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not sure how to feel about Hextech and Chemtech Rift

Let me just tell you Riot Sound Bear is CRUSHING the sound effects. They're something else

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Originally posted by Jeremithiandiah

yeah my concern is that with zhonyas you will be unkillable to the enemy assassin. Although we have yet to see the stats of the item

The intention is that if you go both this item + Zhonyas, your damage takes a severe hit. Generally that has played out, but in situations with 3+ assassins it can be viable, in which case, that's intended to be a powerful case anyway.

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When they show the challenge on the client, there is "Ruined King" between "Challenges" and "Season Rewards"

That mock-up may have had some outdated info in it. :)

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Originally posted by Matosque

These drakes look nutty, maybe too nutty. Or maybe it will be like Plants and they're actually quite good. Not a fan that they keep the whole mythic idea shit.

As stated in the video, part of the goal here was creating higher-impact terrain states than the current four dragons. Not drastically different, but we do expect these dragon terrains to change the game more than the current 4 terrains.

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Originally posted by bz6

Are you worried about adding more “creep” with these drakes and that new ability haste item for assassins?

Ability haste creep, movement creep (with the Fortnite portals)? And that Sion passive soul. I feel that you’re giving tools to champions that shouldn’t have that type of stuff.

It’s removing counter-play, specific champion identity, and the power of teleport. Like portals really? That feels very non-League like.


Any time something new is added, we need to appropriately weigh the risk. In this case, we're not really worried, so long as there are appropriate tradeoffs. If you're opting to go Ability Haste item, you're not going Edge of Night or Youmuus or Umbral Glaive. Each of these are powerful game impacting effects in their own right. Of course there will be some users like Nocturne that are disproportionately good with the item, but every piece of content is going to have a "best user".

League is a game built on variance for maintaining interest. Even a player who plays only Malphite for 10,000 games should feel like loading into the game always presents different challenges and ensures that different fun/interesting situations always emerge.

For that reason, I don't really agree with the last part of what you said. Of course there's a version where we go too far, but I don't think this is it. Portals have a lot of counterplay; there's travel time, their positions are telegraphed, there are audio and visual cues. That, on top of the fact that you would only run into this terrain 1/6 games.

Plants also felt non-league like when they were introduced. Now it's hard to imagine League without them.

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Originally posted by Flyntloch

Ignoring the soul talk; I do actually have a question on Hextechs portal system. Mostly if they’ll be static (Portal A -> Portal B) or change each game but still signify where they go (Portal A -> Portal B one game, Portal A -> Portal C the next), didn’t get a good tell in the video.

Same thing every game, same as every other soul.

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Originally posted by bz6

The revive soul is really dumb. What makes Sion’s passive unique now? These changes just inflate things that should be rooted in champion identity.

Well I am sorry to hear you feel that way but that's just how game design is a lot of the time. We can only create so many unique and interesting mechanics within the boundaries and rules of the game that are balanceable and feel healthy. There are countless examples. GA and Zilean Ult are literally the exact same thing.

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Originally posted by Auzsi

Both umbral and ghostblade providing AH. There will definitely going to be a power creep, but say whatever you want. Even the blind can see it. Mages has a single haste item in their entire legendary roster, meanwhile ad has haste on almost all of their items. Sounds fair.

Assassins are a special case. It is a conscious choice to give them haste and utility effects in the legendary item passive so that they have less item power budget in Burst damage. Mages have 3 haste items in their legendary roster.

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Originally posted by RenegadeExiled

honest question, but doesnt that seem completely backwards to you? Assassin class champions, historically, were looking to dump their spells and kill a target, while Mages are looking to run through multiple rotations in a fight. yet here we hare, giving assassins access to even more AH, while 2 of the mage options are limited to defense items, and the third can only be built second item or later, with no benefits besides just more AH.

to me, that seems backwards from how it "should" be, where Mages are making hard choices and sacrificing their itemization for what was originally one of their key stats, while assassins are getting even more given to them.

Are you suggesting that assassin items should have more power in Burst damage and less in AH? The entire point of AH on assassins is that it draws out their combat pattern, allowing them to still succeed when they land all their spells but not having their one combo instantly kill you. Assassins are getting more AH by intention BECAUSE it reduces the amount of burst damage they need to deal in first rotation and sustain their power level.

As for mages, it's fine to give them a choice between Burst damage and ability haste. One of the issues with s9/10 itemization was that mages were maxed out on cdr by item 2 every game, which isn't a desirable state. I don't agree with the notion that the majority of AP items should have AH if that's what you're suggesting. They have a solid baseline with mana Mythics haste and can go Lucidity or transcendence if they choose. Then they can choose between damage, defense or haste.

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Originally posted by FruitfulRogue

But why are Assassins a special case lol?Shouldn't you be treating each class relatively similarly instead of allowing one class to egregiously stack something without Tradeoff?

ADC's can't stack AS and Lifesteal without losing out on damage, mages don't even HAVE the option to stack AH and utility anymore, and Tanks need to juggle resistances, HP and damage without becoming irrelevant.

Mages aren't weak but they feel HORRIBLE to play and I'd argue they feel the worst too play in league then in any other game in the MOBA genre right now.

Moba like Smite and Dota provide mages with SO MANY options and variety. There's Attack speed mages, DPS mages, burst, battle, etc. But in League, they're majority burst orientated with 1 to 2 alternate options for specific champs.

I don't understand Riot's weird obsession with giving fighters and bruisers a wide variety of items constantly meanwhile mages literally just have a collection of stack stick items.

We have 2 active items and it's notoriously boring. Give mages some fun items and you might get less complaints. Add on to that the last 3 mages have been incredibly basic and simple, and the summoners rift team have the gall to act dumb about it.

Assassins are a special case because they are the class with the highest amount of burst damage. Each class has different intended strengths and weaknesses, different player profiles and preferences which is why classes are treated differently.