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The title says it all. A lot of players have been playing this game for a really long time, and therefore recognize every item and can navigate through the shop with no problems. Give it some time and the exact same will happen with the new shop and items. Was the change neccessary? I don't know, but stop acting like the world will fall apart because of these changes.

EDIT: There is nothing wrong with giving constructive feedback about the shop, but saying "aaaa i cant find sh*t and everything is ugly" is not helpfull at all

People calling me Out for the title, yeah, i might have overshot there, but i hope it delivers what i want to say (take your time before giving a final verdict)

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Yep, I hated the new store when I played on PBE for the first day but the more I played the more I grew to the hate the old store so much I stopped playing on live.

You can just legit shop so much quicker once you know where everything is with the new setup.

They definitely need to add resizing tho.

We're looking into it. :)