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Hi everyone, I'm excited to announce that Preseason 2023 will be available test starting tomorrow October 4th. We have quite a few changes planned, below are the individual threads for feedback and bug reporting.


Preseason 2023 Announcement


Preseason 2023 Sub Threads:


Like most Preseasons everything is subject to change and we will be making iterations from now until the launch date of Preseason 2023. We value your feedback and discussion as well as your time investment into finding bugs. I will be monitoring these threads frequently, so we can stay on top of bug fixing as well as communicating any community concerns when necessary.


Hope you guys have fun this year :)


EDIT: Using the following space below to provide PBE Updates/Status


As of 10/18 we have added many new changes and features:


  • Objective Planning early iteration added
  • Offscreen Pings
  • Item Tuning
  • Companion AI improvements


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6 months ago - /u/RiotTriptoid - Direct link

Originally posted by Oneprogoober

Practice tool doesn't have a "spawn chemtech drake"!

I'm looking into seeing if we can update practice tool. No updates at the moment.

6 months ago - /u/RiotTriptoid - Direct link

Originally posted by Blastedsnake526

Lots of shields are bugged visually such as kassidin q galio w
Theres also kled hp bar being weird

This is being tracked, thanks for the report.

6 months ago - /u/RiotTriptoid - Direct link

Originally posted by V8_Only


Not sure if this affects anyone else but the pets apply Viego’s Q passive. So an auto attack on a monster will cause the pet to attack and then applies the Q passive.

Fixed this in next build

6 months ago - /u/RiotTriptoid - Direct link

Originally posted by 1994Klint

Replays not working and crashing

We fixed this issue today. Should be good tomorrow, 10/5

6 months ago - /u/RiotTriptoid - Direct link

Originally posted by MerryOtaku

If Ornn buys Rod of Ages and buys and sells it a bunch of times, he can get 0 HP and become immortal. He can take infinite amount of damage and can't be killed no matter what, and on top of that after he sees ROA to get 0hp, he keeps the 0hp and buy AD items to siege turrets by himself. Please, please disable Ornn ASAP this is not fun to play against.

Fixed today.