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Hey everyone! League team and the Anti-Cheat team here with an update on Vanguard. We’ve been following a lot of the Vanguard conversations that have been raised either here or on other social platforms and we wanted to give some clarification on a few of the popular points you might have seen.

Overall, the rollout has gone well and we’re already seeing Vanguard functioning as intended. We’ve already seen a hard drop off of bot accounts in the usual places, and we will continue to monitor this.

Since 14.9 went live, fewer than 0.03% of players have reported issues with Vanguard. In most cases, these are common error codes such as VAN codes 128, 152, 1067, -81, 9001, or 68 that are easily solved through player support or troubleshooting, and account for the vast majority of issues we are seeing. There are also a few trickier situations that have popped up that we’re actively looking into; driver incompatibilities for example. If you're running into issues like this please contact Player Support.

We also plan on sharing a full external report with you in the coming weeks/months after Vanguard has been live for a bit.

Below are a few areas that we want to make sure we provide some additional clarity around immediately.

Bricking Hardware

At this point in time, we have not confirmed any instances of Vanguard bricking anyone’s hardware, but we want to encourage anyone who's having issues to contact Player Support so we can look into it and help out. We’ve individually resolved a few of the major threads you may have seen so far of users claiming this with their machines and have confirmed that Vanguard wasn’t the cause of the issues they were facing.

About ~0.7% of the playerbase bypassed Microsoft’s enforcement for TPM 2.0 when they installed Windows 11, but the rollout of Vanguard requires that those players now enable it to play the game. This requires a change to a BIOS setting, which differs based on the manufacturer. Vanguard does not and cannot make changes to the BIOS itself.

BIOS settings can be confusing, and we’ve seen two niche cases where it’s created an issue.

The first is that many manufacturers prompt a switch to UEFI mode when TPM 2.0 is enabled, but if the existing Windows 11 installation is on an MBR partition, it would become unbootable afterwards. Some OEMs support LegacyBoot mode with TPM 2.0, but to support UEFI mode, Windows 11 must be installed on a GPT partition. Microsoft has a guide and a helpful tool that can help avoid a reformat and reinstall if you’re in this scenario.

The second was a player we spoke to that accidentally also enabled SecureBoot with a highly custom configuration. While Vanguard makes use of the SecureBoot setting on VALORANT, we elected not to use it for League, due to the older hardware that comprises its userbase. Older rigs can have compatibility issues with this setting, and that’s actually one of the primary reasons the Vanguard launch was delayed.

For example, some GPUs are known to have Option ROM that is not UEFI SecureBoot capable (especially older cards), and sometimes this can result from players having flashed it themselves to “unlock” the card. If the Option ROM isn’t signed, enabling SecureBoot would prevent your GPU from rendering anything (since it won’t boot), resulting in a black screen. There would be two ways to fix this: Connect the monitor to an integrated graphics card (if you have one) and then disable SecureBoot in BIOS. Remove your CMOS battery to reset back to default settings.

TL;DR - We DO NOT require SecureBoot for League of Legends. Don’t enable it unless you are sure you want to.

Vanguard Screenshots

To be very clear, Vanguard DOES NOT take a screenshot of your whole computer/multiple monitors. However, it will take a picture of your game client (in fullscreen) and the region your game client occupies (in windowed/borderless) for suspicious activity related to ESP hacks.

This is a very normal practice when it comes to anti-cheat and almost all anti-cheat do this. It is also a known element within the community of folks familiar with anti-cheat software. When it comes to privacy concerns, Vanguard features are compliant with regional privacy laws, and the team works directly with Information Security teams and Compliance teams to ensure that Vanguard is safe.

As a reminder, please check out our latest blog for all the facts around Vanguard in League and we'll talk to you again soon with the full report in the coming weeks.

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Originally posted by earora4498

People on Twitter who know nothing about computers are suddenly OS experts and are throwing out wild accusations. Good to know the rollout is going well

I was on PTO for the rollout so I was getting worried seeing some of the chatter but the data just doesn't tell the same story. We're definitely seeing some tickets for it right so some players are having a hard time and we're trying to help get those players going but overall it's going pretty well so far and I'm really looking forward to us writing the next update to talk about how effective it already is. We're seeing some good stuff at least so far.

