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Hey all!

Cosmic Skarner is scurrying in, from the universe, to PBE with:

  • New models and textures!
  • New VFX!
  • New SFX!
  • New Recall!

Cosmic Skarner is set to be 1350 RP and is available on PBE! Please leave any feedback or questions you have here!


Riot KiWiKiD

11/12 update: Hey everyone! We will be changing the W VFX to become more like an exoskeleton due to feedback, thanks for helping!! We totally agree that it should be less like a karma shield and more inline with his other skin's W VFX!

We are also giving Skarner a secondary title upon popular request.

Stay tuned / check out PBE tomorrow or the next day to find out what it is!

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