I'd say we're definitely in the "damage is too high" territory again but curious to see what others think.

Edit: went to sleep and this blew up a bit. A few thoughts reading the comments:

  • My opinion is mostly about the current patch. Although Riot has been pumping up damage gradually again for a few cycles, at least in my opinion the last one pushed things a bit over the edge.

  • I do agree that new items might be the reason behind it all.

  • And feel free to take my opinion with a huge grain of salt as I'm a mage-only player and this might not be our best meta. But it seems that at least part of the community agrees with this feeling though.

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I mean after he got dumped by Kalista who can blame him

This guy reads the lore.

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