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On behalf of the team, we wanted to thank you for all the love and excitement that we are seeing for our queen, Faerie Queen Karma.

We've been collecting your feedback and after discussing it with the team we're going to be making the below changes:

We heard concerns that Karma's R moment was not feeling impactful enough. In an effort to respond to this we have made the following changes:

  • VFX wings and trails on R press.
  • Adjusted animations and increased size of clothing when activating her ult.


  • Adjusted the thickness of the RW beam to feel more unique and impactful than her normal W. We heard your feedback in that the RW was not feeling legendary enough; however, during production we found that FQ Karma already had a lot going on with her model & kit and adding more visual noise would create gameplay clarity concerns. We believe that the current iteration hits the bar for a legendary skin without risking gameplay issues.
  • Increased the impact of the last explosion to feel stronger for the RQ.
  • Filled the empty space in preparation for the RQ.
  • Brought forward the gold parts of the E shield for a better sense of volume.
  • Made the sphere of the E shield clearer.
  • Added grass and flowers during her death.


  • Fixed the issue where her VO was not playing when activating her ult.


  • Fixed the haste walk animation when equipping tier 2 boots to be using her walking animation.
  • Initially we experimented with including the faeries on Karma's kit but as we began work we realized a gameplay clarity risk around the faeries reading as Lulu's Pix. While we're sad we couldn't include her faeries with her skin, we've still kept them in her emotes.
  • In regards to the idle animation, all of the animation work has already been done based on the current idle pose, and changing it would require reanimating ALL idle transitions and would impact every animation in her kit which is unfortunately impossible for us to do at this point. The intent with this pose is to capture Karma's personality by recreating the elegant faerie-ish posing in this skin line, and we believe this idle pose does accomplish that well and in a visually interesting way.


  • Fixed placement of Faerie Queen Karma when used as the profile background.


  • Polish pass on her nose and added the earring for the icon/emote.

Thank you again for all your kind words on this skin, testing out Faerie Queen Karma, and for the feedback! ♥
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Hi all!

"You know what they say: Karma always catches up to you."


Legendary skin, Faerie Queen Karma, is heading onto the Rift, featuring:

  • Custom models and textures!
  • Custom VFX!
  • Custom SFX!
  • Custom animations and recall!
  • Custom VO!

Faerie Queen Karma is set to be 1820 RP and is available to play on PBE. As players who get a first hand look at this upcoming content, we want to hear your thoughts. Drop your feedback in the thread below!

-Bagel Socks

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