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Originally posted by Omnilatent

Meanwhile PastryTime again used...

I don't wanna badmouth him but he has so many things that need improvement compared to a lot of other casters. Really not a fan of his casting.

I feel like posting a vague obviously negative open ended comment and following up with "[But] I don't wanna badmouth him..." is basically you doing exactly that.

Happy to field your constructive criticism here or in a DM. We all know we're not perfect.

Also important to note that not enjoying someone's casting style is not the same thing as them not being strong enough to cast at this level and as everyone always notes this time of year, slots esp at pbp are extremely limited.

Good people will always miss out sadly.

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Originally posted by Percy1803

Can Markz stay for more than just play-ins please

I hope so he's GOATED.

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Originally posted by justlcsfantasy

Here we go. It's the annual Praise a caster while insulting the others thread

Every year I wonder if maybe this time it'll be different and then next year I wonder the same.

At least we can trust C9 to make it out of groups.

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Originally posted by prowness


I know we're both Australian but I don't think it works that way

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Originally posted by DekoGG

another year missing riv, peeposad

He's fully on VALORANT now AFAIK

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Originally posted by helloquain

My brother in Christ, I appreciate you coming in and commenting, but there was no way this thread was ever going to be a positive thing. Get out while your sanity is in check.

I've been in NA for six years my mental is ironclad brother.

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Originally posted by Omnilatent

Sure! My two biggest two complaints would be

- Compared to other play-by-plays I hear less ability names mentioned

- Compared to other pbp I feel a lack of energy or maybe excitement?

Out of my head I can think of two great positive examples when it comes to the energy aspect:



Would love to hear more of that. Sorry for my previous comment. You are right with the way I phrased it.

I can defs be a bit inconsistent with energy and I'm aware of that but I believe I've gotten a lot better at that, my last Bo5 in the LCS esp I was very happy with the range I hit as I've certainly overcorrected and been too excited at times as well.

Ability names is an interesting callout, I didn't know that was something people even liked hearing more of. Often I'll hit ultis, but I used to try and hit too many names and it would clutter my casting and I'm already hard to understand at the best of times when talking quickly.

Not unreasonable pieces of feedback though, I'll take 'em with me into Worlds this year.

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Originally posted by Xhalo

You're goated pastry. Always see you in these threads where you no doubt see some select people dumping on you/your friends and coworkers. Yet despite all of that, you continue to have amazing interviews, casts, and even content production for the LCS. You always give off a strong and charismatic vibe during your screentime, thank you pastry!