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Originally posted by N3utro

Nobody has yet reported a "cheater detected - game terminated" screen on league on social media afaik. Did you launch Vanguard in monitoring mode only to tweak it before enabling the auto ban mode? Also Vanguard creates an .auth15 file on my desktop every time i launch league, maybe create it somewhere else?

I've seen a couple on discord already! and 1 or two on twitter, but it's my job to be paying attention to those. It's barely been more than 24 hours but they're happening you'll probably see a few in the wild! Saw some other users posting that they're seeing them in r/aram too

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Originally posted by Gunfreak2217

Careful now. Opening yourself to a huge bag of worms if anything ever changes. I recommend deleting or revising this comment to prevent potential legislation now or in future.

Edit: Clearly you guys don't understand companies and how they have lied many times and continue to sell user data even after being caught by government organizations and fined. They will say they don't sell data but then continue to do it. I recommend you guys go watch Louis Rossman on Youtube and learn a bit.

Here's the most recent catching of companies selling data: https://www.cnet.com/tech/mobile/fcc-fines-verizon-t-mobile-and-at-t-200-million-for-sharing-customer-location-data/

You'll notice it says "without your consent" that's because these companies don't tell you that they are actually doing it.

"potential legislation"

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Originally posted by TeeTohr

"The average gold4 player will encounter just one scripter every 500 games" "The cheaters get banned so fast and so frequently that most new scripting accounts never technically escape silver"

That was a dev blog from Riot 4 years ago. And yet today we're forced to install Vanguard to play any game mode.. Or even any actual game LoL and TFT which doesn't need that kind of anti cheat.

That's just the tip of the iceberg for me sadly.

It's be interesting to see numbers in a few months but the average player's attention span is too short to still care about Vanguard at that moment ^

That data may have been the case 4 years ago but it doesn't match the data we see now. We released a blog recently highlighting what the numbers look like now to give an up to date picture of what it looks like: https://www.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/news/dev/dev-vanguard-x-lol/

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Originally posted by crimsonblade911

Wait, is that what's been happening? Everytime I try to shutdown with having league open for several hours all if windows freezes and the rig locks up trying to shutdown, I'd then have to force shutdown via power button.

Have you submitted a ticket into Player Support yet? We’d be able to see if it’s related to us via your Vanguard logs.

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Originally posted by MarcusElden

Uploaded to the ticket. It was most likely the earliest one of the day around 11:30 AM or noon. It was my first game of the day. Account: HYPER PlSS FART #69420


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Originally posted by HydrazineHuffer

The current implementation of Vanguard is likely a breach of the Digital Services Act in effect since February this year(practical litigation of such a case is still outstanding).

Anti-Cheat actually had to make some improvements around ban messaging in some of our actions (for example, Hardware bans) to provide full transparency within DSA regulations, and Riot is making sure we’re compliant there as well.

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Originally posted by Supersaiyan4GodGoku

Those numbers do not justify this rollout of vanguard at all.

They also don’t represent prevention. For example, in terms of bots, it’s around 100,000 accounts daily that were affected. Most of these accounts didn’t interact with players directly, because they stacked in Co-Op v AI majority of the time, but they still compromise the competitive ecosystem through being sold.

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Originally posted by SpookiBooogi

holy hell, how is a regular player suppose to understand this? I appreciate the input, but man, this just makes me despise the vanguard decision even more.

What are your biggest concerns currently?

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Originally posted by InspiringMilk

The fact that you can't just close without a notification, and the fact that you can't launch without vanguard. I don't want anything booting that I don't want to when I launch the game, it will slow down the computer, no matter how small.

We’ve addressed the system start driver in the blog, and gave some insight into when it’s actually “running” and where performance would be affected. Ultimately though, it is your choice whether you’re ok with that or not, and I can get why’d you’d be apprehensive. We hope to earn your trust down the road through consistency and safety.

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Originally posted by XKLKVJLRP

I'm not the guy you asked and I know this won't accomplish anything, but my biggest concerns are privacy and security, and I want to personally let Riot know that as a player since 2011 Riot's decision to force players to install an always-on, kernel-level monitoring system to play their game has caused me to quit. This is a gross overstep and I will never allow it on my system.

