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His Flight ability stays on Rank 1 til he hits level 14!! Yes 14! It is the last maxed ability in his kit.

They take 500 range away from 5.500 down to 5.000 on Rank 1 (you have Rank 1 Lv3 - 13, so for the MAJORITY of the game and laning where roaming matters the most to impact the outcome of lanes). This means for the MAJORITY of the game, the nerf says: -500 range. This means you have to walk 2s longer away from mid lane to start your flight towards top/bot lane.


His flight is optimized and abused to insane results in high elo, which is why he sits at 57% wr there


which is much, MUCH higher than your all so hated Yone, Sylas, etc. w/e champs with 51-52% wr

(I dont like these too)

Again - he loses 500 RANGE. The big part of the RANGE nerf only comes online at Champ Level 14 - 18, where he ranks up his E, because theres nothing left to put points in.

Stop acting like ASol is like in hospital after getting hit by a truck or something and on the brink of death, wtf? 500 range, again.

Same damage, same stats, everything same. Same laning, same lasthitting, same items, same trading, same 1v1, same 1v2, same 2v2, same teamfighting.

-500 range on last maxed ability, wake up plz

I'm tired of reading these "best wishes for asol mains" threads

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Last I checked, u/RiotKingCobra said it wasn’t a possibility, though I don’t remember if it was on the discord or the subreddit. Also worth mentioning is that AFAIK Cobra doesn’t work on the balancing team, and as many suggestions as he got on the “poll” post a few months back about ASol’s identity nothing has really come to fruition from it yet since it’s something he’s been doing in his limited free time.

Swapping E and R would solve many issues, and until a Rioter that works full-time in the balancing team (no offense to Cobra here) confirms that it won’t be a possibility I’ll keep my hopes up that it can happen one day.

I would not say that it is off the table entirely - anything is possible - but it is pretty unlikely given the amount of work it'd take, not including time spent validating if it's even a good idea in the first place.

And to clarify, I work full time on the balance team! I'm just not a designer. I'm a quality engineer though I do collaborate super closely with designers every day. While I do not directly design and implement changes on a patch-to-patch basis, I'm usually a participant in the conversations and meetings where we discuss them!