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Originally posted by oby100

It really irks me. I understand that player behavior is really hard to address effectively, but these stats don’t really mean anything. I mean, an unlabeled graph is truly mind blowing with how misleading it could be.

I can't tell you the exact numbers for the the y-axis, but I will assure you that it starts at 0. So you should be able to infer some trends/percentages from this graph.

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Originally posted by truthordairs

I know they said ranked brings out more toxic behavior but I’m still reallly worried about normal queues taking a hit. I still run into a lot of toxic players and Im concerned that forcing toxic players into norms just makes it worse and way less of a “chill games” queue

We'll be watching normal queues closely. If they start to be impacted, we'll pull the change.

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Originally posted by SnowyyRaven

Yeeaaaah. It just seems like they're sacrificing less toxic modes to make ranked a little less toxic.

Idk. I guess it means I just won't play aram or norms to chill, I'll just play a different game instead.

I promise the goal is to reduce overall negative player experience. We aren't trying to just shuffle it around between queues.

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Originally posted by ArachnidGood1990

Except their AI language bot is garbage and punishes people who aren't even toxic.

These are the types of players who will get locked out of Ranked:

Meanwhile actual inters and win traders will be completely unaffected.

When we first released GATES it would mistakenly evaluate text in channels that wouldnt show up in the report card, which caused a lot of the silliest looking screenshots you see floating around. That's since been fixed so there should be fewer of them since 2023.

We still make mistakes of course, and we continue to improve it. As time goes on it should only get better.

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Originally posted by Hobmot

Yeah sure, the graph doesn't have its Y-axis labeled, but WOW! That line is going up very much!

Cant share the y-axis here, but I will say that it at least starts from 0 :P

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Originally posted by Regulargrr

Isn't that when people were complaining about bans being really sensitive all of a sudden? Or am I remembering wrong?

Yeah this happened for a brief time. We fixed it before the end of december if I recall correctly.

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Originally posted by Hatchie_47

About time! The amount of people intentionaly ruining ranked games while loudly announcing they are doing so and laughing in everyone faces is unbearable. Hope there will be swift further punishments for people who will just throw their anger in other queues in order for those not to become an absolute swamp. Perhaps acompany the ranked restriction with like 24 hours complete ban to let the child calm down and not immediately ruin a normal game?

Ranked restrictions will only be an additional penalty, stacked on top of the penalties we give out today. It's not replacing the time bans we give out.

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Originally posted by truthordairs

I appreciate the transparency and hope it works out as a net positive for every queue, the work you guys have been doing on reducing toxicity is definitely noticeable and I hope in the next few years the game will be dramatically less toxic for all players

Thanks! Means a lot to hear stuff like this :)

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Originally posted by Hobmot

Axis starting points don't matter when you don't show units. You can make the graph shape look like whatever you want when you hide units.

In particular, hiding the Y-axis units is especially worrisome. That's almost always the crucial measurement you're trying to track in a normal line plot graph. Forgetting the Y-axis units is always a sign of dishonesty or ignorance.

Okay okay, the graph starts from 0 and is linearly scaled.

We're just trying not to disclose some business data (like total player games), not trying to reshape the graph. If we didn't have something that we were excited about to share we just wouldn't have written an article.

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Originally posted by Renuzit42

I don't know if it's resilience, but it surprises me when Devs respond to people that it seems as if just want to be angry.

It's a weird dichotomy, but I'm mostly responding to clear up misinformation and answer peoples questions. As a result, you end up responding to people who are mad more than you respond to people who are just being nice.

It's really nice when I read comments from people excited about a system I'm working on though.

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Originally posted by Lorik_Bot

What about creating a punishment qeue only like dota has and one guy mentioned above, where you have to learn to play with your team you get assigned a random 1-3 champ and have to win 4 out of 7 games and if you are toxic it resets.

A lot of punishments players receive in League of Legends aren't for instigating a fight with someone, but for striking back at someone and getting drug into a flame war.

Taking a player who is normally fine, but reacts negatively to flame into a queue dedicated to matching them with volatile people isn't a recipe for anyones success.

That's one of several reasons that we don't think LPQ is a good solution for league of legends at the moment. All of the reasons boil down to "we don't think it would actually solve anything". It might feel good to imagine all the "bad people" off in their own queue, but it's important to remember that the vast majority of offenders are players who only get tilted every once in a while.

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Originally posted by DrMobius0

I would caution against treating a several year old public statement as gospel. Companies often change their minds, especially as the context of problems changes.

This one is still pretty accurate to how we feel today.

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Originally posted by Pogab

I mean, these report feedbacks could also just be fake tbh. It's as easy as "if player has sent some reports the last few games, give him a report feedback no matter if any player got punished or not".

You don't have to trust me, but we don't do this.

Every report feedback happens only when we process a ban.

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