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Team Liquid providing an update on Twitter as to what is going on with the org

"It’s been a few days, and we believe you deserve to know what’s happening."
Team Liquid Honda LoL on Twitter: "It’s been a few days, and we believe you deserve to know what’s happening. https://t.co/ABB4Ps4GyB" / Twitter

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they don't feel confident in doing a "super team" anymore and will use TL structure.

Considering their academy team is stomping it seems like their domestic talent scouting/building system is pretty damn good, would personally love to see TL use that to pack a super promising domestic trio around 2 of the best imports that can find to compliment it. Similar to EG, I think that hybrid system historically works great for NA better than trying to stack a full team of the biggest names you can find that seems to clash against each other more often than not no matter the region.

Obviously doing well at Worlds with a full domestic roster is the dream, but until LCS gets near it's former glory with tons of hype and 500k regular season viewership again, I just don't see that happening soon. If Riot/Jackie can make the game pop off that hard in NA again tho...perhaps we'll see another S4 C9 type roster again.

We're sure gonna try for that! And to the below poster's comment... I believe our players can rise to the occasion. We had player meetings a few weeks ago to talk about the future and what we'd love to see from them and hopefully together we can do that.