The blog has some insight into the “always on” aspect under the “Why is it always on?” section, but your comfort with trusting Riot to operate at the kernel level is your choice.

Having a kernel mode solution wasn’t a lightly taken decision. With the implementation of our user mode Packman solution in 2018, we had already seen a large chunk of the industry move over to kernel mode drivers. While it did have initial effectiveness, along with server-sided detections, we needed more device trust in order to ensure security. It enables us to keep a more secure environment, without needing to exfiltrate excessive data to try to make detections in post.

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Originally posted by JabriPolloXD

It's Porofesor not allowed anymore?

It’s still allowed. It’s not malicious, and they use our API in an authorized way.

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Originally posted by flukefluk

what are the compliance regulations that you are required to meet in the eu?

GDPR and each of the countries’ implementation is the most noticeable one, but there are other user rights acts like the DSA which we have to adhere as well. There’s also privacy laws outside of Europe we have to follow, like CCPA in California, USA, PDPD in Vietnam, as well as regional consumer court policies like in Brazil.

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Originally posted by justlikethisok

How do we report cheating activity? I played 4 games and all 4 games team mate and enemy are all scripting

I know it’s generic, but the Report button is super helpful to us. If you could DM me with any of their IDs or just yours so I can investigate, it would appreciated. I am curious about these players.

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Originally posted by cranelotus

It's a bit late now, but last night I was playing and a pop up over the game said "an error with vanguard occured" (maybe not those exact words, but more or less) and the only option was to click OK. And when I clicked on it, the game and client completely closed immediately, I was back on the desktop again. I'm on my way to work now, but if I remember I'll write a ticket when I get home. 

Was it a couple minutes in game? We’re working on a couple other player cases that sound similar, if you could send your Vanguard logs into Player Support and DM me with your ticket number, it would be appreciated.


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Originally posted by MarcusElden

Any updates on this yet? Did you see anything on the ticket's logs?

I still only see the game/client logs. You can DM with the Vanguard logs too, I'll need them to see why they exited. I'm working on a similar case to this too, having both these cases is very helpful.

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Originally posted by Vuiz

I can't ensure that some of these tools won't have random hooks into the game, but if they're closed, you should be ok.

Do you have any way to ensure that other rootkit-y anticheats like Faceit do not trigger a valorant response? You're putting an awful lot of trust in the user and in applications you don't know. I play both CS/faceit and LoL so I will forget to turn off my faceit AC at some point.

Yeah, before we have any banning actions, we do a review. If there were triggers with something like FaceIt/EAC/anti-viruses, we'd notice it. It should be safe to have these on.

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Originally posted by _ziyou_

Microsoft has a tool that can help avoid a reformat and reinstall if you’re in this scenario.

The link is wrong, the actual tool and guide for it is here: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/deployment/mbr-to-gpt

Thanks, I updated it to call out that tool more explicitly.

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Originally posted by suikunkun

Vanguard disables my laptop touchscreen driver 😢 I just sent in a ticket, but from Googling it looks like another person with this problem just got ignored...

edit: I use the touchscreen for work, not for League, but it's troublesome to have to disable Vanguard/restart when I want to use the touchscreen and then do the opposite when I want to play League =o=

What's the ticket number? If you could also include that driver in the ticket too, that would be really helpful.

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Originally posted by MarcusElden

Apparently it needed a commment. I reuploaded.

Got it. Thanks!

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Originally posted by suikunkun

hi! the ticket is #101005776. I just sent it last night so I understand if the support team is still going through tickets.
the driver is called "ELAN EzTouchFilter" and I included a screenshot and logs in the ticket as atachment. thanks!

Thanks! We’ve seen issues with this driver since VALORANT because it’s vulnerable, I’ll look into some fixes beyond just updating.

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Originally posted by gmes78

What VAN code should one pick for this? The form doesn't let you pick none.

You can just put it as VAN128, can DM me your ticket # so I can help route it

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Originally posted by jpreston84

u/RiotK3o - Any chance you can get me an update on my ticket? #101029011


Hey there, following up in DM.