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I bought the relic. I then saw multiple people that pulled it out of a golden reliquary. Since I'm already maxed out and can't pull any epic relics from my Holden reliquary I had one open to buy. I refunded the coins for the yasuo relic to then buy it via the golden reliquary.

Turns out it was hot fixed or what ever and got some sweet 50 gems and a hammer from my reliquary and I cannot buy the relic from the emporium again because it counts as purchased even when revoked.

I cannot write a support ticket because the authentication mail doesn't arrive even after 4h of waiting to being able to write a support ticket.

No matter what people tell u ATM do not refund something from the emporium in the attempt to save some coins.

I hope me and riot can work it out.

Update: after about 10 minutes of this post being up Eric came in the comments and 2 days later I got my relic and no I didn't get it as a gift. I payed like everyone else and that's good! Please do not make a post about every minor inconvenience. I did this post to 1. Warn others 2. I'm not able to write a support ticket. If u have a problem do not harass riot employees in the comments or via private msg and write a support ticket of u have the opportunity.

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Send me your Riot ID and we will look into it Monday.

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Hey what about the issue for mobile players? The game is not accessible for mobile since the patch and there wasn't any official notification... Is riot even aware the game isn't working for mobile players? It's the 2nd time the game is pretty much dead for mobile players in 3 patches..