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Unfortunately we record these in November, so I couldn’t say much about current state of gameplay other than what we were doing for Preseason. For non-Redditors this season start video gives them the broad overview of what to expect this season. But we have multiple upcoming dev blogs this month that will give more on what we’re doing in the gameplay space!

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Hey /u/RiotBrightmoon, could you consider making a post with some 'windows of time' and titles for these gameplay devblogs? A post would tell people that what they want to learn about is coming soon. Feeling really down with how little there was in the main 2022 season video on these topics otherwise.

Yeah that’s a good suggestion - any gameplay update is inherently a snapshot in time (and wouldn’t be helpful to read later as things change) so more context on timeline makes sense

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Thank you for your time. P.s. Could you comment about the VGU cadence? It seems like Reav3 may have implied we are going down to 1 a year going forward?

VGU cadence is a frequent topic internally - each one requires a ton of effort particularly when redoing champions with large skin catalogs. And most now have large catalogs which is why it’s taking us longer and longer. But we aren’t setting 1 a year as a goal - we want to do more and are working on ways to speed things up. In the meantime we’re doing ASUs and more VFX and SFX and mini gameplay updates to more champions this year

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Hi there. Whats your oppinion about toplane? RN this position feels pretty weird, especially with recent TP changes. You have any plans for this lane?(also what happened with Sterak/Maw/DD changes?)

I think the Gameplay lead designer is better suited to answer this, but I will say that the TP changes are very fresh and we’re monitoring what impacts that has. We’re not looking away from top lane I promise

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Morning /u/RiotBrightmoon

Awesome video updates I love these @ the start of every season. Thanks for the clarification first of all. Secondly, I am surpirsed nothing was mentioned about game ruining behaviour and the progress that is being made in that space.

Lastly, how reinforced does the LoL PC team compare to prior years? Feels like across departments the resources have been thinning out. Slowing down on champs and a smaller than usual pre-season can be seen as indicators of that from the outside looking in.

We’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes work in the player behavior space (more on that in one of the blogs soon) but we are discussing shifting our focus this year towards promoting positive play (maybe through Honor maybe not).

The LoL PC team is really well funded and isn’t shrinking, in fact we’re growing and hiring more than ever. A lot of the slowdown you’ve felt is the past 2 years of the pandemic - everything is a little harder and a little slower than it used to be - but I’m still really proud of how much the team has done and very optimistic about what we can do this coming year.

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Thank you Brightmoon. I feel that the mid scope reworks and item adjustments have been absolutely carrying the updating efforts the past year and have really contributed to keeping League fresh with a new thing to look forward to every few patches. Items as well, I know it was catching up after preseason 2021 but its been fun to see item changes every other patch, it greatly increased the fun of theorycrafting I used to get when playing card games. Would love if you guys could add a new legendary item and intentionally adjust low pick rate items every patch or two, if you haven't considered it already as a goal.

ASUs were a great surprise too, but a lil sad that it seems like there is only 1 a year (Ahri) at this moment judging by the video?

Thanks for the thoughtful reply! We do have some legendary items (there are always a few constantly in design and testing) but nothing concrete to share now. But what you said is why we do it so we’ll keep at it. ASUs is still a question of how many we can do and how fast - we learned a lot from Caitlyn and hope that over time we’re able to them faster each time.

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Heya Brightmoon!

I had a small question, do you know when the personal customization will be out? I would like to flaire up my stuff and I keep closing and reopening my client.

So sorry it didn't make it into 12.1 patch - it should be available in 12.2 but we'll make sure to post an update in the patch notes

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Are you gonna still be doing gameplay blogs or are you gonna do LoL Pls vids now that you're EP

I'm not sure yet... Maybe both for awhile! We're all kind of pitching in on things right now as we get through the holidays / folks out sick

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Why wasn't it released in November then when it was actually relevant...?

It takes time to edit them and capture all the gameplay footage and then localize the script for all languages.