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Get this. This piece of sh*t rolls around without a care in the world doing almost nothing in 80% of the games he plays. Walls c*ck block him, minions c*ck block him, target cc c*ck blocks him, mobility c*ck blocks him. And if God forbid he actually rolls through despite the obstacles, landing a multi person knock up from the roll is highly circumstantial, then you have a single target taunt, so you maybe cc one stupid out of position player. Then you have the least substantial AOE damage ultimate that is just a f*cking mailed in idea and does not make sense because Rammus is otherwise designed to only f*ck with 1, maybe 2 champs or minions in a team fight.

And all he has to say? "OK"

Right now rammus is like a malz ult that runs around fast with short range. Hard to have a big impact. Other bruisers/tanks usually have interesting/visually clear engage tools, or aoe cc that feels good to land. Getting hit, or hitting the power ball does not feel like a modern game should.
The passive may as well not exist
The Q needs to be made less awkward
The W makes you just sit there like an ass just so you can take less damage
The E is ok
The R belongs in the trash bin of the 2006 iMac it was made on

Here's what our boy needs to start having a real impact on the game:RAMMUS NEEDS HOPS

Imagine this:
A) Less speed on the power ball, but the speed is indefinite (like quinn birb), and no cc. Just movement that wont be blocked by minions, and a dead mans plate like auto bonus that stops the speed bonus.
B) An ult that also grants a gradual movement speed boost as the first cast, and after a small delay an unstoppable jump on the second cast. When you land there is an AOE knock up maybe the size of ziggs ult, with an additional stun in the middle. The jump is 1 second in the air, at your movement speed, so it's a greater distance if you move faster, and can pass over bigger, or multiple walls if you move fast enough. Aimed like a nid or riven hop but much greater distance and time. To me it makes sense that you could only trigger R while in powerball.

This would give Rammus more skill expression with aiming the ult with higher and higher movement, and the potential for a good team fight engage. It also lets players roll indefinitely which I think is lots more fun. Puts the gradual speed boost on the R instead so you still get to feel that "acceleration" built into his kit, but with greater suspense and utility. Adding movement summoners, items, and ally abilities gives us not just max movement speed youtube videos, BUT LONGEST HOPS AS WELL.

Picture being a jg ram and going in for a lvl 6 gank. Powerball in, press R when you're a few seconds away. Build momentum. Second cast R becomes available and is shown by a circle around you depicting the range (like ww ult). You blast over the wall with max momentum for a real season 11 esque tower dive. Land dramatically, and lock down that pansy ass Ezreal. Life is good. Or how about ulting into dragon pit for a wicked steal. This way Rammus can surprise, he can engage, and he can do something visually interesting.

With the current abilities there is little drama built in to his R, and the power ball feels super clunky. With my suggested changes to the Q and R I think Rammus would remain a niche champ, with his original unique spirit, but provide more fun mechanics, exciting gameplay, and a real lvl 6 spike. And most importantly feel smoother and clearer for those playing as, and against Rammus.

Thanks for reading

Rammus needs a jump on his R to make him more fun.

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