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Sorry for poor grammar, English is not my native language.

When I first saw it in patchnotes, I was kinda sceptical about it: I mean, why I would want to notify my allies that I muted everything if I can just mute someone toxic and leave the rest people untouched?

But then I start playing and usually I play duoq at Plat 1 - Dia IV, so there's a lot of toxicity going on. Pretty often there will be the guy thats gonna be toxic towards me (due my egoistic playstyle) or my friend and they will spend whole game typing instead of actually playing and thinking about the game and not distracting their team. I mean, even if you ignore or mute them, they will continue doing it

But then, there's where /deafen comes in play. As soon as someone starts being toxic, as an example: towards me. I just type /deafen and... they just shut up for the rest of the game. Just because I'm curious I constantly ask my friend if toxic player still pings or typing smth and answer is always no. Literally. Not a single word or ping. And it's not a single time thing.

We used this command in total ~24 times and almost all the times it worked. I think two or three times, unfortunately, toxic player just switched their targets and those players decide to type back, resulting in chat war.

Also, maybe it worth mentioning, one time we met toxic player that after few words just muted themself until the game ends.

The only QoL I want to see: Players that used /muteself or /deafen should have some sort of mark or icon displayed in tab-menu.

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Originally posted by bad_boy_barry

Can someone confirm my teammates still see my pings if I deafen?

They can't. Deafen mutes your pings for allies.