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Chemtech Terrain and Dragon is returning to the rift with a whole new shape.

New features below:

  • Dragon
  • Soul
  • Buff
  • Terrain/Plants

The Chemtech Dragon and Chemtech Terrain will appear soon on PBE! As players who get a first hand look at this upcoming content, we want to hear your thoughts! Drop your feedback in the thread below!

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6 months ago - /u/RiotTriptoid - Direct link

Originally posted by Lunariz

Just had the exact same, also in practice tool. https://imgur.com/a/kjFHQkt

Should be fixed for tomorrows build. Will follow up.

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Originally posted by UnknownfromME

I have only gotten the soul a few times but I like it. Terrain doesn't feel intrusive and adds to the game without it becoming a toxic and intrusive element like before. The soul is nice. A nice combat edge that gives some extra strength but nothing that feels overly oppressive.

Hi, appreciate the positive reception. We are excited for it to go to live and see some insane blast cone clips.

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Originally posted by madpac_man

please put the option to spawn the quimtech dragon in training mode, I've been trying to spawn it for a few days to test the map but I can't

Forcing the terrain is difficult via Practice Tool, but I have change that will at least spawn the dragon.