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Although I was invited to Worlds, today was my last cast of the year. It is with a heavy heart that I decide to bow out, but mentally and emotionally I'm pretty done. The challenges of Covid, of online casts, of just the world have worn me out and I need a break.

It is always an honour to cast for you all, however for now, I'm going to focus on myself and getting myself into a place where I am genuinely happy again and I am thankful to Riot in supporting me in taking time off.

I will miss you all, but hopefully see you again in 2023.

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Originally posted by PM_ME_UR_BOSOMS_GIRL

Yeah, I always thought that he just has occasions where he comes off as arrogant. I remember one of his earliest casts (which I understand people can change and improve from then) he kept referring to himself as an ‘Uber human’ which was bizarre.

Another cast I remember with Pastrytime in the Worlds Play-ins a few years ago, it felt like they were being passive aggressive mid-cast. Medic actually came into the post match thread after to clarify that he enjoys ‘challenging’ the other caster when he hasn’t casted with them before.

Interesting, working with talent that's new to you is always a fun challenge (and one I've gone through a lot, esp at international) but I'm trying to think what games Medic and I might've been on together since we share the same role on air?

Not sure we've even been on a segment together? Some banter and a bevvy off air for sure, but curious if I'm missing something.

Assume it's Medic with someone else? But could be wrong, excited to find out.

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Originally posted by PM_ME_UR_BOSOMS_GIRL

Yep sorry, I did actually get it wrong. I went back to the VODS just to double check and make sure. In my mind I just remembered it was an Australian caster, and it was actually Medic casting alongside Spawn on Day 3 of 2019 Worlds Play-ins.

I don't want to spread more misinformation than I have, so I also peered back through the Reddit threads back then and could find this comment in regards to the friction in their casting, where Medic also responded.


As for the comment about 'challenging' each other, I can't seem to find it. It's possible it was through Medic or Spawn's Twitter that I saw it.

All g, I figured it was someone else from the same country I just knew almost assuredly that it couldn't be me specifically haha.

I think your point is super valid regardless!