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Hey, all, it's that time again. With all this chaos, there is bound to be a few bugs.

So! What are we looking for? To put it simply, if you encounter a bug, we'd deeply appreciate it if you post it here with the following information.

**Type of Bug:**  
**What happened that seemed like a bug:**  
**What was expected to occur:**  
**How often does this occur/How easy is it to replicate:**  
**PC / Android / iOS:**  
**(Optional) Screenshot:**  
**(Optional) Deck Code:**  
**(Optional) Client Log:**  

An example would be something like this,

Type of Bug: Audio/Visual
What happened that seemed like a bug: When a powder monkey is in play and Miss Fortune is played, the powder monkey's screeches will happen, when Miss Fortune speaks in response, the speech bubble is over the Powder Monkey
What was **Expected to occur:** The speech bubble should be over Miss Fortune instead.
How often does this occur/How easy is it to replicate: 10/10 Every time
PC / Android / iOS: PC, Windows 10
Region: NA
(Optional) Screenshot: Screenshot
(Optional) Client Log: Logs

Optional Stuff and how to post it

Screenshots: You can upload your screenshots to a secondary site such as imgur, post them on Reddit and link to them, or put them in discord and copy the link. Please try to abide by our screenshot/video rules and censor opponent usernames. Depending on the severity of reports we'll be a bit more lenient in this thread specifically.

Logs: Logs are saved on your PC. Once a bug occurs close out LoR and the log will be saved to the following folder,

This PC -> Local Disk (C:) -> Users -> YourUser -> AppData -> Local -> Riot Games -> Legends of Runeterra -> Logs

The most recent log should be the one you want to copy, you can then make a pastebin and post it here.

Deck Code: In game, go to

Collection -> Decks -> Select your deck -> Share -> Copy to Clipboard then paste the code in your report.

Overall, any information you guys can provide for bugs you encounter will be very valuable in aiding the devs when it comes to eliminating them. Any and all assistance is appreciated!
If any reports are put in here, that aren't actually bugs, and are working as intended. Please help educate your peers politely and report the post under "Other: Not a bug" and we will remove it. This will help the devs pinpoint actual bugs and eliminate some of the false reports that may cause confusion.

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Originally posted by bananiah

**Type of Bug:** Gameplay

**What happened that seemed like a bug:** If you have the CLICK UI option set to "CLICK TO GRAB", when I click once on a card (therefore grabbing it), I'm able to right click on other cards. This causes the first card to stay in place and can overlap other cards, or vice versa.

Sometimes you're able to click on the affected card to put it back in your hand, but often times, the affected card hides behind the other cards making it impossible to play. The only workaround I found was to play my whole hand in order to grab the card, or attempt to grab the edge of the card to put it back into my hand.

Unfortunately this means I'm back to the original way to playing cards until this bug is fixed.

**What was expected to occur:** If I accidentally right click on another card, the card I am holding should go back to its original position. Another expectation would be to simply disable right clicks until you put the original card back into your hand.

**How often does this occur/How easy is it to replicate:** It happens every time you click on a card and then right click on another. The CLICK UI option has to be set to CLICK TO GRAB though.

**PC / Android / iOS:** I'm only playing on PC.

**Region:** NA

Thanks for the report. Fix going out with 2.18.