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Having the option to check if a support is a bot was a life saver and low elo is gonna be hell if you can’t even check that We would have to dodge every annie soraka or yuumi we see which is both not practical and unfair to the real players playing these champions

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I know I'm a little late here, so this may get buried, but I do understand the concerns - there shouldn't be bots in Ranked games regardless. We've started to increase our efforts on getting these out - feel free to DM me any examples you run across (which hopefully will be a quite rare scenario)

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Originally posted by DjangoShoelace

Quite rare scenario ? I play ADC in low elo (Bronze) on EUW and I’ve to check my supp’s history on every game to avoid those situations. Whenever I see a supp insta-locking Yuumi, Soraka or Taric without hovering the pick its most of the time a bot and I often have to dodge multiple times a day or make teammates dodge.

You saying « rare scenario » says it all, you do not understand the concerns. This issue is rampant in low elo

just for clarification - I am hoping it will be a rare scenario moving forward, not saying there isn't an issue now. We've just started rolling out improved action waves. If you can drop me some example bots you encounter in the upcoming days though, I'd be glad to take a look and make sure our systems will be hitting the mark.

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Originally posted by Thepancakeman1k

Gotcha. Do you want Game IDs or just profiles?

Just profiles, I can identify the games pretty quick knowing them. I've been getting a lot of good submissions, it's been helpful